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One Call Close Method, Part 9

The salesman will then remember something! Yes! He just remembered that there is a special sale going on right now.

He will again talk about the same-day discount … something that you have been told before so you will subconsciously be able to verify to yourself that everything he is telling you is true because you have heard it all before. This is a trick. He is simply warping your brain, twisting your little gray cells: to comply.

He will then pause and tell you that the company is running a sale this month. They have been swamped with orders and received a special discount from their window / coating / kitchen cabinet / whatever, factory.

He will go into how he visits three or four families a day and how the company gets lots of people calling back at the end of the month / beginning of the month / whenever it is right now in the month.

Now, think about it. When he walked in he told you he was an office person doing this as a favor. Now he says he does three of these a day. The problem is that the pitch has several segments and each is a Kabuki Dance unto itself.

Sure, the company does more business, and he … the salesman … earns more money for his kids in school. Did he tell you about his kids in school?

He might now ( really now) take out his wallet and show you a few photos of his children, and maybe his dog. Yes, his one child does have issues with the brace on her leg, but she’s doing so much better now. His dog — a similar name to your dog if you have one — is the offspring of Jake, or Bronco (yes, he will even use the model name of your car out in the driveway). Darn that was fine dog. But you know, my little puppy really loves me. I hope I can bring it up to be a fine helper to me in my old age…

By the way, he has no children, has been married five times … or not at all … and really did hatch from an egg in the lizard cage at the zoo. He has no dog — -unless it was for lunch.

Yes, these sale months are good for his little Sally and his wife, who’s been out of work since whoever in the city … pick any business out of the paper — laid people off a month ago.

So not only does the prospect get the initial visit discount but they also get the product at the “only one month a year” special sale price! MY GOD! BUY! BUY!

He may then talk about the skilled craftsmen and how they too need jobs and how these projects (like this prospect’s home improvement) keep everyone employed. You don’t want everyone to be out of a job and starve … do you?

9.) Close the Sale: 15 minutes to several hours

Now, he will NOT talk about SALES PRICE or TOTAL PRICE or LIST PRICE.

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