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One Call Close Method, Part 14

He leaves.

The house is quiet. The prospect is exhausted, and wondering if it all was dream or a nightmare.


The salesman comes back to the home in maybe five minutes with a small token of his affection for his new friends … something that he just happened to have in his car. Maybe something his crippled daughter made in school. Maybe some candy he was going to take home to his wife but he is so overwhelmed by these two very nice people he met today that his wife will get her candy tomorrow.

The salesman will mail a personal thank you note to the customer, something that matches their vocabulary and style. He will try to get this to them by the next day. Some salesmen fail to do this. Many of these salesmen are so sick and tired and so repulsed by their job and the people that they have to deal with that they don’t follow through. Those five minutes to write a note and send it can save all those hours invested. You see, this little love note can cause havoc in the prospect’s minds and keep them confused for just one more day.

If this new customer waits for just two days, they are stuck. The salesman need only keep them floating for a magical 48 to 72 hours. If they do not cancel in 72 hours there is no way to get out of the deal.

What it means to the Salesman:

You can figure he will average about 12% of whatever the final price. The final price usually works out to about 40% off of the first price he pitched. If he said the “investment” was $12,000 then the final price might be $8,000. The salesman will then make about $1,000 for his three hours. If the people are really deranged and take it at the first price he pitches then he will get a lot more.

If he is working on a “PAR” system then he will get HALF of everything over 40% off. So in this case he will get his 12% plus half of the $4,000 that was never dropped. He can walk off with almost $3,000 for three hours work.

If the product was vinyl siding then the cost of the materials for a $12,000 siding job is about $1,200. The salesman can actually walk off with almost three times what the siding actually cost … right in his pocket.

Again, the product is a token, an excuse, to get into the house and for him to do his worst.

And you may be next.

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