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Tritium Press

Welcome to Tritium Press, publisher of books on real world solutions to real world problems.

George Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Today, we all are being deceived and while many deceptions are only annoying, others can be catastrophic. Tritium Press offers information that may help strip the deceit, the “spin,” from our lives and that may even help protect us.

Our featured book on the web is “Home Improvement Fraud, Don’t Get Caught! This fascinating text reveals — for the first time — the hidden schemes used by many home improvement salesmen. Just click on the title.

Home improvement companies aren’t too happy to see this information on the Internet. Law firms, however, are ecstatic. District attorneys are glowing.

Any displeased home improvement company can contact us, and we'll be happy to send their concerns — along with a hard copy of this expose’ — to the District Attorney in their area, another to their local office of the FBI, one to the nearest U.S. Attorney, and lastly, a copy to each local TV station.

It’s amazing how crimes such as involuntary servitude, grand larceny, elder abuse, mail fraud, wire fraud, and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) get young assistant district attorneys all fired up about doing a really good job. The 10% reward offered from the IRS for exposing tax fraud makes any complaint from a “home improvement contractor” truly welcome.

If the information provided on this site educates you, saves you some real money (or saves your grandmother from having her house stolen from her), or helps you get some money back, you can make a fully tax deductible donation to us.

If you need immediate help with a home improvement fraud problem, try clicking on either of the links above. Most law enforcement agencies are overworked and wait for some “tipping point” in number of dollars stolen before they take action. If you keep your victimization a secret then the criminal wins.

Clicking on those links and cranking up the heat will help, but knowing what is on this site and phrasing your complaint so it makes sense for them to be involved helps you and them.

Spread the word. Let your local consumer organizations know we exist.