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A homeowner's dream might be a new kitchen, or new windows, or some other home improvement. Home improvements seem to raise property values and often make the homeowner feel more comfortable in the home.

Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what has happened to the American Construction Industry. Most think of “construction” as a field for good, solid, union members well-trained in their skills, and eager to do a good job.

Most of us also think that the home improvement company itself will be honorable and licensed and bonded and also eager to do a good job if anything just to build a good reputation and to gain new customers.

In many cases this is just not true.

First, what people often ignore is that to get a home improvement installed, some group of “strangers” will have to enter the home and do the work.

Some time ago Katrina devastated New Orleans and a flood of workers arrived to make repairs. Crime skyrocketed and bodies lay on the streets like flotsam. The same people who did — and are doing — many of the “home improvements” in New Orleans are the ones used by many home improvement companies all across America.

These are the people: Herehereherehere

Can you imagine what the home improvement company must be like if they hire people like these to work inside your home?

As bad as those videos are to watch, the exposé on this site about the companies themselves is worse.

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