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Introduction, Part 2

Much of the home improvement industry is built around not the installation of a quality home improvement product but rather on using that product as an excuse to enter your home and take your money.

That's right, the “improvement” is just the key to your bank account. In many cases, the salesman will make more in sales commission than the home improvement product actually cost. But it gets worse …

The two amazing realities here are that:

1.) the greatest threat to your home is that home improvement salesman.

2.) the next greatest threat to your home is the group of people who will do the work.

If you clicked on those video links on the prior page then you know what kind of people might do the work. And the salesman can be worse….

The salesman won't seem worse. He will seem to be your friend. But that's his job! His job is to get you to sign the deal.

Many people who are victims of home improvement fraud don't even know it. Incredible as it might seem, the salesman was so incredibly smooth that these victims might be sending him Christmas cards.

This site exposes what’s really going on and what's here might help you save your home.

If you are looking to do some home improvement, it is important that you don’t let catastrophe befall you. If money is now dear to you and you need to make your home more attractive / competitive in today’s collapsing housing market you might profit from knowing how some of these home improvement companies work. It really may be possible to nail them to a post. It may be possible to flip their sales pitch right around on them and grind them up and walk off with a reasonable deal.

The odds are as good as about one in twenty that you could even have the salesman arrested while he is inside your home. Just wait, you'll see it's all true.

Here's a slice from a standard home improvement contract. You didn't notice this? The salesman didn't tell you this?

[image missing]

Nothing on this website is legal advice. Everything on this site is for informational purposes only. You need to visit a competent attorney or the consumer affairs organization or district attorney in your area.

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