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One Call Close Method

Most of these home improvement companies tell their salesmen to use what is called “The One Call Close” method to make the sale. The One Call Close is often (but not always) a ten-step process designed to grind the prospect down and get him to sign the contract and not cancel.

Anyone with their brain turned to “ON” will not let some stranger walk into their home and after three hours get them to mortgage their future to the tune of $10,000 to $40.000. The salesman has to get you to sign a very Gothic contract and using The One Call Close method he can do it in under three hours. Yes, this single powerful weapon means he needs only about three hours to do it. And through the use of this method you will not even try to cancel the deal until it is too late.

This same method can be used for U.S. Army Recruiting.

This One Call Close method can easily be divided into as many as ten steps:

  1. Take Control, Gather Ammunition, Build Trust
  2. Create a Need, Create a Desire
  3. Add More Trust, Build Confidence in The Company
  4. Allay Fear, Build Product Value
  5. Demonstrate Product
  6. Create Urgency
  7. Calm the Prospect, Add Value
  8. Justify Price
  9. Close the Sale
  10. Kill a Cancellation

Here are the topics in detail with how long the salesman must spend on each. These are not maximum times but MINIMUM times. This method will take at least two and a half hours and the price of the deal must be pitched not sooner than two hours and fifteen minutes into the appointment. If the price is pitched to the prospect in less than two hours and fifteen minutes then the salesman can actually be in trouble with his company. It takes that long to grind someone down to a “yes” and so pitching the price sooner usually breaks the spell, and ruins the deal. A lot of time and effort and money has gone into getting into this prospect’s home.

1.) Taking Control: 30 minutes to several hours

When the salesman talks to the prospect he will often use a slow and quiet voice. He will always try to be as non-threatening as possible. He will always try to

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