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Introduction, Part 7

The Window Salesman offered the man some number of windows ( five? ) for maybe $20,000. When the man refused (probably confessing to The Salesman that he was actually quite nuts and could not possibly think straight) The Salesman started tightening the screws.

He started asking about the murder, the sidewalk covered with blood, and the child. He did this over and over and over again until the “customer” surrendered and purchased the product.

Some years later the poor man was on the Montel Williams TV show out of New York. The show was about “Senseless Murders.” When the window company people saw their old customer on national TV they imagined that he must have received a cash windfall from the TV network and so they went after him again to sell him more products. Yes, they did.


As with almost all cases of this type, no complaints were ever filed with the Better Business Bureau. The family just made the monthly payments and quietly licked their wounds.

What is amazing is that many of these companies are members of the BBB. In one case, the BBB ran a TV commercial about how the BBB helped consumers be safe and the on-screen spokesperson was an owner of one of these “home improvement companies of interest to us.

So long as these companies prey on the illiterate, the aged, the uneducated, the infirm and possibly even the certified insane, they can get away with it. There is no one fighting back.

In these pages you might see ways of fighting back, and winning.

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