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Introduction, Part 3

This website has been an eye opener for district attorneys across the country.

Some home improvement contractors have not been too happy to see all of their “secrets” exposed. What these contractors need to understand is that the research and evidentiary materials used to create this site may be evidence … evidence in a potential criminal prosecution.

The basic list of possible crimes is a Pandora’s box waiting to be opened: Involuntary Servitude, Profiteering, Fraud, Grand Theft, Extortion, RICO, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, IRS Violations, Restraint of Trade, Price Fixing.

Here you will learn many of these home improvement salesman’s tricks. You will learn their pricing structure. You will learn about their criminal behaviour. You will learn about their companies and the vast network of people who depend upon these salesmen to make the sale. Be warned, some of these salesmen can take $30,000 from you faster than you would loan money to your own mother.

Not all home improvement salesmen are crooks. But if you have a salesman arrive at your door and in three hours he separates you from $30,000 for something you didn’t even want … and he mortgages your home for 30 years at 14% interest to do it … then you met a real live specimen.

Still don’t believe it? Miss just one payment and they will take your house and you cannot even go to court to stop them.

The American home improvement industry is one of the largest economic engines in the United States. It is considered by many to be the honorable sector of American commerce. Home Improvement means home, mother, and apple pie. We might purchase a car at a car lot, we might purchase a stove at the appliance store, but many of our home improvement products are purchased right inside our own homes and are presented to us in person by a caring company representative.

Unfortunately, a sizeable portion of the industry is composed of predators who make a practice of deceit, usurious money practices, worthless product warranties, who defraud the aged and infirm, and worse. And there really is a “worse.

For example, most state and local building codes are controlled, if not actually written — even copyrighted — by the construction industry itself. Most state and local home construction legislation is just as controlled by the construction industry. The consumer

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