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One Call Close Method, Part 4

If the prospect is really bonkers, however, then it is possible to go from the prospect’s hour long … seemingly never ending — biography to something like: “Martha, I am so sad to learn that you disowned you son and that your daughter is still a streetwalker at age 55, but before I forget, when I walked up today I noticed your windows needed repair, could you consider saving your wall from damage and let us slide in a new window or two. Here’s a reminder you can initial and my company will come out in a few days and fix them for you.” The prospect signs the blank form and the salesman fills it with numbers as the prospect continues her biography … from where she left off — which was 1967. This really happens.

Why does it happen? Because this person is crying for help and there is no one in their life that will listen to them and be interested in them. They are so scared of the future, scared of their impending death: alone. They are calling out to anyone to help, to be their friend … even if it costs them $25,000.00 for a few hours of false kindness.

Do you now understand why this is all so evil?

So now it is time to walk around the home and see what trouble the salesman can cause. You have to understand that the home could have been built yesterday — by NASA — and yet the salesman will still discover catastrophic problems.

His mission is to walk away with money. His mission is not to find real defects, or existing flaws and respond with what they need to solve those problems. His mission is to make money. He will create the problem. He will make money.

3.) Add more Trust, Build Confidence in the Company: 30 minutes

Even after over an hour of discussions and hand wringing, the prospect is still not fully sold. What the salesman does now is lay on a thick layer of how wonderful his company is.

The problem is that the salesman is really selling himself from this point on. If he comes across as a shifty eyed bastard then no one will buy.

The first thing he will do now is detail how long the company has been in business, how wonderful the owner is and how he donates to his church (Mission of the Wayward Strippers, Las Vegas, Nevada) and how hundreds of their customers send testimonial letters of gratitude. And they really do send those testimonials, by the way … I mean, if he wasn’t good at this, he’d be selling funeral plots (it’s hard to complain about your casket when you are dead).

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