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One Call Close Method, Part 3

everyone sits. Then he sets the ground rules and makes certain that all parties required to sign a binding contract are present. He will ask if the person is married and if so then the wife / husband must be present. He will ask who owns the home and it better be the people he’s talking to. The call center or canvasser has already purloined this information, but he will verify it.

The prospects are targeted for their lack of intellect and even for their loneliness. He will let them talk — for as long as it takes to calm them down and disarm them. The salesman will let the prospect might talk for an hour or even longer.

The salesman will never say anything that might get a simple “yes” or a “no” answer. He will never say: “Your home is only fifty feet from the lake, do you go to the beach?” He will say: “You have such a nice view of the beach, how often do you go out and enjoy the waves and the sand?” He is training the prospect never to say no. He has only a few hours to do it.

His purpose now is to gain trust, build a dossier of information he can use to make the sale, maintain control of the prospect, and slide in “trial closes” that mentally cut the prospect off from any escape.

The prospect might say: “I’m not gonna do anything for a year or two so you are wasting your time.” The salesman will say: “Whew! That’s a relief! When they told me to leave the office and come over here to let you know about ways to save money on your heating bill, I was worried you might think I was here to sell you something.” Then he will say: “I’m on salary and just do informational presentations, but if we have time later I might be able to show you some things that could save you real money. We may not have time, so you're safe.

Then he will say: “Could I trouble you for a drink of water?

He just flipped the psychology three times. The first thing he did was say YOU'RE SAFE. Then he made the prospect feel a little guilty, and then he got the prospect to go do something for him. It all has to be gentle, smooth, soft.

If he's good he will do all of this by varying the amplitude of his voice. The sentence ” We may not have time YOU'RE SAFE” is registered in the prospects' brain as “I will be safe.”

2.) Create a Need /Desire: 30 minutes

If he cannot get the prospect to think he needs the product or wants the product then the prospect won’t — easily — sign a contract.

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