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One Call Close Method, Part 10

No, that would be using scary words. The salesman will use something like TOTAL INVESTMENT, or TOTAL VALUE, or whatever.

It is important for the salesman to make sure he has built enough perceived value into the sale that the prospect will bite.

This may be very difficult for you to understand while just reading this but most people are crazy: Including YOU. Here are some embarrassing examples:

Did you know that much of the selling price of wine is the enjoyment from paying more for it? Yep! All true! This is especially true for Champaign. The stuff inside the bottle costs less than the bottle itself. You are paying more for it just so that you can feel special, that you are paying more!

Did you know that cars are priced for target markets and that the price has not that much to do with what’s in the car? The cost of building a $60,000 car is the same as that for a $110,000 car.

Do you really think that most $120 athletic shoes cost any more to make than the $12 ones?

Why do you get an oil change every three thousand miles when there are lots of cars out there that have run for over 500,000 miles on less than 12 oil changes … ever?

The best one to show your insanity is sports. You have a local professional sports team. If you did not buy them a new stadium and if they did not get tax breaks and more, would they stay? No. If you did not pay the players tens of millions of dollars a year would they be loyal to your city and stay? No. So while you are loyal to a bunch of parasites that make millions of dollars off your silliness, they will flip you off like a bead of smelly sweat. And you love it. You are crazy.

So what the salesman has to do is figure out what buttons need to be pushed to keep you saying yes. If he got you this far and you did not “throw the bum out,” then he has done his job well.

Sometimes the prospect will pop out of his daze right now. When that happens it can be spontaneous salesman ejection from the house … or even a 911 call.

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