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One Call Close Method, Part 5

The salesman will make sure that the prospect understands about Contractor’s Licenses and how Bad People don’t have them. And how important insurance is and how Bad People don’t have any and what happens if a non-insured contractor falls down in your house (they can take the house — that part is for real). He makes certain that the prospect believes that his company will be there for decades to come.

Then he goes into how important the home is to the prospect. It is their largest single investment and how, as the prospect slides into their Golden Years, it’s important that their home is safe. Now you have to understand right here that the salesman might well nail the prospect for $20,000 in stuff they don’t need and will have to mortgage the house to buy it … a house that until this moment was free and clear.

Again, let's put in that little warning from a real home improvement contract:

[image missing]

He will then go into the company’s “skilled craftsmen” and the high quality of the products his company sells.

He then goes into another major “trial close” and says: “Imagine how it would be if all the tradesmen you met were as decent and honest and hardworking as we are …

He is watching the eyes. The wrong flicker and he will start all over again.

He then goes into another “trial close” and says: “And you can imagine that the products we offer are affordable … especially considering their quality.

He may then discuss how many contractors go out of business every year and how many are arrested or are bankrupt. Some salesmen will have a three-year-old telephone book with them in their sales case and they will compare the most recent phone book listings of contractors with those from three years back. He will have the bankrupt ones and the arrested ones all circled in his older phone book. And this too is all true.

He will then go on about the Better Business Bureau and how his company is blessed by the BBB.

Lastly, he will show photocopies of the company’s liability insurance certificate and their contractor’s licenses and their Workers Compensation insurance policy.

My Goodness, this company is good!

He’ll probably end this segment with another “trial close” and say: “Doesn’t this

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