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One Call Close Method, Part 12

Usually, they say something polite like: “That’s more than we thought!” And … really — the prospect suddenly feels betrayed by this newly found salesman / friend who they hoped would soon to be married to their daughter.

The salesman now goes back to being kind and gentle. He does this to make the prospect think it's all him. That the “investment” was fair and reasonable.

The salesman then says: Well, but that is the normal investment … without the initial visit savings and the savings from the special sale we are running. Here’s the actual investment in your home.

He then works up a lower figure. He does this all with a straight face and kindness in his eyes.

The salesman will then do another trial close and ask if they will be paying cash or financing it.

The pressure on the salesman is tremendous. He can barely contain himself. He has now flipped this whole thing to the prospect being in some control. The prospect has but one single tenuous link to sanity and financial security and yet they will soon surrender and be swallowed up.

Don’t you want to make your home look nice?

Don’t you want to feel good about where you live?

Don’t you want to be my friend and invest in my company?

Are you going to FAIL AGAIN IN LIFE and not take advantage of all that I have laid out here before you?

Aren’t you going to move forward, today?

The salesman will now loop around and around all of this stuff until he gets the signature … from where he pitched the price.

He can stay locked in this loop for hours.

To do this and not get shot, the salesman might now become a “neutral advisor” and encourage the prospect to reveal their every secret thought.

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