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One Call Close Method, Part 8

It is all very similar to what a policeman does when he arrests you (not you personally, you are nice). Sensitivity training be damned. The reason a cop is usually so polite is that he can get you into handcuffs without you struggling. If he just pulled his handcuffs out and started twirling them and saying “YOU goin tah jail!” Then most people would struggle. Instead, he says: “Mr. Jones, could you please just place your hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs so I can check … for your safety and mine — whether you have any weapons.” Then he will say: “Mr. Jones can you put your arms behind your back.” The nice policeman might even help you with this movement of your arms to the rear. He is actually just sensing for an impending struggle. You still have not been arrested. You have been “detained.” He then might say: “Let’s have you sit in the back seat of the car here … just for a moment … while I check your vehicle registration.

All this while you are hoping he is just gonna talk to you. It is your fantasy, not his. He will have you in a dark, dank downtown cell with no toilet and a large smelly drain in the middle of the floor in thirty minutes or less. Don’t worry, your cellmate will have one of those darling spider web tattoos over his face, and over his knuckles. You are deluding yourself all the while the cop is gently stapling you to a plank.

The salesman works the same way, because it works. He will then talk about the “Investment” in your home and then point to the blank line on the contract where that astronomical number / price will soon just barely fit.

This will go on just a bit more. The salesman is watching your eyes and looking for lowered stress.

Once he sees you exhale, or drop your folded arms, or lower your shoulders, or slide back in the chair, or make any other “signs of resignation / defeat” then he will say: “Do you have any questions about any of this?”

Of course, there is that little one. HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?

8.) Justify Price: 15 minutes

“Glad you asked that!” He says. He now starts down another long path of babbling to calm you just a little bit more.

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