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One Call Close Method, Part 6

really make you feel like you’ve found someone you can trust and with whom you can do business?

4.) Allay Fear Build Value: 30 minutes

Here the salesman might send the pitch down one of three popular paths: “Coatings, Windows, and Kitchen Cabinets. All of that information is in the table of contents links to the left side of this page.

5.) Demonstrate Product: 30 minutes

All of the product demonstration information is attached to each product in the links on the left.

6.) Create Urgency: 15 minutes

It is really important to understand that this salesman really intends for the prospect to give him tens of thousands of dollars on nothing more than these few hours of conversation. the prospect wil give this man — a total stranger — all of that money tonight.

To do this takes real cunning … from the salesman … and real gullibility … from the prospect.

To force the prospect into obligating himself there must be trust, urgency, fear, and greed!

The way this is usually done is to offer a “same-day discount.” What this means is that the salesman will tell the prospect that if they do not buy today, then they will pay MORE tomorrow. This is presented as even a 15% discount if the deal is done today.

He will explain that his company offers dramatic savings over the “box stores” — and “fly by night operators” — by making but a single call on the homeowner. If the homeowner takes advantage of the tremendous “investment” opportunity immediately then they win. If they delay, then the company has spent a great deal of time on them and will have to move on. The only company where this “same day savings” (not discount) may actually be true is with Sears. Sears is under a microscope and has to comply with some vague generalization of

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