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One Call Close Method, Part 13

The salesman will start fighting for the prospect with his boss. Yes, the salesman will put his job on the line to save these wonderful people from an Evil Fate and get them this wonderful home improvement at the “Investment” that is “affordable” to them.

As covered elsewhere on this site, the salesman can call his boss and argue over how wonderful these people are and how they are on a fixed income and need to get the investment more affordable. The little secret is that the salesman’s cell phone is turned off. It’s all an act … he is talking to nobody.

OR, he will call his boss and fight and fight and let the prospect hear the boss yelling at him over the cell phone. This is all a Kabuki Dance and secret messages are being passed back and forth and the prospect is totally unaware. But he put his very job on the line for these nice people, and he hopes his crippled / unemployed wife will understand (whatever).

You bet. This is how it really works.

The first thing you wanna do is NOT let the salesman use his own phone. Make him use your phone. You plop that big heavy dial phone in front of him and his brain will sieze up. You got him.

So the “work order” is signed and the salesman walks to the door — forgetting the deposit check. Or he will drop it out of the folder as he leaves. What he is doing is making the money seem unimportant: It is but a token. The reality is that he has found new friends and … together — have a bond of trust and he will write them soon and they will write to him too. And they really do.

10.) Kill a Cancellation

Once the paperwork is all signed in triplicate and the Right of Rescission form has been hidden someplace under the couch, it is time for the salesman to make sure these people don’t cancel.

The first thing he will do as he stands at the door to leave, is call the office and put the order into the system. He will have a long conversation with the order entry person … at One AM. The fact that his phone is turned off and he is talking to himself has nothing to do with his incredibly detailed submission to the clerk. Then he might call his boss and apologize for his bruskness earlier when he was defending the prospect and the special investment commitment he had worked out and he hopes that he still has a job since Mr. And Mrs. Jones did take the investment AS THEY HAD AGREED TO DO.

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