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One Call Close Method, Part 11

The problem for the salesman is that they have droned themselves into a focused state as well. The salesman is going down a path and taking the prospect with him. If the prospect wakes up, the salesman can overreact.

Let’s pretend we are all droning on together:

He will now start describing the job as a vision, beauty, perfection, a love offering to the family, and to hope eternal, and to the salesman’s personal relationship with you. That personal relationship is very important. You have never seen his company. You have never see the president of his firm. All you have seen is this salesman. To you, he is all there is and he better be a good example.

He will now start to build excitement into his voice and go into minute detail about all the work and all the stuff that the prospect will get.

He will then ask the prospect if everything has been covered in enough detail. He is closing the door on any escape.

He then closes with a statement about how this product will live on forever and be of beauty and wonderfulness for generations to come.

He will not use ANY words that let the prospect think. He wants the prospect to FEEL.. NOT THINK!

He now, finally, takes a bit of paper … from all his scribbling … and shows the outrageous price of this utter catastrophe to the prospect.

The salesman then stops dead.

The salesman says nothing.

He waits.

And waits.

Some prospects will say: “Is that all?” My God, Martha! We need to get going on this TODAY!

If they say that, then the salesman just made maybe $5,000 for three hours’ work.

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