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The Close, Part 8

Some companies (Sears) have a completely separate line of lower priced products for that second meeting.

The homeowner may have had the $22,000 quote dropped to $14,000 and yet they still could not afford it. The new salesman will come in at $15,000 and then drop the price to maybe $10,000 — using all of the tools the first salesman used.

If he is really devious he will then call the boss to tell him that it is all hopeless. His boss is mean. But the boss will suddenly remember that there is an impending apartment building job. The boss will tell him that the company can drop the price a little bit more — just this evening — but only because they can in fact then put this small job in with the big order in the morning — and they must keep the skilled craftsmen working to feed their children. And the price slowly sinks a little lower and lower still.

And so it goes.

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