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The Close, Part 7

He will then impress on the homeowner how difficult it was for him to get that extra discount and how his job is really almost on the line for her. If she does not want the product, that’s okay, but please say so now because he doesn’t want to get fired over her canceling the personal agreement (not contract or deal or job) they have just between the two of them. He reminds her how the schemed together to convince the “bank” to give her the loan, and how they genuinely bonded.. etc.

The salesman will then walk slowly to his car and put everything away.

He will then pick up some small gift from his stash inside the car (nothing with a value of over maybe $5.00 — by law) which was really bought with his own money, and he will return to the home and give this memento of mutual adoration to the homeowner.

Then he walks to his car slowly, starts the car slowly and drives away slowly. When he is not more than two blocks away he will stop the car and wash his hands with sanitizing liquids. Twice. Then he will make a call to the real call center and report the status of the deal. If it is after midnight then everybody is home asleep and he will jsut turn in the paperwork in the morning. If it is not yet midnight then:

If it was a sale then he reports the list price and the final price and the number of windows or linear feet of counters and cabinets or number of squares of coatings.

If he did not make a sale then he reports all of the above but the “actual” price is the last price he gave the homeowner before he got thrown out of the home. This is called a “pitch and miss.

In the case of a “pitch and miss” in about 60 days the homeowner will receive a call from the call center and they will be told that the “commercial” division has a surplus of inventory or is combining orders or will be in the neighborhood or whatever.

A different salesman will appear and start exactly where the first salesman left off. The new salesman will do an “FBI Close” on the homeowner. He will ask what they liked or did not like about the “other” salesman and the product. He will wear them down even faster.

Usually the new salesman is allowed to go to the full 40% discount pronto and get it over with. He may instead do a bait and switch and offer an inferior product starting at close to the last price pitched and then start dropping from there.

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