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The Close, Part 4

In the truly sleazy outfits they take it one step further and the salesman will call in to fight for that extra 10% discount and offer to somehow use your home as a sales tool for your area or to get you that sliding glass door you always wanted. He will fight and fight. The boss will say no. You just don’t live on a busy enough street or the front of the house isn’t big enough, or whatever. He will then say that “besides, we don’t have enough advertising budget left in this zip code.” If you lived in another zip code they might have money alloted, but you don’t. Terrible, you have lost thousands of dollars and now you can't afford these windows and if you got the extra savings from the company then you would buy them and that's all it would take and it's just too bad …

The salesman will close his cell phone and look lost and despondent. He will have failed. He has lost a sale and you have lost thousands upon thousands of dollars … in savings … In something for your home. He will start to tidy up his materials and readies himself to walk out into the night.

What a tragedy.

The clock is ticking. He thanks you for everything, even touches you on the shoulder, and then slowly walks right up to the door. Your home phone rings! It is the company calling for the salesman!

My Goodness!

While the company doesn’t have any of that marketing cash to apply to your neighborhood anymore the boss has gone to his boss — even at 11 o’clock at night — and found the cash from another neighborhood!

You get the discount / sliding glass door / whatever.

The company really cares about you. They really do.

Elderly women cry at this point.

The deal is made.

In reality the salesman just calls the call center and the gum chewing 23 year old on the other end of the line knows exactly what to do and they hang up and then the gum chewing 23 year old waits exactly five minutes and “makes the call.”

The agreement (not a contract) is “checked” not signed. The “investment” not price is noted, not agreed to.

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