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The Close, Part 6

A last word on skilled craftsmen

In reality, many of the workers are subcontracted labor. Even Sears uses some independent subcontracted labor. In fact, in the case of Sears, they have sometimes used one of their own competitors to install windows for them. Sometimes it is done on purpose to limit the company’s liability. Most of Sears’ subcontractors are what are called “captive” subcontractors — they work only for Sears. BUT, they don’t really “work” for Sears, they are subcontractors. And Sears really has used their own competition to install products for them.

Exiting the scene of “the crime:”

While one might think that the salesman should jump up and run for the door with the contract in his hand, this is not the way it is done. He is devious. First, he might leave the deposit check behind, or on the floor, or make certain that the homeowner reminds him about it. He is not concerned about money, he is only there to help. You and he have become … friends …

It is after this kind of charade that ran till midnight that the gullible really believe the salesman was their friend and really saved them all those thousands of dollars. So these victims send that salesman a Christmass card every year until they die. The reality that they paid two or three times what the product was worth and the salesman made $5,000 for three hours work.

The salesman will now sit before the couple and create a folder of precious thoughts for them. The folder will have all the copies of the paperwork inside. On the outside the salesman will write down the five most important reasons why the homeowner has agreed to invest in his home and make it worth ever, ever so much more — especially to their children after they “pass on.” Those reasons are written on the front of that folder in big black letters. The reason this is done is to reinforce the sale. It has nothing to do with the salesman being neat and tidy. He does it in the hope that when you pick up the folder in the light of day to call and cancel the deal.. you will review the five sales pitches he wrote on the cover, become confused, and delay cancelling the order for just one more day.

The salesman will then pack up his stuff (if he ever actually showed the product) and compliment the homeowner on their spoon collections and contrasting brown and orange wallpapers. His comments about the wet brown glistening stains in his pants from the dog snorgling his fly will come out: “My Goodness, that is a loving and affectionate dog you have …

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