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First Contact, Part 7

canvasser gets a kickback if the salesman gets in the door, does a demonstration of the product, “passes” price, or makes a sale.

Big Box home improvement stores.

There are other ways to lure a customer to their dark web. Some Big Box home improvement chains have people at card tables out at the front door.

Often (but not always) these out in front card table people will get a referral percentage off any sale from the appointment they set up. This percentage can be about half a percent. But you are thinking half a percent of a couple thousand bucks. They are thinking half a percent of a lot more … way more …

The really interesting thing is that what they sell outside the store they usually do not sell inside the store. They may sell windows outside the store but you will not see those same windows sold inside the store — on a shelf.

It's gets better. So let's say you walk up to Teenage Very Bored Girl at the card table and tell her that you want to buy ten windows. You say you have the sizes and the styles and the MONEY. You pull $5,000 in cash from your top pocket and say: “Please take the $5,000 and have them installed tomorrow. I mean that's twice what those windows sell for inside the store. Something like $5,000 cash should be enough.” Her “dear in the headlights” look will eventually subside and her breathing will restart. She will then say that she only makes the appointment.

Yes … it's true. They too will send you a very interesting man who thinks he can make way more than $5,000 off of you in three hours or less. Figure that the Very Bored Girl will send you a window person and at 11:00 at night you will finally discover that the ten windows you wanted all along are even $20,000.

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