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First Contact, Part 2

“Do Not Call” protection for at least three months.

You may still think that such a scenario is just fantasy, a fabrication, and quite laughable. After you study this website, you will not only believe this scenario to be quite plausible but wonder why these companies haven’t done worse.

In addition, the brand of car to be given away, the color of the car, the shopping mall selected for the drawing, all are part of the scam. These people know what kinds of cars attract what kinds of people and which shopping malls are near Prime Target neighborhoods. The cops might not be allowed to “profile” but these people do and profiling works.

Do you think most 80-year-old women buy Hummers? No. Do you think steroid laden football players buy Saturns? No. General Electric builds spiffy electric stoves. One level of stove is called the “Profile” and is bought by women. Another is the GE Monogram, which is usually selected by men. This profiling is taken all the way to the subtle scent sprayed into packing boxes that hold the TV or the kitchen appliance you buy at the store. Oh? You thought they smelled that way by accident?

Companies are getting desperate to get your name, phone number and email address. There are such scams as This website is what you find when you answer a quarter page advertisement in your local newspaper.

At the site, marketers want you to give them your name, address, phone number and email address. If you are foolish enough to help them then you deserve everything you get. The “Do Not Call” laws have hurt these people and they are willing to spend real money to get you. Notice the “poster” they offer with an “888” phone number. If you call that phone number the phone company will give these people your phone number and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Call ID Blocking does not work on 800 or 888 numbers.

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Other vendors are a bit more … sneaky. Some pay to put advertisements on the Google search page when you enter certain search words. They may then pretend to offer a selection from hundreds of vendors. Let’s say you enter “dual pane window manufacturers.” Google puts up a search result screen and at the right edge there is a link to an independent and fair and understanding site that offers windows from everyone … it says so right there in black and white. That's a live link … TRY IT!

When you go to that site and follow their directions, you get Sears. It does not matter

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