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First Contact, Part 3

what you asked for or what address you entered. You will get Sears. A reasonable person would expect that an ad that says “Compare Top Window Companies Now” would not do that. But it does do that. Would a reasonable person agree that this is false advertising and that the company being advertised on that site must be pretty … “shady?” Well …

So when you try that link, even qewiuqyewriu works for a name (so you're Somali?) … and any email address that has a “NET / COM / ORG” works too. When you leave that site, it might be a good idea to clear your computer of all the cookies they plant on your machine.

These “people” are targeting a vulnerable demographic. They are targeting people who trust, believe in honesty in all matters, and in The American Way. In fact, doing a little investigating reveals the fact that the “Compare Top Window Companies Now” site is being run by an “Online Direct Marketing Company.” Such a company is paid to bring in leads for one specific customer … in this case Sears.

In this specific case, it took only 60 seconds to penetrate their falsity and discover the truth. One just follows the bits and bytes of the Internet and tracks them down. Will their targeted demographic … their profiled demographic … have sufficient brain cells remaining or will they be so well versed in technology to discover / expose this for what it is? No. And these “people” are counting on it.


Yes, while it is politically incorrect to say that profiling works. It really does, and millions upon millions of dollars are made every day through this thing that does not work — called profiling.

Profiling is important to these companies’ survival. Without profiling — that is targeting specific groups and then using practices optomized to that group … most American industry would collapse from lack of sufficient sales.

Major retailer involvement.

Other methods of circumventing the “Do Not Call” list include having the home improvement company a division of a major retailer where the homeowner may normally shop. Sears is a good example of such an arrangement. Their call center is based in Florida and calls are made across the entire USA to all those people having purchased from Sears in the last year or to all those with Sears credit cards. The Sears credit card database is quite invasive. To get such a card you have had to tell Sears enough about yourself to give them a good idea if you might be a candidate for any of their marketing and promotional programs.

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