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First Contact, Part 5

opportunities to the listening audience as buying the old windows back from the customer for $125 each, when you buy your new windows from the company. These customers actually believe they are getting an especially good deal.

The second shift worker getting off work at 2AM and listening to the country and western station is the perfect target customer. Anybody who thinks a song like “You are the queen of my double wide trailer” is good really does deserve this. And, yes, there is a song with that title.

TV advertising costs so much that when you see a small company advertising on TV they must make some big money on their customers. These would include electric wheelchairs for the aged, strangely adjustable beds, and home improvement companies.

TV is really good because it includes images of finished kitchens and so these TV ads generate leads that are very good. The home improvement commercials will be mixed in with the bankruptcy attorney ads and the bail bonds ads — which are sandwiched into programs like “Max X, and COPS.

The Call Center

Most unscrupulous home improvement companies depend upon a huge name and phone number listing. They milk it every day. The list will include large numbers of previous victims. These companies trade and sell these lists among themelves. If you were a buyer of that $1,200 vacuum cleaner then YOU need these windows.

The list may also include large numbers of the aged, the lonely, and the infirm. An obnoxious man who controls his telephone workers through extreme intimidation often manages the call center. The call center workers are emotionally numbed into performing their despicable tasks. This is not done by accident. The call center boss is not just an ass. The lies these poor call center people have to utter and the way they have to betray people on the other end of the phone would overwhelm any normal person. By having a boss who is worse than their guilt helps them get through the job.

There are new call centers coming into being. These new call centers are in India. Yes, thanks to cheap telephone technology these centers can operate at very low cost with bulk rate phone lines from India.

Each telephone operator is given a quota and is rewarded with hard cash for their successes. The telephone operator will receive his wage plus a bonus if the salesman enters the home, another bonus if the salesman gets to make a “pitch, another bonus if he “passes price” and more if he actually sells something.

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