Mount Limbaugh

Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put “a message in a bottle” for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.

Failing America — Part 1

We have only a few precious months to make Mount Limbaugh a reality. These last days of 2012 are critical to us doing everything we can to preserve something from Traditional America. We need to act fast.

Why change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh?

Because this might be one of the last things we all can do to remember America as it was.

Mount Limbaugh can be a symbol of our fight for freedom and for America before our country is no longer America. We are facing changes to America so monstrous that they can only be compared to those not seen on this planet since Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution in Communist China.

We need only remember the farewell address from President Ronald Reagan to understand how far we have fallen.

Think back to how things were in America when Mr. Obama took office and look at how things are today. Now just imagine what our country will be like five years from now in 2017.

The United States has drifted off course, it has been corrupted to the point of Terminality. Everything the Founding Fathers said about who should be allowed into this country (and vote) and about the corrupting influence of voters giving themselves federal financial benefits, has come true.

America By 2017

By 2017 America will be a far different country. These pages are a documented compilation of what has already happened to America. Examine the evidence and then decide for yourself where we will be in 2017.

To set the tone, let's first look at the Prince of America's Destruction, Senator Ted Kennedy.


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The situation is far worse than we are told by the media and any effort by us to remain a safe, moral and ethical country are being crushed with cries for “Diversity.”

Our Future:


Look at the “banking crisis.” The savings and loan crisis of around 1990 caused about 700 S&Ls to fail. The total loss was “only” about $90 billion. More than 1,000 people were prosecuted and jailed. The banking crisis of 2008 (probably through 2025) is close to destroying the entire financial system and is a multi-trillion dollar meltdown yet nobody has been prosecuted. Either the Obama administration is being bribed into silence or it is being held hostage by the threat of total financial collapse if anyone is charged. The punishment for that very crime — Speculation — was once loss of the right hand plus castration. By 2017 the banks will be far worse off and no one will be in prison.

National Symbols

Respect for National Symbols has been purposely destroyed. Women have been allowed to wear flip flops / shower shoes to official White House visits. But it took a Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama to have Communist China's Chairman Mao and a transvestite on his White House Christmas tree. With transvestites on your Christmas tree, what do you do next? We will all find out.

A Dictator's Threat

One easy way to determine if you are being ruled by a dictator is if they attempt to control or destroy another branch of government. We have had presidents stammer and babble about the Congress and the Senate but we have never — until now — had a president threaten the Supreme Court of the United States of America. What will this president bring down upon us by 2017?

Due Process

For more than 800 years Europeans have enjoyed the security of documents such as the Magna Carta. Today, the President of the United States has scrapped that document and everything (including the US Constitution) that followed it. The Attorney General of the United States has now stated publicly that there is nothing in the US Constitution that says the US government can only kill US citizens when under imminent threat. That it's President Obama's decision to kill any American he wants to, and that his personal decision is in fact “the only due process needed” under law. By 2017 you will see people vanishing hither and thither across America.

Age Zero is Too Old

Now that Mr. Obama is gonna be out whacking adults (see Due Process above), we still have those pesky little ones to think about. The “plan” is to take those little cry babies out at age zero. Yes, they were just born and it's Adios Amigos. According to The Journal of Medical Ethics, it's now okay to whack that little screamer just because you don't like him.

“Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus' health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”

Hey, this is all very real. This is the Obama they voted for, but it is also the Obama we got. By 2017 baby whacking will be in fact, and for sure, protected by the law of the land.

Backing It All Up

The Department of Homeland Security has opened a purchase order for 450 million rounds of pistol ammunition. That's about three bullets for every adult male in the United States. It works out to 90 million bullets a year for the life of the contract. It's obvious we are not being told what's going on in this country or what's gonna happen real soon. But what's worse is that “they” surely must already know. This isn't ammo for hunting psychotics in Afghanistan or Iran. “Homeland Security” means inside the USA. In fact, that much ammo is more than a 10 year supply for a real honest-to-goodness war. Certainly, by 2017 those 450 million rounds will all have been shot and we will know what they hit.


When Mr. Obama was elected gasoline was about $1.98 a gallon. Today, gasoline is about $4.38 a gallon. If prices continue to rise at this rate then gasoline will be over $10.00 a gallon in 2017. If we cut the rate of increase in half — to be optimistic — then in 2017 gasoline will be a real bargain at $7.55 a gallon.


There are so many foreclosures in the state of New York that it will take (this is a real number) about 50 years for them all to move through the court system. The number of foreclosures is even higher in states like California and Nevada.

While foreclosures dropped off in 2011 they are back with a vengeance today. There are about 20 million unemployed in this country (there are also about 30 million illegal aliens). The last convulsion of foreclosures took more than $7 trillion out of the economy. The next wave will probably take even more.

About one house in four in this country has a mortgage on it for more than the house is worth. As the next wave of foreclosures hits, property values will drop even more and this time it may become a death spiral. This is especially true in “minority” neighborhoods.

This is even more true now that the Baby Boomers are retiring. They are starting to cash out their investments in the stock market just to live. That increasing flood of stock sales will drop stock values and then ever more stocks must be sold to derive the same amount of needed cash. This affects the banks and the mortgage markets.

The property taxes on those millions of foreclosed homes are not being paid by the former owners and they are certainly not being paid by the banks who have foreclosed. Cities are panicking.

By 2017 city tax revenues will be so low that parts of American cities will have been abandoned (this is already true in Detroit, Michigan, and Stockton, California).

Grand Migrations

The United States is becoming like the Serengeti of Africa. Vast herds are wandering across the land seeking survival. New York state has lost more than seven million residents to other states. Legal and illegal immigration has refilled that place to a net loss of only 1.6 million. California has seen a net influx of Hispanics — 22 million of them in 30 years — while the White population has remained fixed (which means the breeders left and the elderly stayed). Across the land, the smart ones are heading wherever they can to escape the ravages of taxes and crime.

Power Blackouts

Electrical power to many cities will be supplied with rolling blackouts because electricity rates cannot be increased fast enough to keep up with rising fuel oil costs. Then too, all of those foreclosed houses are empty and don't need gas or electricity. Lastly, people are not be paying their electric bills. All of this puts the utility companies into serious financial difficulties.


The government stated unemployment rate of 8% is a fantasy and the real number is probably over 20%. Most unemployed American males over the age of 45 may never work again. By 2017 most of the chronic unemployed will have gone through all their savings, and after years of not making house payments, they will finally be tossed on the street as the banks get around to foreclosing.

Even recent college graduates are in trouble. The average student loan is $25,000 and the unemployment rate for recent college graduates is about 25%.

Remember too, that the longer people are out of work the less their outdated skills are of value to any business. To survive, businesses need people who can start instantly in the new job and are current with all new skills and technology. By 2017 it really will be doomsday for the long term unemployed.

The Dollar

The dollar will be worth a third less than its 2012 value. It is only holding its present value today because the Fed can borrow money at 2% which is less than the rate of inflation.  When the interest rate goes to 4% or 5% then the US will be paying nearly $800 billion in interest on the US debt each year or face default.  The US is already borrowing money from the Red Chinese and South Koreans to pay the interest on the money we have already borrowed from the Red Chinese and the South Koreans.

Medical Care

With “Medicaid” underfunded and “Medicare” being restructured, the elderly will probably die in their homes. Once the bodies are collected the homes will be abandoned – just as we see with the foreclosure situation today.  Gangs will troll the streets and invade these homes, stripping everything of value.

Quixotic Wars

The United States has spent ten years fighting unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and soon Iran). Those places are about 1,000 years behind any First World country. Our ten years of restructuring their societies with high explosives has not been enough. We've spent about 990 years less than needed to turn those places around. But what we have done over the last ten years has cost us about ten trillion dollars and devalued the dollar by nearly 40%.

It's actually worse. The US military admits that “war” is no longer something the US fights from time to time (usually about every 20 years) but is now a permanent activity of our government. We are facing possible bankruptcy from the last ten years' efforts and certain bankruptcy if we continue this much longer.

Military Suicide

During World War II the US military rejected about 50% of all draftees. The United States was coming out of The Great Depression and many who grew up then had nearly starved to death. The effects of malnutrition and disease were rampant.

Today, 75% of the “All Volunteer Military” recruits are rejected. The effects of diversity — crime, drugs, tattoos, no morals, odd sexual habits — and the drop in birth rates of the Traditional American population from whom the military took their soldiers — have all played a part. Now the military is even accepting waves of non-citizens (filling violent gangs with well trained soldiers).

Thanks to the lack of money to fund an army the size we need, our soldiers are ground up with unending tours. This has driven much of the US military to the verge of mental collapse. It is quickly edging toward a breakdown. Ten years of constant warfare against psychotic enemies have nearly driven it to destruction. The only thing that keeps the US military running today is drugs while on duty.

Usurpation Of Power

The president and his man Leon Panetta have flatly stated that Congress and the Constitution are superfluous to starting wars and that it's the president and the Secretary of Defense who decide — and that they do what they are told by foreign powers.

In response to the concerns of Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., over who determines the proper and legal use of the U.S. military, Panetta said, “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would … come to the Congress and inform you….” Asked again what was the legal basis for the use of U.S. military force, Panetta flatly stated that it would be a NATO coalition request or a U.N. resolution.

Desperate efforts are afoot to stop these people with House Concurrent Resolution 107. Why is the president and his military puppet knuckling under to foreign powers? Probably because we are a morally and financially bankrupt nation depending upon foreign loans to keep us afloat. In any event, by 2017 we will probably find out.

Russia Is Our Friend

Did you notice that the True Palace of Paranoia — Russia — is allowing fully laden, fully armed, US military warplanes to overfly its territory on their way to Afghanistan? Hey, they used Muslim troops to fight in Afghanistan and still lost. Russia is purposely helping us bleed ourselves dry. “You wanna throw away another trillion dollars in Afghanistan? Let us help you.” All to the tune of 12 plane loads per day.

China Is Our Friend, Too

China is doing us as well. Enslaving their citizens to destroy American manufacturing infrastructure (it all goes to China) is working like gang busters. Then too, they are the single largest Methamphetamine Precursor Vendor to the Mexican drug cartels (if you think 229 tons at a time is large). If you doubt that, then check out these photos of just a few months cash seized from just one Chinese guy operating inside Mexico. No, that is not the Bank of Mexico operating out of a one bedroom apartment. That is maybe three months worth of Meth chemical profits.

The money from those Meth Lab chemicals does not go back to China — it goes to fomenting more violence in Mexico and funding demands for gun control and legalizing illegal aliens inside the USA.

That money pays for operations against us. This is all very standard for foreign intelligence operations. The CIA and the KGB both did it against their enemies for decades. It's just not possible to move that much cash across the globe. Yes, those protests you see about protecting “undocumented migrants” and protests about gun control and even those demonstrations about “Gay Pride” cost a lot of money and now you know where some of the money comes from. Diversity is our strength. At this rate, 2017 is gonna be really good.

The Real Threat

We have been distracted from protecting America by spending our treasure bombing countries 12,000 miles away and by doing that, we have completely ignored the real threat that is inexorably turning America into a howling wasteland - Mexico.

Foreigners Know Where America Is Headed

If we just look at some foreign advertising we can see what is happening. The makers of Absolut Vodka for example have hit upon the two most powerful demographics in America today: This one, and this one. Notice, advertisers aren't flocking to the American flag or to American values (or to the NRA), they are targeting the “winners.”

Drones Are Watching

The law signed by Mr. Obama in February of 2012 allows unmanned Predator drones to fly over American cities looking for “crime” (The USBP / CBP has nine Predator drones along the border now and they are soon to be permitted to fly all over the USA).  By 2017 some of those US based Predators will have to be armed with Hellfire missiles just as they are in Afghanistan — to try to control the minimum of a 50% increase in violent Mexican drug cartel incursions.

At the same time, if you fly model airplanes as a hobby then you are in deep trouble. By 2017 you will have a license to fly that plane (think fingerprints and complete background check and a $120 fee) because failure to have that license will mean prison. That is if the model is under 55 pounds. If it is bigger than that then you can just take yourself directly to prison and save a lot of time.

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> There is nothing we dare do to change things. We can, however “put a message in a bottle” for future generations and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh.

Take Action … Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

  1. Help fund this website so we can tell more people
  2. Send letters to your representatives
  3. Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey
  4. Get a bumper sticker and tell the world