Mount Limbaugh

Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put “a message in a bottle” for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.

Failing America — Part 4

Again, we have only a few precious months to make Mount Limbaugh a reality. These last days of 2012 are critical to doing everything we can to preserve something from Traditional America. We need to act fast.

By changing the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh we are preserving some trace of America as it was. School children will forever ask why it is named Mount Limbaugh and that will open the discussion to what America once was, and how important Traditional American Values are to a secure and free nation.

Finally, we will face all of this in 2017:

A Spoonful of Sugar Makes It All Go Down

Cities like Los Angeles have school systems so controlled by the unions that any complaints about teacher misconduct are quashed. When “misconduct” is finally exposed, the schools have had their entire staffs replaced when it was discovered that for many years a teacher may have been feeding his third grade students his own sperm — a teaspoon at a time and also as icing on cookies. Of course, the teacher has finally been forced into retirement at nearly $50,000 a year. What do you think the schools will be like in 2017 as the level of “diverse” behavior expands?

Shockwave Of Diversity

If you think it won't expand then you need to see what is already happening in San Francisco. Homosexuals are now allowed to walk the streets totally buck naked and in full arousal. When the city fathers tried to pass a law that these people had to at least place a cloth on a chair before they sat their naked bottoms thereupon, the homosexuals rioted. “Diversity” rules. In 2017 the only thing new for San Francisco will probably be curb side sex acts in front of your children (such things are already simulated not just on San Francisco but even on Boston parade floats).

Special Books For Special Children

We need some comedy here. Of course, you have to understand that these “people” really are dead serious. But hey, every once in a while, you gotta give 'em credit. Why have your 13 year old daughter read “The Secret Garden” when Diversity is calling. Children's books can take on a whole new look now that Obama is in charge. The cover says: “When these Sapphic Sisters Saddle up, ecstasy is only a hoofbeat away.” Yes, you can get it at

Special Constituents' Command And Control

Politicians serve their campaign contributors not their constituents. California has two of the most powerful senators in the nation: Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Both have their main offices in San Francisco and just blocks away from California's center of “diversity” which is Folsom Street. An innocent Google Image search for “Folsom Street” gives you this. Remember, what you see on that Google Image search is now the “American Normal” and is being forced upon us under penalty of law.

Today, if you home school your children and teach them that what is in some of those Folsom Street images is evil then you can be jailed. So what new laws will senators Boxer and Feinstein bring to America by 2017?

But There's More

California passed SB48 which forces your impressionable children to embrace every bizarre sex act and behavior as “normal.” Home Schooling parents have absolutely no rights to protect their children and can be jailed if they try. Soon, third grade students in California will learn all about “Fisting,” “Glory Holes,” Fellatio and Sodomy. Of course, with some school staff already transvestites and some teachers already feeding children their own sperm (see above), there's no problem with them learning all about that. You really have to understand that teachers need only be dressed in the classroom in a manner passed by the TSA at an airport (see below). By 2017 that California law will probably be a Federal Mandate nationwide in all the schools, including your children's.

Special Places For Special People

The “diverse” of America have had laws passed to invade the sanctity of religion, of marriage, of family and even of nation, and they have set themselves up as “The Chosen” and thus exclusive. In places like San Diego they are building a 60-foot high flag pole to fly their rainbow flag (just as in San Francisco). That flag has even been planted in US bases in Afghanistan instead of the American flag. By 2017 these separate areas will be marked all across the country and those flag poles will be like thousands of stakes pounded into the very soul of America.

We Are Your Representatives

There is a place called the Senate and there is a place called the Congress. One might imagine that our Senators and Congress “people” are there to represent us. Thinking that would be a big mistake. They cannot afford to. Our elected officials spend an average of two hours a day at a call center across the street from their offices in Washington D.C calling “supporters” for campaign contributions. The two hour stint can easily go to four hours a day or even all day long as the election season gets closer. Yes, that really means that they are not doing what we elected them to do or what we as taxpayers are paying them to do. There is something wrong with spending three million dollars to get a $150,000 a year job. The reality is that these campaign contributions are bribes. The largest funding sources of bribes are the teacher's unions and the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans gender” power blocks. If you doubt that then simply look around — at the condition of our schools and teacher's pay and hours, and the “diversity” that is now federal law.

It's Freedom For Them And Jail For You

A Kentucky “human rights” organization says it's okay for homosexuals operating a company to refuse to print Christian materials but completely illegal for a Christian company to refuse to print homosexual materials. The homosexuals are fully covered by law under “sexual orientation discrimination.” Of course, that “human rights” organization's website is also available in Spanish because there is no need for “migrants” to lean English — in Kentucky. This is happening all over America and by 2017 it will blanket the country.

Cafeteria Diversity For All

If you try to spend time with your small children and talk to them about Traditional Values (and are not taking any airplane rides — see below) then what are you to do when they come home from school and tell you that their cafeteria meal was plopped on their plate by a transvestite? By 2017 this will be in nearly every school in the country, or else.

You don't think so? Well, California's legislators are already officially demanding that cross-dressing be allowed in the work place under law.

The TSA And Diversity

Air travel is a Litmus Test for what is now acceptable in society. Hey, if the TSA makes a women drink her own breast milk to prove it isn't an explosive then this next one has been given the Federal Seal of Approval. Just wait until you have to explain this to your children. Better yet, what will you do if that sits on the plane next to your 10 year old son? If you do anything about it, you could be facing a $10,000 federal fine and jail time — or even the loss of your passport as a “terrorist.” You really have to understand that since the TSA lets that thing board a plane today, then that can be the dress code for the teacher teaching your children (or that thing will sue the school system and win a million dollars). By 2017 it will all be far, far worse.

Our Children's Heroes

The heroes of America's children today include Michael Jackson (drug addict and child and chimp lover), Whitney Houston (crack head), Tiger Woods (10 prostitutes at a time with one urinating on his chest).

Then we have Katy Perry's incredibly popular song with the 13 year old girls “I kissed a girl” which glorifies promiscuous anonymous teenage lesbian love. If you missed the lyrics, they are here.

You can also check out Katy Perry's Music Video but you will have to sign in as being 18 years of age or older. Yes, the song targeting 13 year old girls has an “R” rating.

Most 13 year old American girls know all the words to that song. At 13, girls are at their most impressionable and prime targets for experimentation that can change their lives forever. In 2017 it will be worse.

If you doubt that it will be worse, then you need to check out Mr. Adam Lambert — America's next heart throb — and his National Television Debut. Here we see nearly naked men dragged around on a leash and one of them is then jammed into Mr. Lambert's crotch simulating Fellatio. Yes, on national television.

Polygamy Is On The Way

Then there is polygamy. Whites once had an illegitimacy rate of four percent. As the worst of society are held up as national role models, morality spirals downwards and the illegitimacy rate for Whites is now over 25%. Blacks maintain a constant illegitimacy rate of about 70%. Of that 70% illegitimacy rate possibly 10% are fathered by the same males — that is polygamy. Republicans in 1854 declared it and slavery the “twin relics of barbarism” and it was outlawed in 1862.

Today, according to the research firm Wenzel Strategies, more than 22% of Americans see nothing wrong with polygamy, another 18% are ambivalent and another 18% defend polygamy because “gay marriage” is already legal. That's 58%, and when polygamy gets on the ballot in 2017 it will be made legal across America.

Horse as Service Animal

Today, you can sue if stores won't accept you and your horse as your “Companion Animal.” In 2017, God only knows.

Horses as “Companion Animals?” Not to worry. Years ago the TSA said a 300 pound Vietnamese pig could fly in First Class. By the way, it seems that the 300 pound “Companion Animal” flew First Class — and for free. Again, if you even just roll your eyes as you see that creature waddling down the aisle you can be tossed off the plane — all depending upon the mood of the stewardess (and the amount of paperwork she has to fill out).

There is no difference at all between a “Companion Animal” and a pet, so we can look at Wikipedia and see what will be next for America in 2017: Anteaters, Wallabys, Wallaroos and Wombats, and even Spotted Hyenas seem to be on the list.

Toxoplasmosis Gandii

But there are pets, and then there are pets. Not to profile or anything, but most men who own cats vote the Democratic Party ticket. The problem is that there is a bug that cats often pass to humans: Toxoplasmosis Gandii. The human who gets that from his cat often goes even more nuts. Nearly half the people in France test positive for it (that should tell you something, eh?). So when you have a large voting block of the Democratic party voting even more oddly than their “normal,” you get America in 2017.

Third World Zoning For All

As America becomes ever more Third World, cities like San Diego have changed their zoning laws so that “migrants” can raise chickens (hens only) and even goats (only two per residence) in the middle of the city. With ever larger Somali immigrant populations, just let your mind wander to what will be allowed after 2017.

Sharia Law

There is no doubt whatsoever that by 2017 isolated areas of many American cities will be governed under Sharia Law and Christians will avoid these areas or enter at their peril. Hey, at least the Mexican cartels don't issue suicide vests. The United Kingdom — a place the size of California — now has more than 85 Sharia Law courts. Even a New Jersey judge has let a man off citing Sharia Law as the reason. Americans are on the losing side.

Animal Butchery Goes Third World

Love animals? The slaughter of animals for Muslim consumption is “different.” The animal has his throat slit and it can take even 15 minutes for the animal to bleed to death (while screaming and thrashing). In France of the 275 slaughter houses in operation nearly all now slaughter the cattle by slitting their throats because it is too expensive to have separate processing lines. By 2017 this will probably be the “accepted” method of animal slaughter in America. Do please notice that PETA is nowhere in sight.

Pedophilia Is Normal, Or Else

There was a time in America when people who wanted to have sex with ten year olds were — at best — considered perverts. No longer. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has declared that pedophiles are as natural as,well, homosexuals. The APA's efforts from the 1980s onwards made homosexuality “normal” across the land. These people are now saying that pedophilia is also innate and cannot be changed and therefore must be embraced by America. In 2017 Democrats will be towing the ADA's party line and demanding that sex at any age be declared normal (probably even age zero) and Republicans will be saying “normal” is age 18 and so there will be a compromise — split the difference and make it legal at age nine. You doubt it? You better not.

A Prison Is Just A Place You Cannot Leave

Today, the US government controls your freedom of movement. If you doubt that, just go to any airport and try to go to another country without a passport. An American citizen's innate right of free travel has been cancelled. An American citizen can no longer leave this Land of the Free without explicit government permission. By 2017 there will be massive “Homeland Security” watch lists of people who may have said something to their neighbors or in a letter to the editor or on the telephone to a friend that the feds do not like. You might have just said something to your children and your own children turned you in at school. Those tagged people will never be allowed to travel outside the USA again because they will never get a passport. We have to return to the Liberal's wet dream — the Soviet Union — to find that kind of control over the citizenry.

There was a time when America was free.

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Yes, there was a time when America was free. Those days are gone. The best we can do is remember those days by changing the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. A silent protest of what has happened to Our Country.

Be warned. Anyone who protests “The New America” and talks about changing things can be kidnapped by SEALS and stuffed into a federal holding facility with the feds having no requirement to tell anyone that they have even taken the person or where they have put them. This is federal law today thanks to the Defense Authorization Bill signed by Mr. Obama on December 31, 2011. You say you are not a “terrorist?” The problem is that you do not control that definition; they do. And since there is no judge to rule in anybody's favor, off you go to the Gulag. The state of Virginia has already passed a bill to not let any of their state agencies cooperate with the feds when they come to get you…. in Virginia.

There is nothing we dare do to change things. We can, however “put a message in a bottle” for future generations and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh.

Take Action … Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

  1. Help fund this website so we can tell more people
  2. Send letters to your representatives
  3. Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey
  4. Get a bumper sticker and tell the world