Mount Limbaugh

Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put “a message in a bottle” for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.

Help And Hints — Part 1

As the United States continues to spiral into the abyss, we still need to go to work and send our children to school (or home school) and maintain a loving family.

The Slow Collapse

No matter what the Doom sayers may predict, things just don't snap overnight.

Whether it be the Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire (the longest living empire in the history of the world — it was Christian and it was destroyed by Muslims) it takes a while for things to get really bad.


What makes the collapse happen faster is a traitor in power. After the Russians had been controlled by the Mongol Hordes for 400 years, they became sensitive to freedom and who would rule their land. They were subjected to a ruler named The False Dmitri. When they realized that he was a traitor (and not even a citizen of Russia) they killed him, burned his body, stuffed his remains in a cannon and ceremoniously blew him back towards Poland — the land of his birth. We Americans don't do such things.

One's mind might wander to other traitors and to King Edward II of England in 1327. It is only rumored that a trumpet like funnel was placed into his bottom and then a red hot poker was thrust deep within. This left no outward signs and the cause of death could even be imagined as from “natural causes.”

It is the media that controls what people think. America's media is an elite network of like minded leftists who purposely hide the reality of their heroes. Whether it be Mr. Obama or John F. Kennedy, the truth only oozes out very slowly.

John F. Kennedy

While the media holds John F. Kennedy as the Prince of Camelot, the reality is that he was at best, a philanderer, and betrayer of his own wife (if you consider doing as many White House interns as he could and leaving their panties in the bed for his wife to find, or doing these young girls in the elevator with the Secret Service guarding the elevator door).

Secret Service guarding the elevator door? The media has hid the reality of that organization as well. The recent Secret Service debacle in Columbia is far worse than it seems (again the media is hiding an immense reality). The entire event may well have been a successful effort to suborn what are supposed to be the most trusted of all federal agents. The scheme was probably a “Honey Trap” and run by either the Dirección General de Inteligencia (Cuban spies) or even Chinese intelligence. This was an extremely easy and cheap way make America look pathetic — and it worked perfectly.

When one of John F. Kennedy's (literally) virginal mistresses recently confessed her affair, she was slammed by the Media's Queen of Liberalism. All must be kept quiet. The fantasy must be protected. This media cover-up keeps Kennedy at least 14 popularity points ahead of a man with morals: President Reagan. The dream must stay alive.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Of course, Jacqueline Kennedy — by her own audio taped admission — was going at it as well. The Liberal Fantasies of Camelot — glorified by the media — have helped destroy America.

Bill Clinton

Some ask about Bill Clinton. He certainly did plop his sperm hither and thither on the Oval Office rug and on someone's black dress. He was receiving Fellatio while on the telephone ordering American troops to their deaths in Bosnia. He did have that little “Ooopsie” of Mr. Vince Foster suddenly vaporizing from the White House and reappearing quite dead across the Potomac River in Fort Marcy Park. He is today rated second only to John F. Kennedy in popularity. That really shows how much power the media has over Americans.

The media that hid the despicable activities of the Kennedys (and their “Camelot”), and ignored the reality of Clinton, is now whitewashing the actions of The Left's entire power structure in America.

The situation is far worse than we are told by the media and any effort by us to remain a safe, moral and ethical country are being crushed with cries for “Diversity.”

Largest Invasion On Planet Earth

The largest and most violent invasion in the history of Mankind has occurred right before our eyes. Nearly 30 million illegal aliens have marched across our Southern Border in the last 30 years. That invasion is the largest alien force to ever invade a country in the entire history of mankind.

The Liberals may do a Dervish Dance celebrating the diversity of it all but they can only keep their fantasy going by turning America into a Police State. Instead of putting the criminals in jail or deporting them, they have made their actions legal and then had to turn the entire United States of America into a prison to contain the violence.

Drug Money

Drug money funds small businesses which then contribute to political campaigns and people get elected — and even worse — corrupted through bribery and extortion (if not kidnapping and murder).

Now In The US Military

Hispanic gangs have flooded into the US military as well. Tens of thousands of gang members are now well trained killers and even trained medics ready to support their gangs as was never possible before. God help an American police department that confronts these “people.” It is all a grand celebration of diversity and “Immigration Reform”

California And Its Moonbeam

California is a Petri dish of diversity that then spreads across America. Governor Jerry Brown of California has held that office three times. His first two terms in office were during The Hustle Era of the '70s and he was called “Moonbeam” by his supporters and foes alike. Then California was laid back, rich, hippy — with platform shoes on men and marshmallow shaped hairdos.

Today, under what can be called the reign of “Moonbeam II” California is bankrupt and more than 30,000 felons are flooding from the prisons because the state has no money to house them. A war is going on between the borders of the northern and southern Mexican gangs' turfs and that borderline is in the small town of Salinas.

What's the difference between the reigns of “Moonbeam I” and “Moonbeam II” ? The population of California under his first reign was 22 million Whites, 3 million Blacks and 2 million Hispanics. The population of California under his second reign consists of 22 million Whites, 3 million Blacks and 22 million Hispanics (and millions of them are illegal aliens). Diverse gangs have invaded.

150,000 A Day

The highest volume border crossing in the world is at San Ysidro, California where about 50,000 cars and 150,000 people cross the border northwards each day. Those people are not American tourists returning home (the drug cartels have eliminated Mexican tourism). Most of those border crossers live in Mexico and work in the United States. They take jobs from US citizens and then take those paychecks and spend them in Mexico. Senator Barbara Boxer has ordered the expansion of that Port of Entry to handle even 100,000 cars and 300,000 Mexican border crossers a day. By 2017 the flood will be a Tsunami.

The United States is being bled dry.

Mexico depends upon four main foreign currency sources: Remittances sent to Mexico by people working legally or illegally in the US, oil exports, goods manufactured in Mexico by US and Japanese companies and sent north, and revenue to the drug cartels from the sale of illegal drugs. Tourism was once on that list but the drug cartels put a stop to that. Mexican oil is in a precipitous decline and bringing them less than about $25 billion a year. The only revenue source for Mexico that can be increased is drugs. Chilling as it might be, illegal drugs are the largest single revenue source for Mexico today. Then too, Mexico has been overpopulated for 80 years. The only way Mexico survives without another revolution is to dump its unwanted citizens on the United States. Those people do not assimilate and in fact create another Mexico inside our borders. If they did assimilate then you would not have to “press two for English” and half your radio and TV stations would not be broadcasting in Spanish.

Murder Incorporated

Hispanic illegal aliens murder more than 12 people each and every day inside the United States. That is more people murdered each year — just by Hispanic illegal aliens — than were killed at Pearl Harbor or on 9/11 and this goes on year after year after year. A Muslim Shoe or Underwear Bomber could blow a plane out of the sky once a month and not reach that same 3,000 dead Americans a year.

Services Will Dwindle

As America's state, county and city infrastructures continue to collapse this violence will continue to increase. Jails will release their inmates because the ACLU says they are suffering in overcrowded facilities. Fire and police will be laid off. Police response times will stretch from three or four minutes to ten or even fifteen minutes.

The subtle difference in the effect of such delayed police response is no better demonstrated than by this 911 recording.

At some point cities realize that the worst thing they can possibly do is spread the misery across all sections of the city. All that does is destroy the remaining higher value tax base and send the city into total anarchy and bankruptcy. City governments will (as they have in Detroit, Michigan and Stockton, California) abandon low revenue areas to protect and save those portions that are still able to fund the city's operation. Police and fire will protect and save the areas that pay their paychecks.

The capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, is in default and its insurer, Ambac Assurance is supposed to cover the default. Stockton, California has Wells Fargo suing it for its default on payments. Most of the municipal bond insurance agencies in the US have vaporized. All municipal bond insurance agencies remaining in the United States, except Assured Guaranty, are on the brink of collapse. By 2017, you can expect most major cities in the US with a higher level of “diversity” to have defaulted and have no insurer to cover that default.

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Take Action … Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

  1. Help fund this website so we can tell more people
  2. Send letters to your representatives
  3. Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey
  4. Get a bumper sticker and tell the world