China Is Our Friend

These are photos of just one of the People's Republic of China's cash stashes in Mexico. This money is from just a few months sales by a single Chinese National of Methamphetamine Precursor Chemicals to the Mexican Drug Cartels.

This money does not go back to China. The money is used to fund espionage in the United States and in Mexico. This “espionage” is not the act of spying on anyone but rather it funds the continued moral destruction of America. It is this money that funds many of the “immigrant's rights” protests and the “Gay Pride” parades inside the USA.

It is this kind of money that may have funded the recent “Honey Trap” in Columbia to suborn US Secret Service agents and help destroy the image of America.

China Meth Cash China Meth Cash Close
China Meth Cash Closet China Meth Closet Close
China Meth Cash Suitcase Meth Cash Guns