Mount Limbaugh

Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put “a message in a bottle” for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.

Failing America — Part 2

We have only a few precious months to make Mount Limbaugh a reality. These last days of 2012 are critical to us doing everything we can to preserve something from Traditional America. We need to act fast.

Why change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh?

Because this might be one of the last things we all can do to remember America as it was. Mount Limbaugh can be a symbol of our fight for freedom and for America before our country is no longer America. We are facing changes to America so monstrous that they can only be compared to those not seen on this planet since Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution in Communist China.

Here's more of what is happening to America:

Los Angeles… Cares

As illegal aliens flood into our communities they — and their drug cartel sponsors — make every effort to control the local politics. In Los Angeles, California, you have street parades of all those wanting to be true Americans. And then too, the Los Angeles city council is boycotting any commercial links with the state of Arizona because of that state's desire to remain part of the United States. Los Angeles is now cleansing its streets of non Hispanics. As Los Angeles becomes the illegal alien and gang capital of the nation, its ever more Third World business model just does not work. Los Angeles has already been driven to the edge of bankruptcy and it looks like it may soon plop into the abyss.

But there's more. How about the school system? Of course the Los Angeles school system is failing. The topper is that the kids are failing so badly that nearby school systems are bringing the children back to their roots — by teaching them Mayan Math. I'm sure that's gonna make us competitive against the Chinese and Europeans.

Arizona Is Our Future

There were more than 300 Mexican Cartel kidnappings just in Phoenix, Arizona in 2012, this will only get worse / more violent in 2017.

Arizona Border Warning

The southernmost 80 miles of the United States within the boundaries of the state of Arizona have been surrendered to illegal alien smugglers and Mexican drug cartels. Arizona has tried to stop the violent invasion but Mr. Obama needs those new voters.


While Mr. Obama stuffs Arizona with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, drug smugglers and Hispanic gang members, his own federal agencies have erected huge signs warning American citizens to stay out of those lands.

That federal warning sign tells people to stay “North of Interstate 8.” Interstate 8 is even 80 miles north of the Mexican border.

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The Governor of Arizona is doing what she can to warn her citizens of the threat and make it clear to Mr. Obama that turning America into a Third World County is not what American citizens wanted from him.

Some drug cartel smuggling trails are now encroaching within 30 miles of Phoenix, Arizona.

Any efforts by Arizona to stop this invasion have been quashed by Mr. Obama's federal agents. By 2017 people may well travel the freeways of the American Southwest only during daylight hours or, if after dark, then only in impromptu or even official convoys — with an armed escort.

Illegal Aliens also drive the wrong way on the freeways at night and with their lights out to escape capture and deportation. The record for a single head-on collision from doing this is probably 37 casualties with six dead.

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If you found this website by accident and you are a Liberal — thinking this is all hysteria… Well, sweety, these vehicles are transporting drugs all over Mexico today and by 2017 they will be running right over you (and your Prius) on the freeways of the American Southwest.

There have been murders perpetrated by Mexican Army Troops in Phoenix, Arizona. By 2017 this violence will increase to levels only seen in Kabul.

US Bean Bags Against Cartel AK-47s

Mr. Obama needs every voter. When the US Border Patrol encounters violent AK-47 wielding drug cartel members, they have been ordered to fight the cartels with bean bags. Incredible? It is all part of Mr. Obama's plan to demoralize the Border Patrol. The USBP is only about 25,000 strong. It needs about 250,000 on the line to do its job. By 2017 there will be no US Border Patrol if Mr. Obama has his way.


While Arizona has its problems with Mr. Obama wanting to flood the state with new voters, Oklahoma is in a total tizzy. Oklahoma has discovered that being even 500 miles away from Mexico is not far enough.

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“Diversity” may be the new mantra of the Left but Oklahoma is fed up with the reality.

Sinaloa drug cartels have been driven from Arizona thanks to that state doing what the feds refuse to do. So Oklahoma is now facing violence as it has never seen it before.

By 2017 all the laws enacted in Arizona and Oklahoma to stop this savagery will be overturned by the feds. By 2017 you will not only have more gun battles on the streets of Phoenix but even Tulsa and Oklahoma City will be awash in bullet casings and blood. Anything to bring in more votes for the Democratic Party.

California Border

There were about 50 Mexican Cartel kidnappings in San Diego, California last year alone where the victim was transported to Mexico. This will only get worse by 2017.

Of course, when you have drug cartels taking nearly $100 billion from the US to Mexico every year, the smuggling trail North is important — for drugs and for cartel members.

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As shocking as this video may be, it is “business as usual” for the cartels.

These “undocumented migrants” simply bought real US Marine Corps vehicles and license plates and uniforms. But by the Grace of God (and an observant Border Patrol agent who deserves a medal) these people could have gone anywhere.

The “two Americans” mentioned in that video were naturalized US citizens who maintained their loyalty to the Mother Country — Mexico.


The Liberals just don't seem to get it. Flooding a state with welfare parasites or criminals in the name of “diversity” is really not appreciated by the locals. Alabama may have been A Big Loser in the American Civil War but that is no reason for the Union side to continue to punish it even 150 years later.


Even Georgia is now wracked with Mexican Cartel violence and every effort that state makes to stop the illegal aliens, Obama's federal agents quash with lawsuits. Remember, illegal aliens do not vote for Republicans. Then too, various foreign countries might lose out on the billions of dollars flooding back to them from their illegal aliens in Georgia. Foreign countries are now helping the US federal government in their efforts to destroy Georgia. How on earth can foreign governments control the sovereign state of Georgia? They are trying.

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Atlanta, Georgia is a special case because it is a thousand miles from Mexico. The illegal aliens arrive first and build an operating base for the cartels. The cartels then arrive and employ the illegal aliens. The cartels also smuggle illegal aliens into Atlanta as another revenue source. When sufficient drug money is available the cartels start opening businesses to launder the cash and to bribe politicians.

As the illegals flood in to Georgia, the school systems collapse. Since federal funding of the schools is now based upon fantasies of making these “students” actually learn something, teachers have to take it into their own hands to fake the results to keep the money flowing.


The once placid state of Tennessee is placid no longer.

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Tennessee has become a freeway for the Mexican drug cartels' shipments of drugs and cash. Nearly a million dollars in cartel cash was seized in a single traffic stop. By 2017 that money flowing through Tennessee will be invested along that state's freeways in local bribery and extortion, kidnappings and murder.


Tyler, Texas is more than 400 miles inside the United States.

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“Undocumented migrants” flood Texas back roads willing to murder anyone they meet. The first “undocumented migrant” in this video had already been deported back to Mexico … twice.

The state of Texas now has more than 60,000 children born to illegal aliens each and every year. That's over a million “new voters” in a single generation. Few of them vote Republican. By 2017 it will be virtually impossible to have a two party system in Texas with such an overwhelming percentage of the electorate looking for another new handout.

Texas is trying to stop the flood. Texans have little interest in becoming another Invasion State like Arizona. Notice how in that “testimony” to the Texas Homeland Security Committee there is a veiled threat of reprisal if the law is passed.

Border-wide Terror

There have been about 50 kidnappings of blond haired blue eyed White teenage females in the USA (that’s what’s of value to the cartel saloon / brothel owners) where the teenage females wind up as drugged out prostitutes in the border towns of Mexico.  Few have ever returned. If you think your daughter or wife might be a target of these “undocumented migrant entrepreneurs” then you better move farther away from the border (at least 500 miles away from the border).

In 2012 we sent SEALS 11,000 miles to rescue some far left do-gooders who were kidnaped in Mr. Obama's Kenya and then held hostage in Somalia, but we won't lift a finger to save those American girls held captive and enslaved not 20 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

By 2017 arming the U.S. Border Patrol's nine Predator drones with Hellfire missiles might be essential to America's survival. The problem is that (thanks to Obama signing the Defense Authorization Bill) there is a very good chance that those missiles will be launched not just against cartel kingpins on the South side of the Mexican border but against anyone on Obama's hit list inside America.

Border violence is so violent today, that US border crossings have even been closed for days on end to protect us. This has happened at the crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas. By 2017 most border crossings will be open only during daylight hours.

The Federal Response

What will be the fed's response? Gun Control! It must be those evil guns that are causing the kidnappings and the beheadings and the drug trafficking. By 2017 we are facing total gun confiscation — so that “undocumented migrants” won't be threatened by those evil homeowners protecting their families or by parents who won't allow their children to be raped and / or taken to some brothel in Mexico.

This has already happened in Australia and it has had exactly the opposite effect promised by that country's politicians.

Thomas Jefferson said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” George Washington said, the right to bear arms is the “people's Liberty's teeth.” In the Federalist Papers #46 James Madison — the Father of the U.S Constitution — said, “the advantage of being armed which Americans posses over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

In the Cross hairs

While Illegal Aliens and drug smugglers are allowed to run rampant across America, the feds are only interested in… you.

Your privacy no longer matters in “The War on Drugs and The War on Terror.” You really need to understand that the people being watched today in the USA are only those with Traditional American Values. You are the ones with a real address and a real job — and a real social security number. You are easy to watch. There are nearly a million people in the USA today with Top Secret clearances. About half of them have those clearances to watch you. That's almost more people than in all of America's police departments put together.

Are We Glowing Yet?

If you think you are safe in your car, you are wrong. The government has had backscatter microwave vans traveling the freeways of America for nearly five years, looking inside every single vehicle they pass. The contract was hidden as a US Marine Corps procurement. Those vans are on a road near you.

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> There is nothing we dare do to change things. We can, however “put a message in a bottle” for future generations and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh.

Take Action … Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

  1. Help fund this website so we can tell more people
  2. Send letters to your representatives
  3. Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey
  4. Get a bumper sticker and tell the world