Mount Limbaugh

Help preserve the values and traditions of America. Put “a message in a bottle” for our future and our children and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh. That is a message no one can ignore.

Failing America — Part 3

Again, we have only a few precious months to make Mount Limbaugh a reality. These last days of 2012 are critical to doing everything we can to preserve something from Traditional America. We need to act fast.

By changing the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh we are preserving some trace of America as it was. School children will forever ask why it is named Mount Limbaugh and that will open the discussion to what America once was, and how important Traditional American Values are to a secure and free nation.

Here's even more of what we will face in 2017:

The Fourth Amendment

All new kitchen appliances (dishwashers to microwaves to even refrigerators) will be Internet Capable. If you actually followed the directions and hooked your appliance up to the Internet then — according to Mr. David Petraeus the Director of the CIA, his agency (Fourth Amendment to the Constitution not withstanding) may know when you are home and even have a reasonable idea of what you are cooking. If they are doing this to silly kitchen appliances, what are they doing to your TVs and telephones. Believe it or not, today we even have iris scans and worse.

Espionage In America

To compliment this Espionage On America vast computer facilities are being set up to spy on each and every American living inside the United States. Forget about encrypting your bank information, the NSA can now break any code but a One Time Pad. Huge facilities — including NSA's one million square foot Bluffdale, Utah facility — will know everything about you right down to the books you buy and the food you eat. If you wrote a check, used a credit card (or even used a grocery discount or club card), got a traffic ticket or just received (not even paid) an electric bill then they will have it all. What's worse is that the two billion dollar Bluffdale facility computer system will collect and hold everything ever written by modern Americans and be able to compare that huge database with everthing being written by them now and in the future. By 2017 that gives the government the ability to track everything you have ever written in your entire life (from inside high school yearbooks to term papers to tweets to Facebook to emails to everything else) and know that you wrote it. Possibly the only defense will be to go totally psychotic or have “DID” — multiple personalities (see also Toxoplasmosis Gandii, on Our Future 4).

We See You

The CIA used to install 8mm film cameras in foreign embassy copy machines to capture images of everything being copied. Today's copiers are all digital and have digital hard drives and so today every image of everything copied can be retrieved. Don't think your face won't be captured, it can, either by the copy machine or by the surveillance camera looking at the copy machine or both. In 2017 many copiers will be connected to the Internet and “they” will have immediate access to what you copied and your face and possibly even an image from outside the building of the car you drive.

TSA On the Roads Of America

The TSA — the airport people — erect more than 9,000 temporary checkpoints on American freeways and roads each and every year. By 2017 these checkpoints will become permanent and “white glove treatment” will take on a far more airport-ish meaning for us and our children.

Your Car Is Not Safe

By 2017 many new cars will have Internet access as standard. Once that happens if your car is stolen it can be tracked (without the need for LOJAK).  Thanks to that Internet connection if the authorities want to instantly kill your engine they can. Video cameras were to be mandatory in all new production cars by 2014 but resistance has put that technology out to 2017. With very slight modification such video can be sent over that new Internet link to “any federally authorized recipient.”

Gangs In The Hood

While most crime is limited to neighbor on neighbor, as the economy continues to decline, gangs will start going where the money is — and that means to the few placid neighborhoods remaining and especially those near “quick-getaway” freeway ramps.

Of course, Mr. Obama is helping. He has injected the violence of the inner cities into placid communities everywhere. The US government pays these people even $2,851.00 a month to live next to you. Places as placid as Dubuque, Iowa are being ravaged by federally funded criminals and 11 of that town's 13 crime hot spots have been centered on these federally funded nests of violence and crime. Federal funding will increase, and by 2017, God help the neighborhood in financial decline with the only fat cat / well fed residents being the criminals on the federal dole.

Freedom For All

There are about two million people in American jails and prisons (more than in Red China). Most are there today for some very good reasons. As states slide into bankruptcy, hundreds of thousands of these prisoners will be released. President Jimmy Carter gave us the Marielito Boat Lift where over 100,000 of Fidel Castro's Cubans including criminals and the insane were dumped onto America's shores. California dumped 30,000 on the streets this year alone. We will see at least 100,000 flooding from the gates of America's prisons and jails each and every year from 2017 onwards.

Anyone with money and a brain will be moving into a “gated community” or will have secured their home to protect themselves. 

Your Home Is Not Your Castle

Home invasion is very real and very bad. It might get the criminal 20 years unless he leaves no witnesses. Today, even children have to defend their homes.

But soon, you can forget about the “Castle Doctrine” that has saved homeowners from total ruin when they defended themselves from invading criminals. By 2017 the “Castle Doctrine” will be gone. Even if you successfully defend yourself in court you will be financially ruined paying your attorney's fees.

With fewer police and less money for crime lab work, invaders will be far more brazen and if you don't defend yourself then in all likelihood you and your family will be dead. Best to put distance — and barriers — between you and the threat.


Thanks to the “equality” laws, minorities will have complete domination over Whites. If a White protects himself from attack then he will be prosecuted for a hate crime. The Lacrosse Case of 2006 is but one of thousands of such cases across the land. The only survival strategem that will work in 2017 is for Whites to do nothing when accosted and just pray that things don't get too violent.

Just decide for yourself who might be most likely to file a suit against you, or make the Liberal news media calling you a racist, or have Mr. Obama defile the Office of The President of The United States and take sides against you. You could be in the news for a hundred years.

How it works: If there is an altercation, your ex-wife will send in a photo of you in your Darth Vader Holloween costume and the perp's momma will send in a photo of her 18 year old six foot five inch 230 pound darling as he was when he was 11 — before the tattos and the tongue splitting. Those are the photos that will be in the history books.

Then we have Columbine. At that school some black clothed vermin killed 13 people. Since what for a thousand years has been “peer pressure to be normal” is now outlawed as “Bullying,” those defectives are protected and allowed by the school to wear their black fingernail polish and plot crimes against the innocent. The Columbine story will be in American school books in perpetuity.

The real story is Virginia Tech. where an Oriental slaughtered 32 people and wounded or maimed 25 more. Yes, the score is 13 versus 57 but you never hear about that one. Columbine's perps were White and so it will be all over the news forever. Virginia Tech's perp was not, and is gone. Of course, Virginia Tech also gets the nod for being totally diverse by also having a beheading on its campus — something else you never heard about.

And the all time winner for “Diversity Is Our Strength” has to be the television station owner who founded his TV station specifically to broadcast love and diversity “Connecting People Through Understanding” and then chopped his wife's head off right inside the TV station. You never hear about that one either.

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Here is a 2012 video where the professor dares do nothing and a White student dares do nothing — even when attacked so violently that the attack could have broken the student's neck.

The US education system has been destroyed. Whatever worked in 1965 for a cohesive First World student body has since been turned into a morass of teacher's union fiefdoms, brazen wage extortion and bizarre experiments in Political Correctness — all at the expense of your children.

Do You Make $100 An Hour?

About 20% of the teachers in one large California school system make over $100,000.00 a year. Remember, that is for working five and a half hours a day eight and a half months a year. And when they retire the unions made certain that they get nearly an equal amount for as long as they live. Even in places like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the teachers make over $120,000 a year if you include all their benefits. In 2017 teacher's pay will increase. There will be fewer of them, but they will make about twice what you do a year and in about half the hours.

You Think College Tuition Is Bad?

The cost of “educating” one person in the Washington D.C. schools is now about $25,000 per year and yet the average “student” leaves school functioning at no better than a third grade level for reading and math comprehension. Spending $300,000 in tax dollars on someone for 12 years of schooling to give them a third grade education is national suicide. This is happening across the entire country. The US education system is now so fractured that the Council on Foreign Relations says it is a threat to national security.

While a degree from Harvard might cost you $140,000, you might someday actually pay off the student loan. A K through 12 education is free — the taxpayer pays the bill. Can you think of any possible job that someone can get to repay a $300,000 taxpayer funded third grade education?

High School Means Armed Guards

Most children hoping for a future will soon be home schooled or private schooled because the public schools will be so “diverse” that an eager child is certain to be accosted — or worse.  The collapse of the property tax base normally funding the public schools is causing schools to economize and their police forces to be disbanded.  The well armed police forces that were only needed as the schools went “diverse” in the early 1970s are now being eliminated because the cities are too diverse to afford them.

Any school that needs armed guards needs them because of the innate violence of the students therein.

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School children are now so numb that they no longer complain about the rapes and violence — only about the lack of armed police protection. 

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There is nothing we dare do to change things. We can, however “put a message in a bottle” for future generations and change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Limbaugh.

Take Action … Now

There are four things you can do to help save Traditional America.

  1. Help fund this website so we can tell more people
  2. Send letters to your representatives
  3. Send a letter directly to the U.S. Geological Survey
  4. Get a bumper sticker and tell the world