Absolut Aztlan

This is an advertising image from the Swedish Vodka Manufacturer ABSOLUT.

They have done their market reseach and know that their future customers are the flood of 30 million from Mexico that have invaded America. The image portrays a “happier time” when Mexico held nearly half of what is now the United States. It also tugs at the yearnings of the Mexican People to retake those lands and make them again part of Mexico.

Just as smoking a Marlboro was once portrayed as a way to be rugged and sexy, this ad tells their target demographic that drinking ABSOLUT is the way to retake those lands and that Absolut is with them in their “struggle” and lastly, that they should be loyal to Absolut.

Just as with a Marlboro package — even having that Absolut bottle in the home is a subliminal signal that “we are of the same tribe, we are together in the fight.“