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The Process, Part 6

and you will even think of him time and time again over the years to come. He was a genuine friend to you and he really cared.

Really. Hey, if he wasn’t this good then you never would have mortgaged your house for $30,000 to buy crap from a total stranger — stuff you didn’t even plan on ever buying or thought you even needed. Right?

It is important to understand that he may never even get around to presenting the company or the product. He is a master. He may sense that there is no need for him to confuse you with “details.” He may sense that the sale can be made “directly” and just go from “bonding” to the signed contract. It will take no time at all to nail you. The salesman can do it this way in less than one hour. But usually it does not happen. You should thank your God for that.

What you certainly do not know is that he has an internal clock. That clock tells him that it is impossible to actually wear the average person down in less than at least two, full, hard-but-smooth hours. He knows that he has to keep talking to you for two full hours before he can even start discussing what his product will cost you. It will be two and a half hours before he finally lays that quote on your kitchen table for you to see. Until then he will keep the price a secret. Try him. He will not tell.

He may well have been able to scream the quote, and accurate to the last penny, from the window of his car as he drove up to your house. But he is silent, unknowing, innocent— it’s a secret.

After he has told you about his company he will start on the product. He might take this moment of transition to tour your home and look at your windows or look at your exterior coating or look at your kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

Sometimes the salesman will arrive with a buddy. This is bad for the salesman, but still not good for you. If this salesman has this human shadow with him then more than likely he is a master salesman. He may really know his craft. The bad news for the master salesman is that he will have to split his possible commission with this other guy.

This other guy may say little, if he says anything at all. This other guy is there to see how it is done.

You should note that these two will never sit in such a way that you will divert your attention from the master salesman to the underling. The master salesman always

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