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The Process, Part 2


Thanks to cell phones, if you do not answer the door then he will call the office and have the call center call you on the phone. Most companies do not let the salesman have your phone number. This is part of their control over him.

When you do open that door he turns on the charm. He believes he has about 15 seconds to Make That First Impression which he thinks will make the sale.

If you have less than a working knowledge of English then he knows he has a problem. If you are oriental then he knows he has a bigger problem. If you are over 60 and female and single then he almost has a sale. He knows you own that home or he would not be there. The call center sets it up this way.

If it is owned by both husband and wife then both must be present for him to start you down the slippery slope to eventually pumping cash into his pocket. If he is at your door and your spouse is not present and you had made that fact clear to the call center, then this salesman is being punished. He cannot sell you anything because both people owning the house must be present. He has wasted his time … and yours. If he is at your door and one homeowner is missing then this salesman may have done something to make the company angry and they are punishing him. If he refuses to make the sales call then they can fire him. He he makes the sales call then he has wasted his time. A problem.

Some companies (Sears) make a practice of sending salesmen out on a call when they know that one of the decision makers is absent. They may be doing this because they have no other leads that day. The salesman knows that he has about a 25% chance of making a sale on any valid sales lead. With only one person present that goes down by about 80% — to about one chance in 20. Both signatures must be on the contracts so even if the salesman makes his sale he will have to come back. This is one example of how companies really do victimize their own salesmen.

But be warned, he will really turn on the charm. If there had been something on the lawn that he could have tidied up, or children he could have patted or a dog to tickle, he would have done it — timed perfectly to happen just as you answered the door.

He will ask to come in and that is the last control you have over the situation.

Now he takes control.

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