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Coatings, Part 3

You are probably looking at $30,000 for a “coating” of your home.

The actual material cost is $0.50 a square foot (fifty cents a square foot). Your house is really about a $2,000 in materials.

Here's a quick photo from a real price sheet. This company gives you a “deal” at not $500 a square but $675 a square.

[image missing]

Exterior Coatings / The Demonstration:

Here is where the circus, the wild statements uttered with a straight face, the fantastic magic show — all concentrate into some black hole of despicable deception and evil.

Salesmen are trained in the black arts of selling this product by real “Exterior Coating” factory representatives. The representative’s name may be “Billy Supercold, or Johnny TexCon. These coaches will come right in to the home improvement company itself and meet with the salesmen as a group. The training class will take about two hours.

The trainer will bring boxes of donuts and even huge containers of real Starbuck’s coffee. As illiterate as the sales force may (or seem to) be, the trainer is even lower on the Darwinian scale of development. One of them may have a college degree and yet talks of nothing but his days managing tenements and crack houses.

The trainer will lay it on the line. He will make it completely clear that to make a sale you have to terrify the homeowner and convince him to save his home by purchasing this product. And that the homeowner must get the coating on his house immediately.

Possibly to protect himself and his company from possible RICO problems, the trainer will seem so stupid as to be believe everything he presents to the gathered crowd. A salesman selling these coatings can make real money.

[image missing]

The photos on these pages were taken while the salesman was in the home and distracted.

The salesman’s demonstration will start with him opening a large metal carrying case and showing samples of the thickness and textures of the coating product.

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