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Coatings, Part 2

The exterior color materials used are somewhat special in that they contain infrared reflector substances and anti-mildew agents, and some good color pigments. Also, the materials seem to have some limited ability to allow water vapor to pass through the “coating” while stopping liquid water from passing into the home.

Some of the infrared reflector substances are a by product of the coal fired power plant industry — called “cenospheres” — and are literally as cheap as dirt. Other products can be just microscopic glass beads … about $5 a pound. Fifteen bucks in glass beads will cover an entire house. The anti-mildew agents are also cheap.

Sherwin Williams and other regular and reliable paint makers offer regular paints with long warranties for color and cracking — even for venting water vapor. And they are just paint.

The real difference here is the sales pitch used to take a sale from a regular house paint job up to a … “coating.”

The salesman must measure every square foot of exterior surface. The cost of the “exterior coating” will be about $5.00 a square foot. If you have a heavy texture to your exterior walls then he might have to add an extra $1.50 a square foot to compensate for all the extra “coating” material that your walls may require. The coating costs are for walls, doors, soffit and fascia.

The average home has a soffit that is about two feet wide and a fascia that is about a foot high. Thus the “coating” of the soffit and fascia can be measured as about three square feet for every running foot. And it really is difficult to paint … Errr … “coat.” A small single story home is about 50 feet on a side and nine feet high plus three feet of soffit and fascia. That is 50 × 4 sides × 12 feet for wall and sofit / fascia.

The total is about Ahhhh … 2,401 square feet … Yes, 2,401 square feet.

The salesman will round up to the nearest 100 feet or in this case to 2,500. He will always round up to the next 10 × 10 “square. He will not use the exact footage but instead only use the number of “squares.”

The cost is thus 25 squares × $500.00 or $12,500. If you have a garage door then add $500 for it and its trim. If you have windows that have trim to paint, then add $200 per window. You will be up to $15,000 before you know it. If you have a two story home then

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