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The Salesman, Part 2

This “high” is real, and you better believe it. At best, we only can say that many of these people have “mis-wired” reward / gratification centers in their brains. For example, many of these salesmen will sit among themselves reliving and retelling their sales experiences over and over again. They love it. They might as well be in a crack house.

One such salesman’s tale has his prospective customer an old lady with an oxygen tank and a long clear plastic tube running from the tank to her nose. The salesman sits there with his “buddies” and tells them that each time the old woman objected to buying, he leaned one leg of his chair on her oxygen tube cutting off the flow.

There was a collective howl of yes! This was followed by banging the tables at each of his simulated movements of the chair over the oxygen tube as he recounted the story of her refusal and his adding pressure to the final sale. These sales people are very, very serious opponents and they truly give no quarter.

In most states the salesman must have a license. If he does not have a license then it can mean even a 12 month jail sentence and a $15,000 fine. Many salesmen do not have a license. When the salesman comes to your door, have him show you his contractor sales license — and match the sales license to his driver’s license … just to make sure it’s really him. An alternative is to get the phone number of the contractor’s state license board in your state before the salesman arrives and have it ready so that when he refuses to show you his license … because he does not have one — you can offer to have him arrested.

It gets worse. In many states the salesman can be a convicted felon and still get a home improvement salesman’s license. You have a problem with that? He just cannot have a felony conviction for anything to do with home improvement or construction. Yes, he could be a convicted murderer and still be sitting in your home showing you his real and quite valid state salesman’s license. It is possible for his boss the sales manager to be a felon too, and he may not even need a license. This might be why many sales manages don’t talk to clients … they might have a felony conviction in home improvement sales.

If a salesman is hired and told to start selling before his license arrives and he quits rather than risk hard jail time, some companies will threaten to sue him to recover their training costs. Illegal? Sure. But it is all one big food chain and the salesmen are just another blood type floating in the water.

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