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The Company, Part 7

the salesman to close the sale at midnight and at eight the next morning the manufacturing representative will really be bright and cheerfully there to “take measurements / start work.

Windows, doors, coatings, kitchen cabinets, are purchased by the company from national supply companies and sometimes directly from factories. The materials are purchased from vendors … many of whom know exactly what is going on.

The finance companies are even more “aware.” What would a salesman be doing in someone’s home at 11:00 at night asking for an immediate line of credit for even $30,000? The finance companies are so ready for these calls that they can process such a loan in 60 seconds … at 11:00 at night.

The quickest way to stop this victimization is to not allow a loan to be processed after 6 at night. You know how zonked out you are at 11:00 at night. Could you think rationally after one of these companies sent a Black Wraith to your door and you were still fighting him off at 11:00 at night? This ought to be prima fascie or even res ipsa loquitur evidence of fraud and JAIL TIME.

One company not yet discussed is Home Depot. Yes, they use the same sales methods. Home Depot bought VIPLEX and that is a window company, and they do outside sales, and those sales are made using many of the tricks described in these chapters. Under certain circumstances, Home Depot sells Symington windows as well.

Home Depot is a curious company. We all have seen the “sitting next to the card table out front” person at Home Depot. This person might make one half percent sales commission on any lead that they turn in that results in a sale.

The products offered outside the store … even Home Depot products … are not offered inside the store. Whether the card table person offers VIPLEX or Symington windows you won’t find these on a shelf inside.

Further, when you talk to the sales people inside and ask about windows the story repeats frequently enough that it can be repeated here. The windows sold inside the store may be highly regarded Milgard or other brand. But you see, such windows are not of the same quality as those sole out at the card table. Yes, Milgard and other brands inside are inferior. They may have pits or flaws in the glass. Who knows? Do you want to risk your home??????

Yes, you see, it all comes down to “want” versus “need. You see, people who “need” windows are willing to settle for inferior products … sold inside … while people who “want” windows will settle only for the best … see the person at the card table outside.

There are several ways to look at this interesting situation. First, it may be price fixing. Price fixing is any agreement between two or more businesses affecting in any way the price at which a good or service is sold. This can be between companies or between a

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