Mount Obama It Can Be Done

Joe Medel — Who I am

God Bless America!

My name is Jose Medel. I was born in San Diego, California and went to school here. I graduated from Point Loma High School in San Diego and then began my working career as a skilled auto mechanic.

I have been an auto mechanic for more than 20 years.

In this economy — handed us by George Bush — being an auto mechanic has been difficult. Then one day my car was hit by someone going 60 miles and hour (while I was stopped at a traffic light) and my car was shortened by about three feet. I barely survived.

I (and about 40 million other people in America) have no medical insurance. I spent a long time in the hospital and I lost my business because you cannot be in the hospital and work at the same time. I also lost my house. I haven't paid the hosptial and I probably never can. My wife and my children are with me and at least that part of my life is good.

I started my business again at a new location but the gas prices and the 15% unemployment has kept people from getting their cars fixed. I lost that location too. Now I am working as a “repair at your door” mechanic and that is enough to keep my family fed.

I know exactly what it is like to struggle and fight for every dime and to work 12 hours a day to just make it all happen for my family.

Barack Hussein Obama II is our only hope to make America strong and give us all jobs that pay us what we need.

I am going to make this happen for our president. We cannot have that Mitt Romney as our president. Things are bad enough now, can you imagine how it will be when a man who made a hundred million dollars by laying off 150,000 workers is the president of the United States?

Jose Medel

Mirama Cooling Systems

Here is a photo of my business — closed and the name stripped from the outside wall.

What happened to me has happened to millions of other hard-working Americans.

40 million of us have no medical insurance and while Mr. Obama is trying to help us, those Republicans want to make certain we never have insurance.

Then too, 1% of Americans have become rich beyond their wildest dreams and the rest of us struggle day-to-day paying bills and working 12 hours a day.

If we don’t keep President Obama we all are going to be in deep trouble.

Support us and donate to make Mount Obama happen.

Here is my photo. I am just a working guy who decided to take matters into my own hands and do something for my country. If we all work together we can keep President Obama and we can honor him with Mount Rushmore changed to Mount Obama. It will take all of us little people to make that happen. We have to get serious and do it ourselves. This will be done one letter and one email and one dollar at a time.

Jose Medel

If I am willing to do this for America, I think you can help me make it a success. Every penny you contribute to this effort goes to the website and to getting more people with us to make Mount Obama a reality before the election.