Mount Obama It Can Be Done

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God Bless America!

President Obama is fighting for us. We need to support him every way we can. November might be a dangerous time for him. That man Mitt Romney is trying to take President Obama's place in the White House. We must do everything we can to save the White House for Our President Barack Hussein Obama II!

There are very evil people trying to take our jobs and our benefits away from us. There are evil people trying to deport innocent hard working migrants. President Obama is all there is defending us. For our very survival he must stay our president.

Donate now to help us change the name of Mount Rushmore to Mount Obama. Every dollar you donate is another vote for Barack Hussein Obama II.

Every penny you donate goes to help us with this site and to get the word to everyone on the Internet that Barack Hussein Obama II must have his name on that mountain instead of that White New York lawyer Charles Rushmore.

We invest money in getting people to this site so that they can write letters to the US Senate and the US Congress to change the name of the mountain. This is an investment in our future and in the future of our children.

We brought you to this website so that you can write to your Senator and to your Congressman and demand that the mountain named Mount Rushmore be re-named Mount Obama.

It will take all of us to make this happen.

You can find your own Congressman by clicking right here.

You can find your own Senator by clicking right here.

You can email them and you can write them a letter. It is best to do both.

Lastly, call or email your local newspaper and your TV and radio stations and tell them about this website. They can find me in the San Diego phone book.

Please donate whatever you can to help us!

You have The Power to make this happen!

Tell your friends to join us and do please click again and again and again for each friend and neighbor and help us make President Obama be remembered forever!

Thank you for doing your duty for yourself and for your people!

Jose Medel