War is coming.

A Civil War is coming to America. Some will say that such a thing is impossible. Those people have a problem. Every single country on this planet has had a civil war. Some have had several.

Sometimes they occur as part of a real war. Usually, though, a civil war is an isolated internal event. The body counts are about the same as an external war. Sometimes they are far worse.

One can compare the likelihood of a civil war to the likelihood of an earthquake. Earthquakes happen and no matter what you might think about them, no matter how much you might be in denial; they happen.

The average time between civil wars in developed countries is less than 200 years. In the more diverse countries of the world, they happen about every 30 years. Then there is France. France is a special case indeed.

For better or worse, many “civil” wars are funded by foreign players. The French Revolution starting in 1789 was funded by Britain as a “war by other means” as part of their centuries-old conflict with France. That effort did not work out as they had planned with the final product being the creation and rise of Napoleon.

Then we have the French revolution of 1848 and then their lunacy of 1871 when Otto Von Bismarck surrounded Paris and asked them politely what on earth were they thinking when they attacked Germany. The riots between the communists and normal people in Paris (dead shopkeepers, dead priests, burned churches) caused so much concern in Germany that Bismarck brought all of his artillery up in a ring and bombarded Paris for two whole weeks to get them to calm down and pay attention. They finally did and that civil war, revolution, war, all ended in a total mess only to be repeated 44 years later with different results.

Mexico had one at the beginning of the 20th century that killed off about 10% of its entire population. Most of the people killed in that war were not killed with guns but with farm implements. That one sloshed over into the USA with Pancho Villa sending 2,000 of his troops on a punitive raid against the USA and the small town of Columbus, New Mexico.

Mexico is in a civil war today. It’s between the drug cartels and the incredibly corrupt government. The dusty romantic city of Tijuana had nearly 3,000 dead just last year alone. All 28 countries of the European Union only had a total of 5,000 dead.

Of course, we have the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia which killed about three million Christians outright and then another ten to twenty million when the Soviets cleaned house in Ukraine and starved those millions of Christians to death.

While we might think the Second World War made heroes of all its victorious soldiers; that’s not the case. The Soviets wrangled a deal at Yalta and more than two million of their own Christian soldiers then in western areas were handed back only to be worked to death in the Soviet gulags.

One can consider their move a “preemptive action from civil war” because many of those Christian soldiers had seen what Western Europe looked like and knew that they had been lied to by their Soviet Masters. The Soviet Masters thought it was better to kill them all rather than face an uprising when the soldiers came back to their villages and told the citizenry the truth.

We had the Spanish Civil war of 1936 where the Soviet Union did about everything it could to seize Spain and create a Soviet satellite country. You can see the bias of the world’s media even then because the condemned the victors in that war. It was really “touch and go” whether the Soviet Union would make Spain a new Communist state or not. Since the “wrong side” won, Spain was then punished and isolated for 50 years.

China had a civil war that lasted from 1946 to the Communist Chinese victory in 1949. In reality, that thing had been going on since their last emperor Pu Yi was ousted in 1912. Some will say that Britain laid the groundwork with their flooding of China with Opium starting in 1831which were followed by the opium wars which only ended in 1860.

We had Rwanda and its slaughter of about one million of its citizens. We had the Taliban in Afghanistan and we had ISIS in western Iraq. We had Syria. We had Libya.

Returning to France yet again, they had a civil war in 1958 with the collapse of their Fourth Republic and Charles de Gaulle then coming to power as a dictator to save them and to create the Fifth Republic. Yet another civil war occurred in France in 1968 with riots in all their major cities.

France is a good specimen to examine because France’s largest newspaper Le Monde commented in March of 1968 that the country was “bored.” Six weeks later, starting on May 3rd, 1968, massive riots took over the streets of most major French cities and the government collapsed.

America’s civil war is way overdue. America’s civil war will be of a very, very different kind.

America’s civil war will be a fight between the gentle People of Diversity (those of Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, et al) plus the LGBTQ+ and ANTIFA, plus our tens of millions of Undocumented Citizens all gathered together — against the racist, homophobic white trash People of Trump.

The left has been slowly increasing their power and control over this nation since Lyndon Johnson implemented his conquest of America’s whites with his Great Society program of 1965. Since then, possibly two trillion federal dollars have gone into increasing the population of those willing and eager to fight racist whites and to make this country the true land of diversity it should have been since 1776.

The Great Society, and its backing with massive additional state and local funding through scores of 30-year bond issues, and the cultural modifications we have made through the courts have created strongholds of eager youths across this land. These millions of youths have amply demonstrated their ability to fight the pigs and the honky cracker whites in all the major cities of America. These people will be the Agents for Change that the left needs to make America the land of their dreams.

Some of our earnest youth have been fighting the pigs in the cities and towns for decades. Places like Watts, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Ferguson, Flint, and more all show the revolutionary zeal of the New America.

Some have been preparing for decades and are now ready to support the struggle.

Our youth, even the youngest, are ready and even eager to take their place in this struggle for victory.

As we can see in this video, diversity is our strength and it creates an army of followers who will fight for our liberty and diversity.

The left’s successes have been substantial. Hillary Clinton’s victories in the 2016 election show how the left has conquered the major population centers of the country.

California has been conquered. The Sanctuary is the massive Center of Gravity for this nation’s entire Democratic Party as shown in red on the left side of the map.

The whites of America are a dead issue. If they haven’t all died off yet then they soon will. If we examine the chart below we see that whites are nearly all for Trump and his racist hate. We can also see that as the whites die off, this country will be a South Africa … if it’s even that nice.

Their cunning plan revealed

The plan came into being more than one hundred years ago with the sonnet “The Great Colossus” by Emma Lazarus. She gave us the words “give us your tired, your poor, yearning to breathe free.” Her words were reinforced nearly 30 years later by Israel Zangwill and his theatrical play first performed in Washington D.C., in 1908, called “The Melting Pot.” Yes, that’s where the term came from.

As this land becomes ever more diverse, the very fabric of the nation is torn asunder. There is no longer a common language, no longer a common religion, no longer a common culture and certainly no longer a common level of intellect. What this creates is a land of personal paranoia and one that can only be held together at the point of a bayonet or the barrel of a gun.

Lack of trust

Today’s America certainly has its issues with trust. Whether it’s the banks (Wells Fargo and their five million fake accounts) or the politicians (9% approval rating) or the media (20% approval rating); trust is gone.

People cannot trust the media’s economists (inflation is not 2%, it is 8%). Our healthcare system is morally bankrupt and is sending tens of thousands of patients into financial ruin when not bathing them in OxyContin. Our education system is in utter collapse. Thirteen Baltimore High Schools have not one student with math skills better than that of a third-grader. California schools have gone from fifth to forty-seventh in the nation.

California schools are so bad that even high school valedictorians expose the incompetence, laziness, and teachers who are so drunk in class that they are hauled away by the police.

Incrementum, an organization in Lichtenstein, has charted the decline in trust of the governments of the major countries. The USA is shown as losing substantially and Finland is hopeless. The red dots are the USA in the middle right and Finland at the far bottom right of the chart.

The chart shows the change in levels of trust of government from 2007 through 2016. The red dots show the USA as sinking fast and Finland as the worst.

The middle black line on the chart is the “neutral” and the countries above that line to the left are those who are stable and improving in the people’s trust and they include Russia and Germany.

Finland is similar to America in that its government praised the diversity soon to be theirs; and told their citizens to savor the richness of the blending of ethnicities across their icy plains. Finland probably had the highest IQ overall of any nation in Europe; no longer. The dreams of the politicians have created a living hell of violence not seen there since what the Finnish call ‘The Winter War” which was their brief war with Russia in its attempted conquest of their lands in 1939.

In America you see it in the subtleties of everyday life; even in the explosion in the use of hand sanitizers from grocery stores to gas pumps and the use of paper towels to hold the door handle as you leave a restroom. All of this is to defend us from “other.” The problem is that these actions are all very well deserved.

America’s youth at a personal level

Humility has vanished from America and personal vanity has skyrocketed. The average person addicted to social media is a vain, shallow ‘Hipster” who can’t handle anything ten inches outside of their egotistical bubble. The “everyone is a winner” and the iPhone have turned much of America’s under-thirties into Narcissistic egomaniacal psychopaths.

This New American population is essentially throwing a tantrum 24/7. When an “adult” or “reality” eventually comes into the room these things will probably go catatonic. If they instead put their tantrum into overdrive and attack, then that “adult” in the room will show them some reality and those little monsters will lose far more than they could ever possibly imagine, including body parts. Those little snowflakes just don’t know what they don’t know. They have never had to face the real world before.

Soon, their bubble will burst. They are facing a civil war that they won’t understand, cannot possibly win, and probably won’t even survive.

The nation coming apart

This nation is coming apart. It can no longer tax the few remaining nearly-dead whites enough to fund the various plans for social justice and victory.

The 1929 crash did historical damage to the U.S. Dollar. The Vietnam War caused the United States to leave the gold standard which removed all the remaining restraints. Since the U.S. left the gold standard all the currencies of the world have been based upon nothing but the threat of the USAF bomber squadrons. The US currency has dropped 97% to less than 3% of its historic value. The collapse of 2008 was never fixed.

One can get a feel for the robustness of an economy by looking at the interest rates. Five percent shows progress. We are at zero percent at the Fed and that will soon go to a negative rate and yes, countries do go to negative rates.

The value of the dollar has been in freefall for 100 years. That’s what wars for nothing and the welfare state can do.

The entire world’s financial health is that of someone on chemotherapy. We are still connected to the rest of the world because the U.S. Dollar is the reserve currency of the planet. Bad things are happening out there and they will soon be peeking over our borders as well.

Here we have a chart of the value of Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank. Its value has collapsed 95% since the world financial crisis of 2008.

Here we have the value of the European Union’s banks. Notice how the U.S. Government and EU governments have tried to give the European banking system CPR and yet with each “pulse” they get weaker and weaker.

Soon to be celebrated in this country are “negative interest rates.” Yes, that means you put your money in the bank and instead of them paying you interest, they send you a bill.

European banks are desperate. These are the EU’s banks using this scheme:

Italy is in such dire straits that they now plan to literally crack open all the safe-deposit boxes in all the Italian banks and then slap a 15% tax on whatever they find.

California is the future

The greatest level of destruction has been in California. California is no longer part of the United States. When Governor Jerry Brown was first elected in 1975, there were 22 million whites, 3 million Afro-Americans and 2 million Hispanics in the state. When Governor Brown left office in 2019, there were 22 million whites (mostly elderly), 3 million Afro-Americans and 22 million Hispanics in the state.

Jerry Brown flooded California with an additional 20 million from Mexico and the south. In reality, even this number is low. The California census numbers do not include the other 10 to 14 million Undocumented Citizens now in California’s cities from San Diego, to Santa Ana, to Los Angeles, and north.

California means expansion

In 2011 then-Governor Jerry Brown had a state budget of $98 billion. The budget in 2019 is $215 billion. Anyone with even $10,000 in the bank and a $25,000 car can still get a monthly welfare check in the state. More than 50% of all live births in the state are due to indigent mothers. Certainly, we must increase the state budget, possibly to double it again to address the needs of the homeless and the Undocumented Citizens among us.

California is rich

Few are aware of how rich and powerful the People of The Sanctuary are. The last tax reporting data available show that 5,700 California residents paid 37% of all of California’s income taxes. Most of those 5,700 people live in The Sanctuary.

Bernie might be our next president but he seems ignorant of the help he receives from The Sanctuary.


A civil war is coming. Some will be in denial and continue to believe the world is flat or that earthquakes don’t happen or that earthquakes or this civil war won’t affect them.

Be warned, the “government” will be of no help at all.

There is no “controlling force” or even any interlinked “cooperating cells” which will create a “critical mass” or “nuclear event” to bring this on. There is nothing for the FBI or state or local “counter-terror” agencies to monitor or to track or any radical groups to pack with government informants, or worse, to secretly encourage into action to then arrest for the show trials.

Just as France’s newspaper Le Monde categorically stated in March of 1968, that the country was “bored,” and then six weeks later the government collapsed with hundreds dead and ten thousand cars burning in the streets; reality is sometimes hard to see.

It’s time to move to The Sanctuary before it’s too late.