Letter: Mexico may weaponize the coronavirus against the USA (February 26, 2020)

To the Editor: The Sun

The coronavirus is transmitted in the feces and urine.

When people dump those substances on the ground they dry and turn into “fecal snow” and can drift in the air for miles.

Even dogs can be carriers of the coronavirus and Chinese police are now killing every dog they see.

The most violent city on this planet last year was Tijuana, Mexico, with nearly 3,000 murders.

That city dumps as much as 150 million gallons of raw sewage into the United States in one day.

This sewage drifts up the California coast for 20 miles.

Mexico is extorting billions from the USA to provide sewage processing.

The USA already spent a billion dollars on Tijuana sewage and even built a three-mile-long pipe to take that processed sewage out to sea.

Mexico is now dumping a billion gallons of extremely dangerous sewage onto America every single year.

The threat from Mexico is “If you don’t send us money, and don’t accept a million illegal aliens a year … we will pump even more raw sewage across the border.”

Mexico’s flooding of Southern California with Coronavirus laced sewage is a very real threat.

The USA went to war with Iraq for far far less.

If you want detailed information, I can send it.

Robert Beken, San Diego