Letter: We must rally together (February 9, 2020)

To the Editor: San Diego Union Tribune

With the N Coronavirus spreading around the world it is incumbent upon the United States to do our duty and live up to the Emma Lazarus Sonnet The New Colossus and “Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

As this tragic illness spreads across Mexico it is time we opened our borders wide and welcomed these poor people — who are only yearning to — literally — breathe free — into America where they can find the medical care they so urgently need.

It is time the Democratic Party actually stood for something and made it their mission to save these poor people. Pelosi, Sanders, Buttigieg, and even Romney must stand up for the Principles of America and have a political platform of salvation and healing.

With millions soon to be infected just 20 miles South of San Diego …

As Mr. Buttigieg has said: “We must rally together to solve our urgent challenges.”

Robert Beken, San Diego