Letter: Re ‘Tijuana River’s toxic sewer sludge dangerous for migrants and border agents’ (December 23, 2019)


To Wendy Fry, Los Angeles Times:

I owned BorderFieldStatePark.com / org / net.

For saying the same thing you have said in your article the state of California slapped me with a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER.

I had the website for more than ten years.

The State of California closed my site down.

The poisonous fluids being sent over that Mexican border are actually an act of war under the Geneva Conventions.

The dead cats, dogs, human fetuses, and dead bodies plopped into Border Field State Park and its surroundings are normal for Mexico.

They flooded America with that lumpy toxic soup and so we built them a sewage plant … over $500 million worth.

And we even built them a pipe three miles long to take that “effluent” as far out to sea as we could.

Now … Mexico expects us to build them another sewer plant.

And we will do it.

Tijuana was the most violent city on this entire planet last year. It had nearly 3,000 dead.

There is no possible way to fix this with the “people” in power in California today.

The 60,000 people who had to be inoculated for Hepatitis A in San Diego … thanks to the urine and feces smeared over our streets and sidewalks … this is “The New Normal.”

In case you missed the reality of all of this … when urine and feces dry on the highways and byways of Tijuana … or San Diego … it all becomes what is called FECAL SNOW and we breathe it.

Robert Beken, San Diego