Letter: Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump
The Trump Organization
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Mr. Trump,

I may have found a way to hand you the White House in 2016.

You can ignore this letter, but what’s in this letter might help win you the election.

I have discovered a way to create five million new jobs, reduce this country’s dependence on oil by well over three million barrels a day, reduce costs of electricity in the 11 western states by as much as 50%, create a real estate bonanza in America’s depressed Southwest, reduce Medicare costs by an admitted $30 billion, turn electric cars into the practical option for even a hundred million people and finally, clean up the worst environmental disaster in this nation today.

You can do it all of this at no cost to the US government. Further, you can have it all completed before the end of your second term as president.

To win this election you need to cut the far left crazies off at the knees. You need to expose them as all talk and no action with decades of do-nothing promises. This document shows you how to squash the liberals and turn millions of union workers to your cause and actually save this nation in the process.

Your own experts can verify everything in this document.

  1. Clean up 383 square miles of America so toxic they make Love Canal look like a nature preserve.
  2. Save millions of Americans from looming medical costs admitted to exceed 30 billion dollars.
  3. Cut our need for oil by three million barrels a day.
  4. Turn America’s Southwest into a vast clean energy industrial zone.
  5. Create more than five million new jobs in less than five years.
  6. Create a real estate boom not seen since the railroads were given free land under the Pacific Railroad Acts of the 1860s.
  7. Reduce the cost of electricity from area highs of 35 cents a KWH to even less than 10 cents a KWH.
  8. Create a massive clean energy car sales boom — turning those monstrosities from bizarre political statements into the lowest cost / most popular choice for all.
  9. Provide massive, clean waterways for migratory birds.

Lastly, all of America can invest in the project one small subsystem at a time. This is important because it drains the “environmentalists” and the left of their funding sources.


California’s power companies have committed $30 billion to replace nuclear power plants with renewable energy sources. Volkswagen has agreed under court order to contribute $5 billion to fund electric auto recharging stations. Billions more are to be spent to expand the present Southwestern power grid to support renewable sources. The land to be used for this project is now under thirty feet of toxic chemicals and sewage that is now to be “removed” at taxpayer expense. California sees a downside of $2.5 billion and governments always underestimate the problem.

Just getting access to that 383 square miles with no property taxes would alone make this the most profitable energy system ever created.

Death to all who venture there

There are 383 square miles of California that exude such toxicity that each square mile is a threat to every man, woman, and child downwind from it and it’s agreed that will soon cost the US taxpayer more than $30 billion just in medical costs alone.

The area is so toxic that when the wind is right, the stench puts people into a gag reflex as far away as Los Angeles (see New York Times article attached).

The area is called the Salton Sea and was a human mistake 100 years ago and today as it shrinks, the vile effluent drying in the desert sun drifts eastwards hundreds of miles as a fine poisonous dust.

The Salton Sea is filled daily by flows of chemical effluent from the tens of thousands of acres of agricultural runoff from nearby fields. There isn’t enough effluent flowing in and so the sea is shrinking.

As more of the water evaporates more shoreline is exposed and tens of thousands of tons (not a misprint nor exaggeration) of poisonous dust are carried away on the wind.

Please note the attached documentation

Cleaning up that 383 square miles and using it as the base for the largest solar array on this planet will provide all of the Southwest’s electrical needs for a hundred years or more.

The electric power from this project could actually power the entire United States. It is only the long electrical transmission lines and their line losses that make that not cost effective today. As superconducting power transmission technology becomes more cost effective then this facility might well power nearly all of America.

Normal solar panels just won’t work

This project is far more advanced than anything ever implemented before. The effluent must be dried and turned into glass. The solar panels must be mounted upon that glass surface and track the sun from dawn to dusk. The solar panels must withstand everything man and nature can think of for over 100 years.

What I Have Done

I have found a way to convert the Salton Sea into a clean, solid, solar array platform. I have found a way to create a solar array that will last more than 100 years.

Circle the Salton Sea

I have discovered a way to slowly circle the Salton Sea with a machine that focuses solar energy on a small footprint and then converts that ground into hard sintered glass.

As the Salton Sea continues to evaporate and shrink, the machine just continues in a spiral around the Salton Sea’s edge and sinters the “beach” into glass to a depth of four to six inches that is harder than reinforced concrete.

You finish with 383 square miles of clean solid land that never existed before and which is perfect for the installation of solar arrays.

If this existing surface is not solidified very soon, its blowing toxic dust will hospitalize hundreds of thousands of people even 500 miles away.

The machine consists of three 40 ft. wheeled platforms mounted with directional mirror arrays. The concentrated sunlight from these three mirror arrays is focused onto one square foot of beach surface.

The machine is powered with solar panels and driven with electric motors and moves at one half mile per hour. The machine operates only five or six hours a day when the sun is most effective. The machine operates some great distance from population centers and so the crew lives on board. You will need ten such machines.


When completed, the agricultural runoff now flowing into the Salton Sea can be processed into potable water and the toxic sludge converted to hard bricks. There will then be sufficient water to provide landing ponds for the birds now using the Salton Sea as part of their flyway.

The Solar Array

The desert is an inhospitable place. Vandalism and sand storms are but two common dangers. The only PV array that can survive such an environment is a multi-sun tracking array with front surface hard coated steel mirrors.

Most engineers look at a 25 year system life. That is just not rational in this case. This solar array will last far more than100 years. The mirrors must survive hundreds of sand storms and even tens of thousands of bullet strikes.

The tracking system is incredibly primitive and will easily last 100 years. If you do the math, you find that such a tracking system only “rotates” in 100 years as much as a standard electric fan rotates in ten minutes. The problem is not the mechanical wear of its internal parts. It is the survivability of the machine’s exterior case.

Each array would be equipped with its own dedicated battery so that each is a complete system in and of itself.

Bottom Line

You can take the largest toxic dump on this planet and turn it into a clean energy factory and in the process, save hundreds of thousands of people from grave medical conditions (and the government 30 billion dollars for their medical care).

The government is looking for a solution, and with them, someone else is always to blame.

No one seems to have a clue what to do about the Salton Sea.

I have now shown you how to flip this catastrophe upside down, generate billions for your companies, and fix this mess for America.

To make this happen you will need experts to confirm what I propose. I suggest you use engineers from a company large enough to do the job. A Boeing or a Lockheed Martin would be ideal. Of course, there is far more to this project than I have covered in these few pages.

The project is a National Security Priority and any people to be made completely aware of its details should have TS clearance.

Robert Beken, San Diego

PS: I worked on Apollo 17 — the last manned mission to the moon. I may never live to see this project to completion. I can only do my part to help you make it happen and to get you elected. I’ve opened a doorway to victory for you that you never knew existed.

Let’s get this done.