Letter: No excuses for men who forced landing (September 3, 2015)

The six “youths” who caused a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago to land in Amarillo, Texas, (“Six S.D. men held in Texas after flight get bail,” Sept. 3) are “The New America.”

No matter what they did, the leader of their “community” in San Diego stated the community intends to “wholeheartedly stand behind these young men moving forward.”

With Cho Hyun-ah, who ordered a plane back to the gate when her nuts weren’t in a bowl, authorities gave her a full year in the slammer, and wanted to hand her three years.

Forcing an aircraft full of passengers to do an emergency landing 1,000 miles from its destination is in another league and the federal penalty of 20 years isn’t enough.

Robert Beken, San Diego