Letter: A library takes shapes (May 8, 2010)

Your editorial was a whitewash of reality.

We could hand every one of the 2,800 students living downtown a new computer every three years and the total cost to the city would be less than the $20 million some idiot wants to spend inserting a school in the middle of that grotesque monolith.

In the case of this “school in a library,” state seismic safety requirements for schools are to be ignored completely. Building a safe place for these children would cost too much, so the school to be built is a charter school, which does not need to be a safe haven.

Lastly, with San Diego bouncing close to bankruptcy on a weekly basis, the last thing we need to do is take $200 million worth of possible commercial site construction off the tax rolls.

Essentially San Diego is to build a monument to downtown’s homeless and unwashed and something that will look like the survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bomb and put children at risk in a structure that does not meet California school building codes. All this to provide computers to children who already own them.

Robert Beken, San Diego