Some say that America’s corruption by “The New World Order” is a recent occurrence.

That’s not true.

As far back as 1885 the “The New World Order” was at work destroying the great America our Founding Fathers had created. In 1885 the Emma Lazarus poem “The New Colossus” was used by the forces of evil to pervert the meaning of the Statue of Liberty.

The Italian artist who designed the Statue of Liberty and the French government that gave us the Statue of Liberty and the American government that accepted the Statue of Liberty all said that its meaning was: “To ignite a fervor for Liberty around the world.” Its original name was “Liberty Enlightening The World.”

The Lazarus poem perverted the meaning of our Statue of Liberty into the “Mother of Exiles” and with a new and evil purpose — to lure the world’s human trash to America’s shores:

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles.

From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

”Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. ”Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest-post to me …

Webster’s defines the word “refuse” as: “the worthless or useless part, leavings, trash.”

The Lazarus poem has been pounded into our collective psyche for 100 years. And this one piece of poetic evil has been used as a wedge to crack America wide open — and then to fill it with tens of millions of criminals, failures, and genetic defectives that now poison our culture, our land and our people.

This single piece of “The New World Order” propaganda has done more to corrupt and destroy America — and in fewer words — than anything else ever written. It is “The New World Order’s” main weapon to mongrelize — and then conquer — America.

The Lazarus poem has been used as the central theme of every piece of propaganda to justify laws permitting the huge immigration surges of the early 1900’s and of every one of America’s immigration laws passed since then.

As a response to this travesty, Thomas Bailey Aldridge wrote “Unguarded Stand Our Gates,” which can be found at the front of this book. You must decide which poem represents the true spirit of this country.

But why is immigration such an important tool in the destruction of America?

“The New World Order” is not completely secret, unified, coherent or closely controlled. Sometimes their true intentions are inadvertently exposed. And they have actually explained in the open press how immigration is to be used to destroy and enslave a people.

In March, 1945, Columbia University President Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler talked sadly of it taking generations for a people’s “mind” to be “purged of the evil effects of [a dedicated] spirit’.”

The optimum methods for corrupting and perverting a society were discussed and a detailed solution presented a month later by Harvard University anthropologist Dr. Ernest A. Hooten who wrote: “To convert or re-educate [a people] is impossible.” Hooten then said:

“The only alternative is to dilute [their] stock, adulterate their [bloodline] and destroy the national framework by a process of outbreeding … Under this method I would do this: Send them the Czechs and others who would settle and intermingle with the people.”

How could these educated and determined people be so foolish as to reveal “The New World Order’s” true intentions and methods? That’s easy — they were excitedly telling us how they planned to destroy Nazi Germany.


We have been taught that the atomic bomb was the ultimate weapon used in World War Two. That is not true. The ultimate weapon of World War Two was the “Weapon of Genetic Mass Destruction” we used against Germany. Japan has recovered completely and was genetically untouched by World War Two. Germany, on the other hand, will never recover.

It is interesting to note that it was only at this time of victory over “The New World Order’s” main threat — Nazi Germany — that these “revered” educators published their plans in SEE, April, 1945 (pages 36 and 37).

Certainly, even the true purposes of World War Two come into question when we review the front page of a Smithsonian Institution publication for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Smithsonian quotes Richard Cohen of the Washington Post who wrote in the spring of 1992: “The reasons for the conflict, he writes, become obscure, “a threat to an empire that is now gone anyway, a challenge to a principle that no one now cares about, an upsetting of a balance that, once it was upset, turned out not to have mattered.” The dead perished “for something that didn’t matter then and certainly doesn’t now.” This may be found on page #1 of the Smithsonian Collection of Recordings (Felix C. Lowe, Director) booklet for their “We’ll Meet Again” World War Two loves songs collection (RD 100 MSD2M-35384 MSDR-35384).

And it was only while America was distracted by its victory over Germany and Japan that the Lazarus poem was quietly “immortalized” — in bronze — above the Statue of Liberty’s main entrance. And at that instant it was as if a poisoned stake had been thrust into America’s heart.

The Lazarus poem is, today, held as an equal to the Statue of Liberty itself and the Statue’s real meaning has been corrupted, perverted and smothered in the self-serving propaganda of “The New World Order.”

So in today’s America we have the “strength” of diversity and the “richness” of multi-culturalism. “The New World Order’s” Presidential Puppet bragged that he has increased INS funding almost three fold (to over $171 million from $67 million) and we think he funded border protection. It’s just not so. The additional funds were used to process immigration applications — to expedite the admission of millions more Third World immigrants into America.

President Clinton confirmed “The New World Order’s” plans for America in a speech in he gave in San Diego on June 17, 1997:

“Our Statue of Liberty welcomes poor, tired, huddled masses of immigrants to our borders …

“Today, the state of Hawaii … has no majority racial or ethnic group. Within the next three years, here in California no single race or ethnic group will make up a majority of the state’s population … A half-century from now … there will be no majority race in America. “

The National Academy of Sciences has warned that immigration will increase the population of the United States by fifty percent over the next fifty years — to 387 million. Further, in its entire history the United States has never accepted as many legal (or illegal) immigrants as it does today. Lastly, these immigrants have far lower levels of education and marketable skills than do native born Americans.

The nation is being outbred to become part of the third world.

“The New World Order” tells us that genetic heritage makes no difference whatsoever — and yet they tell us to use genetics as a tool to destroy a people and a national spirit.

President Clinton confirmed the obvious on July 14,1997 in a White House press release on genetics. “The remarkable strides that we have made in genetic research and testing are so important to every American family … We are … discovering … the propensity for it … to … lead to certain forms of … human behavior.” Clinton admitted this obvious reality because he made it illegal for Americans to discriminate on the basis of someone’s genetics!

In 1776 America was 97% white. In 1964 America was 88% white. In 1996 America was only 60% white. Just thirty-two years and what a change.

The INS has even opened the immigration gates to the starkly retarded and the hopelessly incapable. You can now become a citizen of the United States even if you can’t speak English at all or demonstrate any understanding of the way our government works — or even acknowledge that we have a Constitution.

According to Mr. Terence O’Reilly of the Immigration and Naturalization Service you now need only demonstrate a “significant mental, physical or developmental disability.” This means that you can become a citizen of the United States of America even if you were brought here with your eyes rolled up in your head and fed through a tube in your stomach. Today you need only be able to mumble the Oath of Allegiance — and you get to pick the language.

Several “Immigrant’s Rights” groups say that even mumbling the Oath of Allegiance is just too much for these people to be expected to do — that many of their “clients” have “extreme pedagogical difficulties” in meeting even this basic requirement.

But certainly, your first stop after naturalization will be the local Social Security or welfare office.

There are more than 500,000 of these “immigrants” now receiving SSI from the United States Government. Each of these recipients swore an oath that upon entering the United States they would not go on welfare. These people are now getting as much as $1,300 per month and their numbers are increasing rapidly.

We are not talking about people who come here and are run over by a truck and wind up disabled and can then only be stored in a rest home until they die. We are talking about people who came here with the sole intent of going on the government dole.

How much are they costing us?

According to Representative Philip Crane: “Over the next ten years it’s going to cost the American taxpayers, working Americans, over 380 billion dollars in increased taxes. It was never understood by our ancestors when they came to these shores that you came to the United States for a free ride.”

We are becoming the “Nursing Home of The World” and our government says “Send us more!”

Of course, it is now also a federal offense to require these people to speak English — even if they had a job. Ohio University economist Lowell Galloway estimates that the lack of English fluency among this group costs us $40 billion a year.

The federal government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed language discrimination lawsuits against 32 employers who have asked their employees to speak English while on the job. One of the places the EEOC deemed use of a common language was discrimination was the American Red Cross Infectious Disease Laboratory in Rockville, Maryland.

In today’s America being a murderer or a pedophile will have little affect on your status as an acceptable immigrant refugee. According to a State Department representative interviewed on the national television program 60 Minutes, “they are factors of concern [but] under the law they are not factors of refugee admission.”

What else did the State Department representative tell 20 million viewers?

“The Statue of Liberty does say give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses … To the State Department the only issue is their [the refugee’s] fear of persecution.”

When the former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (and former Governor of Mississippi as well as the man who was in charge of Clinton’s official 50th birthday party) The Honorable Ray Mavis was asked on this same program whether this was in fact the State Department’s policy he said:

“It is …”

The United States has taken 15,000 traitors, criminals and pedophiles from one Iraqi refugee camp (Rhafa) alone. North Dakota has already arrested some of these “immigrants” for such crimes as multiple rapes of 12 year old children.

These “people” are being scattered as far as Tennessee and Texas. And a person who has been admitted to the United States as a refugee and then commits a crime — even a felony — will not be deported.

The United States Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalization Service provides “100 Typical Questions” as a quide to non-citizens so that they can prepare themselves for their interview prior to naturalization. Your future U.S. citizenship can be held ransom to your answers. The INS document number is: WR-709 2211 7/30/93.

Question #82 is: “Name one purpose of the United Nations?” Why is knowing about the United Nations essential to becoming a U.S. Citizen?

Question #86 is startling in its revelation about our New America: “Name one benefit of being a citizen of the United States? The answers (three) the INS provides are: “Obtain federal government jobs; Travel with a U.S. Passport; Petition for close relatives to come to the U.S. to live.

It is only when we get all the way to question #87 that a citizen’s right to vote is discussed.

Columbia President Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler and Harvard’s Dr. Ernest A. Hooten lived to see their plans succeed. Today’s Germany has the most liberal immigration policies in the world — followed by Denmark, Switzerland and England.

How bad is it in Germany?

The German people are very nearly destroyed. Men from small German villages no longer seek out blond haired, blue eyed women for marriage. Now these men actually travel as far as Jamaica and Thailand — and return with nice short brown women to bear them children. German women seek out dark, mysterious, fascinating men of color to marry — often times encouraged by the man’s family who know that they all can become permanent German residents if their Turkish son marries the girl.

Berlin, Germany, is now the second largest Turkish city in the world. There are more Turkish nationals in Berlin than in any other city in the entire world except Istanbul. Yes, Berlin has more Turkish citizens than does Turkey’s second largest city — and capital — Ankara.

According to the Wall Street Journal, twice as many “immigrants” live in Germany as in all of the rest of Europe combined. More than 200,000 immigrants are admitted into Germany every year — just from Kazakhstan! Germany has taken in more than 400,000 aliens from Yugoslavia. Chancellor Helmut Kohl publicly admited that Germany is an “immigrant nation.”

This rate of immigration continues even while more than 17% of the old East Germany’s workforce is unemployed and more than 90 billion dollars must be spent each year to stave off starvation — or revolution — in the eastern half of the country.

Even small countries like Belgium are not immune from this plague. More than 50% of all births in Belgium’s capital — Brussels — are to Arab mothers.

Jean Marie Domenach said in 1991 that there “is a fear growing all across Europe of a Muslim community that cuts across European lines, sort of a thirteenth nation of the European Community.”

There is no better “test tube” in which we can see the incontrovertible evidence of even the early effects of reckless immigration policies and “outbreeding” than Denmark. Denmark’s immigration policies were only corrupted in 1990. In 1990 there was no crime in Denmark. There was no graffiti. And Denmark’s cities were the cleanest in the entire world.

And too, for at least 50 years the people of Norway, Sweden and Denmark quietly removed the genetically inferior from their gene pools through sterilization. This was stopped in 1976 — and now they all are on the way to genetic destruction.

Today — with the recent importation of just tens of thousands of “wretched refuse” — Turks, Iranians, Iraqi’s and Koreans — Denmark is already becoming a squalid dump of crime, graffiti and filth. Copenhagen now looks like any north eastern American city of equal size.

And the Crown Prince of Denmark married a Chinese. Now named Princess Alexandra, she entered one of Europe’s oldest monarchies, and is the first Asian to marry into a sitting royal family of Europe.

The situation in England is far worse and the effect has been quite disastrous. Metropolitan England is today only 40% British, with 20% mixed race (i.e. British/Black, British/Arab, British/ Asian, etc.) and 40% foreign. England now has a lower growth rate than Ireland — a country known only for its potatoes, poets and whisky-soaked terrorists.

The western world is being destroyed. Year after year after year the gene pool of Europe and America is being diluted.

We must also understand that immigration is a self-reinforcing process. Myron Weiner, in his book Global Migration Crisis states “If there is a single law in migration, it is that a migration flow, once begun, induces its own flow. Migrants enable their friends and relatives back home to migrate by providing them with information about how to migrate, resources to facilitate movement, and assistance in finding … housing.”

If “The New World Order” wasn’t actually targeting the world’s whites for destruction then we would see efforts to blend-the-bloodlines in such alluring places as Indonesia and central Africa. But we do not. Their’s is not a plan of global gene blending. Their’s is a plan to flood Europe and America with the refuse of the world — to stamp out the spark of intellect and creativity that has blossomed in these lands.

America is the main enemy of “The New World Order.”

A simple but accurate indicator of the level of our current contamination is our country’s level of violent crime — when listed by race. Race means one thing to most Americans and quite a different thing to the government. The government lists most crime by such categories as: “Other,” Asian, Negro, American Indian and White.

We need to put America’s crime rate into perspective. “White America’s” most violent era in all of our history was during Prohibition — when gangsters like Al Capone “ravaged the land” with submachine guns. The most violent place in America at that time was Chicago, Illinois, which was home to Al Capone. The murder rate for the entire city of Chicago at the height of the gangster era — 1932 — was 365 murders per year.

In today’s America, Mexicans in a single Los Angeles ghetto murder more people than that every year!

Federal crime statistics do not differentiate between Northern Europeans and people most of us would have a hard time describing as “white.” In fact, most federal crime statistics actually toss Mexicans in with Whites. This should be expected — our government does not want the American people to discover the truth. We should feel lucky — Canadian crime statistics are not recorded specifying any race at all.

The FBI began logging murder rates in 1961 under the Supplemental Homicide Reporting Program (SHR). The SHR is part of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

By using the FBI’s crime statistics and various state and local statistics we can separate the Mexican’s murder content and look at the crime rate of just “Whites.” These numbers are still misleading because we still cannot separate Northern Europeans from other groups — including those of the Lavant — the Iranians, Kurds, Iraqi’s — or the Armenians, Georgians, Chechins, Turks, or the North Africans or even the Pacific Islanders! The FBI also admits that their data is only about 95% accurate.

It is very important that we also understand that the criminal acts of criminals under the age of 18 are usually not included in FBI statistics — even though more than 20% of all violent crime is perpetrated by children under the age of 18. There may be a conscious effort to hide these numbers on the part of the FBI because 88% of all early teen violence irrefutably falls under their “non-White” classification.

Let’s look at fifteen years of America’s convicted murderers:

Convicted Murderers

Year “White” Total
1980 5,550 19,240
1981 5,664 19,242
1982 5,365 17,797
1983 5,035 16,427
1984 5,023 15,754
1985 4,990 16,165
1986 5,232 17,497
1987 4,979 16,693
1988 4,865 17,546
1989 5,062 18,332
1990 5,680 20,530
1991 5,394 20,900
1992 4,985 19,586
1993 5,154 20,640
1994 5,086 20,122
Total 78,064 276,471

We must remember that the table above is of convicted murderers — not numbers of dead victims. These data are the FBI’s and the most accurate available. For every murder conviction there had to have been at least one victim.

We also must keep in mind the fact that more non-Whites escape arrest than do Whites. Whites typically have homes, families, jobs, and are therefore much easier to track down, arrest and convict. The FBI admits that in 1964 (when the country was White) the conviction rate for murder in this county was over 92% while in today’s beige society it hovers around 68%.

But again, even this “White” conviction rate is adulterated by the inclusion of various non-Europeans.

To put this all into perspective — and using even these corrupted statistics — we can see that more people are actually killed every year while walking at the side of America’s freeways (about 6,100) than are killed by “White” Americans. Far more people commit suicide in America every year (about 7,200) than are killed by “White” Americans.

There really are hyper-violent Non-European “white” races in America — Iranians, Kurds, Iraqi’s, Armenians, Georgians, Chechins, Turks, North Africans and Pacific Islanders. Their immigrant populations total in the tens of millions and they have a significant impact on present day crime statistics.

There are even more than seven million Muslims in America today. We need only look at the absolute unbridled barbarity of these people to understand their threat to our safety.

We all know of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Rome. Certainly, we would all consider this to be the home of much of Christendom’s historic faith in God. How much violence has there been during religious gatherings at this focal point of Christian Faith?


None — unless we stretch things a bit and include Pope John Paul’s near death at the hands of a pistol-wielding Turk. A Muslim at that!

Now let’s look at Mecca — the center of Islam’s Faith. Mecca is the holiest city in all of the Muslim world. It is an act of supreme faith to make the great pilgrimage from one’s home to Mecca. It is thought of as the culmination of one’s efforts to prepare to meet God. For the Muslim it is a “Sublime act of complete surrender to the Supreme Will of a merciful God.” Having travelled to Mecca the faithful may add “Haji” before their name — and carry this title with them to the grave.

In just ten years alone more than 2,099 have been killed and untold thousands wounded in violence at Mecca — Islam’s Holiest of religious sites (July 31, 1987, 402 dead; July 9, 1989, one dead; July 2, 1990 1,426, dead; May 23, 1994 270, dead).

When these people even wantonly murder each other by the thousands — in their holiest of places — how can we be safe with millions of them on the streets of America?

More and more of these violent people of the Lavant and the east are being allowed to immigrate to America.

Politics makes it quite difficult to get accurate immigration data from the U.S. Government as to how exactly many there are and exactly where they are settling. One reasonably good indicator of the growing presence of these violent new minorities in our communities is the increased sale of their native foodstuffs — especially if we can limit the set of indicators to food items on the whole so repulsive to Europeans that the measure can be considered valid.

One such indicator is goat meat. This is a food that, today, is eaten only by the people of the Lavant and eastwards — on through to Chechnya. Most Americans consider the eating of goat meat something almost akin to eating dog — disgusting — especially when one tries to think of warmed goat intestine as a delicacy. American goat meat production has increased twenty fold in the last five years and is insufficient to meet the demand.

The magnitude of the migrations of Vietnamese, Laotians, Hmong, Nung, Chinese and Koreans to America has been another well kept secret. The first sign that they arrived in any numbers was the virtual disappearance of White American’s family pets in neighborhoods across America. Dogs and cats are considered a delicacy to these immigrants. In California, the situation became so serious that laws were passed to make it illegal to eat pets.

During the 1970’s and 80’s these immigrants flooded into California — and telephone and cable TV repair crews commented on the backyard sights, sounds and smells of these “immigrant communities.” The crews told of seeing yapping dogs tied to stakes, rotting carcasses and the gray-white rib cages of past meals.

And the situation is getting worse not better.

A Korean — Cho Yong-sop — recently opened a string of franchised family restaurants. These restaurants specialize in dog. “I am confident my business will succeed big time. Millions of Koreans enjoy dog meat” he says. There are 20,000 dog meat stores in Korea.

“I love dog meat. It is sweeter and softer than beef or pork,” says Oh In-suh. “When sweltering summer sets in, I go to the market and buy a dog. My wife boils it for a whole day in a big pot and we eat the meat with sprinkles of salt.”

Most Asians love the tenderness of dog. Koreans have prized dog meat for most of their recorded history. The traditional Korean calendar even has three “bok-nal” or “days when men eat dogs.”

Thanks to America’s new-found political correctness, Korea has allowed these restaurants to suddenly flourish.

There are now dog-meat restaurants in Korean immigrant communities all across America. These people are now returning to the ways of their homeland — and destroying America in the process.

Certainly, too, there are great numbers of Pacific Islanders in the United States as well. In fact, there are more Samoans in the U.S. than there are in Samoa!

We all have an idea of Pacific Islanders as buxom damsels in grass skirts seductively swaying their hips. Many of us have enjoyed the motion picture musical South Pacific and have been biased in favor of these beautiful brown skinned peoples.

In that film there is a song that tells us how “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” and the song teaches us about the goodness of mankind and that different people should feel like one people and be free to intermarry.

The reality is somewhat alien to the romantic image. Have you ever heard of the “Boogey Man”? Well, he exists. He is not a creature of your mother’s imagination to keep you quiet at night. The Bugis live on various islands in the South Pacific. They are a violent people. Most of us might not consider human skulls as bedroom necessities but the Bugis do. The Bugis use human skulls as pillows.

We must understand that these peoples are not exceptions — most of the Pacific is populated with islanders exhibiting equally “unusual” traits.

But it really does get worse. Bugis mothers have their own “Boogey Man” to keep their children in line. The Bugis’ nightmare is personified by various tribes of other islands of the South Pacific including — but not limited to — the tribes of the Fore’.

Here’s an excerpt from a description of the Fore’ — one of many, many tribes of primitives living in the lush green tropical South Pacific who truly enjoy having dinner with their relatives. Their standard greeting of friendship is “I eat you.” The following excerpt is a discussion of the nocturnal activities of these Pacific Islanders from page 22 of Deadly Feasts by Richard Rhodes:

“Down in the garden in the flaring firelight, the dead woman’s daughters ringed her wrists and ankles, sawed through the tough cartilage, disjointed the bones and passed the wrinkled dark hands and splayed feet to her brother’s wife and the wife of her sister’s son. Slitting the skin of the arms and legs, the daughters stripped out muscle, distributing it in dripping chunks to kin and friends among the eager crowd of women. They opened the woman’s chest and slack belly and the smell of death wafted among the sweet-potato vines. Out came the heavy purple liver, the small green sac of the gallbladder cut carefully away from the underside and its bitterness discarded. Out came the dark red heart gory with clotting blood. Out came the looping coils of intestines, dully shining. Even the feces would be eaten, mixed with edible ferns and cooked in banana leaves.”

Yes, the message of the movie South Pacific is absolutely right — we must be carefully taught to want to carry the genes of these people into our civilized world. To even kiss some “island maiden” — knowing that her family’s cemetery is her stomach — we will have to be very carefully taught.

And, today, we are.

Certainly, “The New World Order” has tried to quash knowledge of modern day cannibalism among brown peoples of the world. In 1979, Dr. Walter Arens wrote a propagandistic reference work on the “myth” of cannibalism. He spent hundreds of pages trying to convince us all that there was no proof that any acts of society-approved cannibalism ever happened and even the 1962 death by cannibals of Michael Rockefeller — who was the heir to the Rockefeller fortune — was ignored by him.

Just because a population use telephones, credit cards and wear western clothes does not make them civilized. And so cannibalism has now been commercialized!

Communist Chinese hospitals do a thriving business selling aborted human fetuses. The going price is $1.50. They are sold to Chinese women as far away as Hong Kong to aid in improving one’s complexion. They are made into what’s been described as a flavorful soup. Don’t believe it? Ask your Congressman. There have been several quiet Congressional investigations.

The are even cannibals in Australia. One lawmaker in Australia has said “I am fed up with political correctness!” Pauline Hanson — an Independent party member — has even written a book “Pauline Hanson: The Truth” and gone into the gory details about how Asians and Aborigines are sending Australia over a multi-cultural cliff and into a swamp of beige violence.

She has also warned her countrymen that by the middle of the next century the president of Australia will be “Poona Li Hung, “ a “lesbian of Indian and Chinese background.” Her critics have not said that her statements were untrue — only that her statements are “jeopardizing our $46 billion export trade with Asia.”

Australia’s cannibals? Pauline Hanson admits publicly what has been known for hundreds of years — that Aborigines are cannibals who eat their elderly and their sick children.

All of these Pacific Peoples — including Aborignies — are combined in U.S. crime statistics under “White.”

How damaging are non-Whites to America?

Using U.S. crime statistics for non-Whites we see some terrifying data. Non-Whites have killed and maimed more people right here in America in the twenty — some years since the end of the Vietnam War than have been killed by all of America’s enemies in all of America’s foreign wars.

In just the last twenty years non-Whites have killed and maimed more people right here in America than were killed and maimed by our enemies in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican Wars, the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, both World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and Clinton’s Somalia, Haitian and Bosnian fiasco’s combined.

But there is one terrifying element missing from this chilling statistic. Modern American medical care saved most of the victims these “people” tried to kill.

The more than 20,000 men, women and children who are actually murdered in America by non-Whites every year were simply the unlucky 10% of their victims who were too far gone for modern medical care to save or who could not to be reached in time. This reality is calculated from the numbers of convictions for attempted murder, assault and mayhem.

Prior to the creation (about 1973) of hospital trauma care centers, advanced transportation systems and emergency medical technician training, about 70% of their victims would have died. So it is only because we in America can spend an average of $15,000 a day in advanced technology on each of the victims that the number of deaths is so incredibly low.

When we remove the life saving benefits of this advanced medical technology — when we put their violence into a “Third World” medical system — the murderous brutality of the non-White becomes absolutely “Rwandan.” Without our advanced technology the last twenty years would have had them killing more people than have died in all of America’s wars — plus the Civil War’s 150,000 dead and with tens of thousands of bodies to spare — not in twenty years — but every single year.

Let’s return to the example of Chicago of 1932 and the gangster Al Capone. In 1932 we did not have CPR, blood typing, blood transfusions, CAT scans, MRIs, most surgical instruments, lasers, most anesthetics (more than an hour under anesthetic and you died), sterile operating rooms or even antibiotics! Today’s medical systems would have reduced 1932 Chicago’s murder rate from 365 dead to something like 36.

A final medical statistic. Today, America spends more on emergency medical care every year just to try to save these victims of street violence — than is spent by all of the rest of the world’s hospital emergency trauma facilities to save everyone else on earth — whatever their reason for needing medical care — combined.

To return to the documented catastrophe of America: Non-Whites have killed over 300,000 and maimed more millions of Americans in just the last twenty years and the White European American has done nothing.

Well, that is not absolutely true. White European Americans have mortgaged their country in federal debt to provide five trillion dollars of welfare — which has done nothing but breed more violence.

“The New World Order” is using these people as a Genetic Weapon of Mass Destruction to create a violent, mongrelized stone-age society. And “The New World Order” is creating that violent, mongrelized, stone-age society right here in America.

Outbreeding is but one weapon of “The New World Order” in its destruction of America and its destruction of any country or people posing a threat to “The New World Order’s” domination.

Concomitant with this outbreeding they must lower society’s morals — so that our children will accept such third world activities as dogs-for-dinner, cannibalism, drugs, rampant illicit sex, homosexuality, pedophilia and more.

America’s real moral decline commenced with the publication of the now famous two volume set of books on human sexuality written by Kinsey. Kinsey had no training in sex research or even statistics and in fact had only studied moths. Kinsey was immediately acknowledged by “The New World Order” as the world’s leading sex researcher.

Much of this “breakthrough” analysis of America’s sexual morality had actually been written to present Kinsey’s own personal view of how he thought things should be and not how they really were — in other words — the research was a fraud. The data had been collected not from average Americans but even from pedophiles. For example, Kinsey’s discussion of pre-pubescent male sexuality — and how male children of age four or younger enjoyed being fondled — actually had come from a middle-aged pedophile and his experiences with more than three hundred infant children.

It is from Kinsey’s research that the media gets the “proof” that there is a difference between America’s public and private morality. The sexual interests of third world peoples are made acceptable by saying that most Americans really do the same things in private.

Homosexual rights groups have learned quite a bit in the fifty years since Kinsey’s propaganda was published. Many town councils have passed laws that make it a hate crime to even discuss the morality of homosexuality in a public forum. Homosexuality is now as sacred as the Holocaust. Homosexuality is a truth, a culture, a way of life.

The destruction of our morals is lead not by movies and television but by advertising. According to Bob Garfield, who writes for Advertising Age, there’s no question that perversion is pervasive. He believes this shift is partly driven by such ads as the Calvin Klein spots designed to resemble porno movies with underage druggies pushing underwear, and the Benetton’s campaign featuring AIDS carriers. One recent Benetton billboard advertisement showed nothing but a white mare being mounted by a black stallion.

The name for this phenomenon is “Perv Chic.”

According to Mary Ann Grossmann and Chris Hewitt — both writers for Knight-Ridder Newspapers — Vanity Fair and even The New Yorker relentlessly push Perv Chic.

We can now look at our motion picture and television entertainment to see how well this perversion has been entrenched. America’s motion picture and television industry is composed of only 5,000 key people. It is a closed industry. “The New World Order” controls it.

Modern motion picture themes include Samuel Goldwyn Entertainment Co.’s fascinating movie “Kissed.”

The San Diego Union — the sixth largest newspaper in the United States — questioned whether the heroine’s activities in “Kissed” were “pathological or empowering” and whether “the whole situation was kind of funny or kind of poetic or kind of both.” That the heroine “is a woman who knows what she wants, and just because society may not approve of her sex partners doesn’t mean she’s going to wig out about it.” Lastly, that the cinematographer “had turned [the heroine’s encounters] into rapt rituals, complete with heavenly light and a benediction ballet.”

The movie “Kissed” is about a woman embalmer who has sex with embalmed male corpses.

The advertising, music and motion pictures of a society are a mirror of that society. Russell Nye noted in The Unembarrased Muse (1970), a history of the arts of America, that the media “is free of corrective influences … [and] confirms the experience of the majority … [and] corroborates … values and attitudes already familar to [the] audience.”

We are being pushed into a morass of depravity — and “The New World Order” tells us it’s entertainment.

Then too, our institutions of higher learning must also be corrupted.

The Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University is a Negro — and an avowed homosexual — named Richard J. Gomes who once said “Coming out (here at Harvard) as being a homosexual was easier than admitting that I was a Republican.” Mr. Gomes went to Harvard Divinity School and then became Pastor of the Memorial Church at Harvard.

But even this is not enough.

According to the Associated Press on July 12, 1997 Hawaii’s Governor Ben Cayetano signed into law a bill that gives full medical benefits and state pensions to any two adults who can’t legally marry. According to this new law couples don’t even have to know each other, live together, or be state residents to receive benefits. According to Dan Foley, who represents three homosexual couples suing the state for the right to marry, “It’s the broadest recognition of un-traditional marriage ever.”

Part of the Democratic Platform of 1996 was time off from work when your pet gets sick. The law was already on the books to allow time off for an illness of spouse or “domestic partner.” This was only the next logical step. Yes, pets are “domestic” — meaning sexual — partners in some communities and this is exactly why it was part of the Democratic platform.

Hillary Clinton’s “All you need to make a family is love” has taken on a whole new meaning with multi-culturalism extended to include pets. While it is not yet legal per-se, it is now considered acceptable to co-habitate with your pet — and more — so long as the pet seems to be the one desirous of the “loving relationship.” There really are parts of America where these “relationships” are no more frowned upon today than were mixed-race marriages of 30 years ago. A certain rock stars’ public displays of affection for small children and various animal species were only a little bit ahead of their time.

America has also become the home to “Lesbian Free Love.” The desert recreation resort of the stars — Palm Springs, California — has been a secret lesbian love-nest for many years. But thanks to Bill and Hillary and according to Mariah Hanson, a spokesperson for one lesbian organization, Palm Springs has become home to the largest lesbian party in America — the Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Tourney. During the tourney, more than 20,000 lesbians can be seen frolicking around the town — thousands in nothing more than bikinis — some drunkenly fondling and caressing each other. Their “non-sports related events” even make national network television.

Re-defining morality is a slippery slope and once the barriers are removed society’s slide downwards does nothing but gain speed.

In “The World According To Hillary” even incest takes on a positive air. A popular newspaper “help” column printed a letter from a woman — aged sixty — who was widowed and who had invited her 65 year old brother to live with her. She admitted to the columnist that she “enjoyed” her brother. Compared to pedophilia, homosexuality and sex with the dead, this relationship seems almost “Disney-like” in character.

Sodom and Gomorra on amphetamines — and AZT.

For “The New World Order” to succeed in its process of “White Mongrelization” there must also be a “World Governance.”

On March 7th, 1997 during a White House news conference President Clinton was asked:

Question: “We have a very great problem in this country today. Large segments of our citizens believe that the United Nations is taking over. Could you do something about this?

Clinton’s Answer: “I don’t know, because the people who believe that think I’m the problem. There is not an insubstantial number of people who believe that there is a plan out there for world domination and I’m trying to give American sovereignty over to the UN.

Let me just say this: For people that are worried about it, I would say, there is a serious problem here that every American has to come to grips with, including Americans that [sic] don’t much think about foreign policy until some great problem occurs, and that is, how can we be an independent, sovereign nation leading the world in a world that is increasingly interdependent, that requires us to cooperate with other people.”

Was there more substance to his answer? No.

Did he deny any of the charges? No.

Did he say he would change his plans for America? No.

What he said — in case you missed it — was that the United States of America can no longer be an independent sovereign nation and that we had better just “come to grips” with it.

During Clinton’s presidential term in office “The New World Order” took over:

Clinton’s ‘New World Order’

Name Affiliation
Adler, Karen Presidential Liaison
Albright, Madeliene Ambassador to the UN / Secretary of State
Altman, Roger Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
Berger, Samuel Deputy Head of National Security
Blinder, Alan Federal Reserve Board
Boorstin, Robert Health Care
Boykin, Keith Communications
Cohen, William Secretary of Defense
Dreyer, David Communications Aid
Eisenstadt, Stuart Assistant Secretary of State / Secretary of Commerce
Eller, Jeff Communications
Emmanuel, Rehm Senior Advisor / Special Projects Director
Epstein, Tom Special Assistant
Feder, Judit Advisor
Feinberg, Richard National Security Council
Glickman, Dan Secretary of Agriculture
Gober, Hershel Veterans Affairs
Goldin, Dan Director of NASA
Grossman, Mark Assistant Secretary of State
Halperin, Morton Assistant Secretary of Defense
Herman, Alexis Secretary for Public Works
Indyk, Martin Ambassador to Israel
Kantor, Mickey U.S. Trade Representative
Kessler, Steve Commissioner, Food and Drug
Klain, Ron White House Council
Kornblum, John Ambassador to Germany
Kunin, Madeleine Assistant Secretary For Education
Kusnet, David Communications
Lawrence, Larry Ambassador to Switzerland
Lewis, Ann White House Director of Communications
Lewis, Samuel Director of State Department
Ludwig, Eugene Director of the Mint
Mikva, Abner White House Council
Mirska, Yehuda State Department
Mixner, David Gay-Lesbian Liaison
Newman, Frank Assistant Secretary of State For Finance
Nussbaum, Bernard White House Council
Oxman, Stephen Assistant Secretary of State
Paster, Howard Presidential Secretary For Congress
Perth, Leon National Security Advisor
Rahm, Emmanuel Political Affairs
Reich, Robert Secretary of Labor
Rivlin, Alice Deputy Director OMB/ Federal Reserve
Ross, Stanley National Security Council
Rubin, Robert Secretary of the Treasure
Schifter, Dan National Security Council
Segal, Eli Director National Service
Seidman, Ricky Deputy Chief of Staff
Shapiro, Robert Economic Advisor
Spero, Joan Assistant Secretary of State
Steinberg, Don National Security Council
Summers, Lawrence Assistant Secretary of State
Tarnoff, Peter Assistant Secretary of State
Tyson (really Tarloff), Lora Head of Council of Economic Advisors
Waldman, Machael Communications
Zelman, Walter Special Deputy

The office physically closest to Clinton’s Oval Office is manned by “Special Projects Director” Rahm Emmanuel.

There are even offices in the State Department that answer the telephone in Hebrew.

This is not to say that all of these people want to be known as members of “The New World Order.” The second name on the list “Albright, Madeliene” has been known to be a member of “The New World Order” for more than two decades — since her time in the Carter administration — and yet she only admitted this a week after she became the first female Secretary of State. She has always said that she was a Catholic. Her father was Joseph Korbel, born in Letohrad, Czechoslovakia and his birth registry lists him as anything but Catholic. Her mother was Mandula Spiegel.

Stuart Eizenstat, Under Secretary of State (above), has publicly said “We bought the Democratic Party — We own it.”

Evidence that “The New World Order” works both sides of the street is obvious with the listing of the Republican William Cohen as Clinton’s Secretary of Defense. Mr. Cohen also takes a “First Ever” prize in that his wife is a Negress.

There were still two other branches of American Government.

Clinton corrupted the Supreme Court by placing two members of “The New World Order” on the Court. They sit there today.

And do not think that Mr. Newt Gingrich will save the situation. Gingrich’s wife went on the payroll of the most powerful political organization in America; the American — Israel Public Affairs Committee. She was hired as soon as Gingrich took on his new role in Congress.

Control of the CIA made the package complete. The Sunday supplement “Parade Magazine” (front for “The New World Order”) bragged about the takeover of the CIA on November 19th, 1995. Right on the front cover of the magazine they offered a full cover “family album” photo of John Deutch, Director of the CIA , Nora Slotkin, Executive Director of the CIA and David Cohen, Director of Operations of the CIA. Deutch also named George Tenet, as Deputy Director of the CIA. When Deutch left CIA George Tenet took over. They are all members of “The New World Order.”

We must understand the gravity of this situation. In June of 1997 the Central Conference of American Rabbis — meeting in Miami — presented a six page document to the world. This document — called a “Platform” — was written in Hebrew and was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Zionism. The document was eight years in the drafting and there have been only four such documents in the Conference’s 181 year history in America. The “Platform” stated categorically that a Jew’s first obligation is to Israel — and that this is a religious obligation transcending all other pledges and oaths.

“We must set the course for the next generation,” said Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch.

“This banished any lingering misunderstanding of the serious commitment of … Judaism to Israel,” said Rabbi Norman Patz — a member of the committee that wrote the platform.

These people run America’s treasury, our commerce, our foreign affairs, our intelligence services and they have sway over our Supreme Court.

Clinton and his lovely wife are following the “New World Order’s” instructions to the letter. Let’s examine part of a speech given by one of “The New World Order’s” greatest leaders:

“I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish.”

Today, in the words of “The New World Order”: We have the community of Hillary Clinton’s Village. We have the non-ideological blending of the ACLU. We have the resistance to categories and forms with the destruction of morals with the legalization of sodomy, homosexuality and pedophilia. We have the destruction of our flag and the branding of every American patriot as a Nazi in an emergence through anti-nationalism. We have the destruction of our fundamental beliefs in a conversion of Christianity.