Chapter Eight

“We’ve got a major incident!”

The crews took more than an hour to put out the brush fire. Until a few years ago they wouldn’t even touch a brush fire at night — it was just too dangerous. Then various Hispanic Rights groups started protesting because several “undocumented immigrants” had been crisp’d in a nighttime canyon fire (which they had started themselves as a diversion). Now the state and federal fire crews were mandated to immediately extinguish all fires near the Mexican border. Since this change in operational procedures six American firemen had burned to death fighting these night fires.

This land was semi-arid and unable to support any but the hardiest vegetation. Here, there was essentially no topsoil and the ground was nothing but compacted sand, gravel and rocks. The vegetation covering the hills consisted of various chaparral growing over 15 feet high in some places.

In an earlier time the plants would have remained small and green and open to the sky. Forty years of government fire-control policy demanded that any fire would be extinguished. This allowed the undergrowth to become thicker and thicker until today a fire burned so hot that no plant could survive — in fact a fire today burned everything not just to the ground but even set the roots ablaze and fires could pop up again days later and hundreds of feet away.

Crew 51 had been first on the scene. They had immediately realized that the brush fire was arson. There seemed to be more than 20 separate small fires that had quickly joined into one blaze that was slowly creeping up through the mountain’s chaparral.

Right after their arrival several of the crew had noticed bright flashes coming from a house down the valley. Chances were that Mexicans had broken into somebody’s house and were trashing it. The crew chief had called the Sheriff’s department and asked them to check it out.

The Sheriff’s Department had received the automated 911 call from the Johnson’s house some forty minutes earlier. But Bill Johnson was known to be an “extremist, a racist, and a homophobe.” The computer system showed the 911 call, the address of the call, the names of the residents at the address, the names of the owners of the property, the criminal and partial health records of all parties, the vehicles owned or operated by the parties and any and all taxes owed to city, county, state or federal agencies.

The Sheriff’s Department had been told to put the Johnson family on a response priority someplace below lost and stray pets.

The near-nuclear flash and mushroom cloud that appeared over the Johnson property changed all of that. Frantic reports from the state forestry and federal fire crews told of an absolutely massive detonation.

The flash lit up the night sky and was seen by airline pilots more than fifty miles away.

The fireball slowly rose from the Johnson’s house and cast shadows that moved across the hills. A hundred firefighters froze in their tracks and watched the ball of flame rise into the clouds.

“The New World Order” has always described the Hiroshima bomb as monstrous. In fact that bomb had a mushroom cloud with a stem only 500 feet across. The mushroom cloud from Bill Johnson’s gasoline-fueled “Mexican barbecue” was larger.

The federal fire crew chief called the Sheriff again, “We got a major incident here! If you haven’t sent deputies on our prior call you better do it now!”

The Sheriff’s department figured that Bill Johnson plus “mountain retreat” and a big boom could only mean a coming out party for White Separatists, Nazi’s, or what was worse, “Constitutional Extremists.”

At the Sheriff’s operations center built deep in an underground bunker two miles southeast of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the shift supervisor picked up the phone on his desk and accessed the National Communications System. All he had to do was dial one simple phone number 1 — 710 — NCS-GETS. This single call activated all federal agencies which might be involved in the suppression of major national threats. The supervisor had only been briefed on the criteria required for dialing the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service — not on what happened after he made such a call. Forces far beyond his understanding were now being activated. He had just made a 20 million dollar phone call.

Alerts were sent to all levels of government — from the White House down to the southern California federal level. No communications of any kind trickled out to local government or police organizations. The Sheriff’s Department supervisor was given a casual verbal acknowledgment that his message had been received and an admonishment that he should not be wasting the federal government’s time with such trivia — and that he shouldn’t worry — his error in calling them would not be reported to his supervisor — they’d all just keep it between themselves.

This was a ruse. The government simply did not want some low level authority raising any local alarms. If the reported event was real then the feds would take care of it — quietly. If the event was a false alarm then they did not want the public to even be aware that there had been an alert.

While there are “pre-positioned” presidential proclamations that lift Posse Comitatus in its entirety it was always best to maintain a minimum profile and thus the Combating Terrorism Sub-Group of the National Security Council would handle the matter. Under a request from the FBI and the Justice Department, DoD “Special Mission Units” would now be tasked with solving the problem.

As said by their own leaders time and time again: “Military forces do not make arrests, seize evidence, or interrogate people.” That leaves them with only one obvious function: To Kill.

In the continuously-rehearsed basic operations plan, FBI creates a Cordon Sanitaire — to block all access by civilians. A “Special Mission Unit” then passes through the Cordon Sanitaire, enters the site, gets “control” of the situation, renders the area “safe” and then exits. Once the SMU exits the area then the event is returned to FBI control.

As with all government plans, rehearsal is not the same as doing it for real. SMU activation was delayed through a communications / signals encryption / decryption mix-up. The FBI would have to use the resources at hand — and from any quarter.

The FBI’s Los Angeles Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) was on 24 hour alert and this was just the kind of criminal act they had trained for. They answered the call with their maximum response — the full “Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction” Plan BLACK RANGER.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms was always being chided for having to set people up to get a conviction — literally creating their own criminals to have someone to arrest. Here was a chance for them to get into the middle of something big enough to justify an expansion of their federal funding. Without consulting anybody they released their own emergency tactical teams.

The flatbed trucks carrying the government’s armored vehicles finally left their storage areas at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California at 0115 hrs. The entire deployment operation was observed with morbid curiosity by more than three hundred Mexican illegal aliens scattered in the hills around the huge Marine Base’s storage lot. The illegals enjoyed this bit of excitement as they were taking a rest break on their way north to Los Angeles. Illegals had made this Marine Base their safe haven. The Border Patrol was not allowed onto the base and so the illegals used the base as their main route north to avoid immigration checkpoints. Camp Pendleton is 60 miles inside the United States, 60 miles north of the U.S./Mexican border. The Mexican stampede is everywhere.

The armored convoy stretched down the freeway for more than a mile.

For all of the federal funding of local police organizations the one missing element was intellect. Police organizations stumbled along with cops measuring high on aggression but with IQs in the low-to-average range. Simply put, the average cop was not too bright. What most citizens don’t understand is that police departments like it this way! There have even been lawsuits (e.g. New London, CT) where smart men have been rejected by police departments because they were too smart and thus “inappropriate” for the position of policeman. Smart cops usually wise-up, quit, and get real jobs — so police departments don’t want them.

This is a serious problem in the law enforcement community yet it is completely masked by the intellect of the criminals they arrest. Because more than 65% of all violent crime is perpetrated by Negro males between the age of 15 and 25 and (despite five trillion dollars of welfare to change the situation) the average Negro has an IQ of only 80 — even the police can easily outwit them.

White Americans are discovering what “The New World Order” has done to them and to their America. And thinking White Americans do not have criminal records. And thinking White Americans do not have loud mouths. To make it worse for the cops, the thinking White Americans who have already discovered how close they are to enslavement are usually far smarter than average. White America now has its own shock troops — and most with IQ’s over 140.

It was true that a few “militia-type” Whites have been arrested for explosives and gun violations. These were mostly construction worker “Joe six-pack” types who knew that there was something wrong in America but spent most of their free time telling their friends about what they would do “if,” or playing soldier in the bushes, instead of quietly solving the problem.

The reality that these “six-pack-people” had not yet learned was that guns were not the only answer. Guns might even put you at risk. Guns might even get you arrested. Guns might be all the evidence the feds needed to put you away. Guns usually mean shooting practice — going to a shooting range — and being seen.


One must be very careful.

The most dangerous enemies of “The New World Order” are Whites who had learned that you could kill lots of bad people using various components found around the house. And that something printed in a chemistry or microbiology book could be accepted as true. There was no need for further experimentation.

Their rules were:

• Don’t talk.

• Don’t ask anyone for help.

• Don’t practice.

• Don’t leave a trace

• Just do it for real.

• And do something completely different next time.

With Clinton’s election “The New World Order” took secret military control of America. This was accomplished with Clinton’s implementation of Presidential Decision Directive 25 (PDD 25). This partially still-secret directive accepted the United Nations Charter sections 42 and 43 and the UN creation of a World Army.

The massive expansion of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Teams — or HRTs — was also one of the first acts of Clinton’s first term as President. This was done in conjunction with Clinton’s signing of PDD 25 — which essentially voided the Posse Comitatus Statutes in many situations and made the U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Detachment — Delta (SFOD-D) — which is also called the Combat Applications Group — entirely exempt from Posse Comitatus.

About this same time the secret publication “The Resister” came into being — published by current and retired members of various American special forces. This monthly publication was more dangerous to “The New World Order” / Clinton administration than underground publications of the Stalin era were to the Soviet Regime. The publication came into being because there were men in the military who saw the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life as imminent.

The Clinton administration took the original HRT — a small cadre of hand-picked FBI agents with college degrees and prior careers as field agents — and expanded it ten and then twenty fold. The first change under the new Director (Freeh) was the removal of all real FBI agents from the HRT and their replacement with men recently discharged from SEALs, Delta Force, or Marine Recon.

These new men were selected for their willingness to follow orders and their lack of interest in or knowledge of the Constitution of The United States. One oriental psychopath would be brought into the HRT and sent on an assignment only to be relieved of his duties because he demanded to be assigned as a shooter. He demanded the right to kill civilians. He finally got his chance — at Ruby Ridge.

All Freeh had done was copy the successes of Heinrich Himmler — who had been Hitler’s internal security chief and who had required that all SS men be 5’ 11’’, from the countryside (ignorant) and be perfect physical specimens.

Clinton expanded the HRTs to more than 1,800 men divided into groups of 300 — to operate in six regions of the country. These six zones were called “War Zones” by the HRTs.

These men are funded. Money comes from all sorts of places. Funding even comes from secret slush funds of the IRS. More than $4 billion had supposedly been spent by the IRS on a “failed” computer system. The money has actually been spent on funding PDD 25 and other big ticket spook projects. In addition, more than 20% of all IRS “employees” actually do not exist (or at least they do not work for the IRS) and these funds are also applied to secret operations.

The HRTs are even equipped with their own airport at Quantico, Virginia — large enough to handle C-141 Starlifter aircraft. The FBI’s HRT base at Quantico is funded and controlled as a joint operation with the Delta Force facility at Fort Bragg. Often the HRT’s men will be seen training at the Range 19 Complex (ranges A through D) at Fort Bragg. Delta Force personnel are often seen at Quantico.

This new base at Quantico provides the HRT with access to U.S. Army secret and covert operations aircraft from “Taskforce 160” — Delta Force’s “Final Solution.”

While Clinton’s lackeys had already created the various proclamations needed to lift Posse Comitatus, unless there was some over-riding reason, these situations — and the federal response — was to be kept secret.

But because the Posse Comitatus laws do not include the United States Navy it is from the active duty SEALs (SEAL Team Six) and Marine Recon that the HRT often seeks assistance in these situations.

The new HRT is an extremely violent organization. Life to them means nothing. But we must put their actions into perspective.

During World War Two certain German forces were hounded by Soviet communist guerrillas night and day. Many of these German forces were never given rest and instead they spent two, three and even four years at the front. Only after years of tortuous conditions would they begin to react in what has been described as bestial ways. And even then there is no report or record or physical evidence of these exhausted German troops acting as bestially as U.S. Marines did after only a few months of combat in the Pacific Theater of World War Two.

In the Pacific Theater, American Marines actually made eating utensils and knife handles from the skulls and bones of Japanese — even if the Marines had to boil the meat off the bones to do it. Certainly, these Marines had been driven temporarily insane by the fiendish actions of the Japanese.

The new FBI’s HRTs were selected from the outset of the first Clinton administration to act more violently than Hitler’s SS did after years of fiendish combat.

The Clinton / “New World Order” Administration knows how to handle a White America — with total terror and instant death.

One thousand eight hundred psychopathic thugs were to be used to murder and enslave White America.

When the NRA sent letters to their members referring to federal agents as “jackbooted thugs” they probably didn’t know how accurate their statements really were.

As the caravan of BATF and FBI vehicles paraded down the freeway, scanner clubs from Los Angeles to El Centro picked up their radio chatter.

These scanner club members make a hobby of listening in on everything. They listen in on every kind of electronic communication and then note its contents, the frequency used and the quality of the reception. Most of these club members have radios that are connected directly to PC’s and they let the PC’s control their radios to scan all available frequencies and note the active ones. The PC’s even record the voice communications on the PC’s hard drive — for later retrieval and easy-listening. The scanner hobbyist doesn’t have to be present for his system to sift, sort and record. Thanks to speech-to-text systems some of these club members convert what they hear to text and then scan it for special words of interest using simple add-ons to many word processor packages.

Most of these hobbyists compile massive lists of active cell phone numbers and the characteristics of the phones themselves — sometimes even the brand of the phone can be determined with a bit of careful analysis.

These hobbyists should not be confused with “The New World Order’s” operatives who scanned and recorded cell phone conversations between Republican Congressmen — and who nearly cost Newt Gingrich his place as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The chances of such an occurrence being a “lucky” happenstance are about the same as that of Hillary Clinton’s conversion of $1,000 to $100,000 from cattle futures speculation being simple good fortune.

The hobbyists have computer database programs that correlate the data and predict when the next transmission on a given frequency might be, and from whom. And they can even estimate the location of each transmitter.

Now, the members of these clubs know better than to communicate among themselves by radio or even telephone. Many use the Internet and encrypt their communications. The feds have tried to penetrate these groups but most of the groups are so loosely organized that it’s difficult for the feds to even find them let alone gather enough evidence to prosecute.

In the old days, books such as The Turner Diaries provided useful basic information. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since that book was written. Using such information today would be like depending upon a manual from World War One to actually win a Nuclear War — suicide.

Staying alive requires stealth, computers, encrypted communications, total secrecy, knowledge of FBI crime lab technology and lastly, operating with one eye focused on evidentiary procedures.

The fed’s motto “A hundred and sixty grains of prevention is worth a hundred pounds of cure” — meaning a .308 sniper bullet in the target’s head is better than having to blow up his house — makes these scanner groups very wary of any possible surveillance.

The Internet is the best hope at a secure communications medium in today’s fishbowl. Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1989 when he was at CERN in Switzerland and has said: “You and I have a right to discuss something — whether or not that something wants to be discussed. You don’t have to ask someone’s permission …”

This is all not to say that the feds aren’t successfully monitoring the Internet. They are. There are several commercial Internet monitoring services available (e.g. EWATCH .COM). Most will monitor more than 40,000 chat rooms at the same time — in real time — plus most Web Sites — to see if their commercial customers are mentioned. The feds have no need to make a profit and therefore can monitor every Internet communication — not just the chat rooms and Web sites. They do. Be warned.

Many years ago the U.S. Treasury Department implemented a scheme called FinCen. This project monitors every credit card transaction transmitted over the bank data networks. The trapped data is stored on optical disks and archived for ten years.

Monitoring the Internet is child’s play compared to monitoring the tiny packets of information contained in a credit card transaction — and the feds have been doing that since 1983.

The FBI’s Internet monitoring activities are based in huge facilities in Baltimore and Los Angeles. Every FBI office has at least two Internet agents.

Internet website “” seemed to be a standard commercial site. It was not. The site was actually a relay link for several patriot organizations. Messages could be stored and forwarded to members. Most of the communication was done using the PGP encryption package. What most of the users did not know was that PGP had been injected into the body of these patriot groups by the National Security Agency — NSA. The NSA could and did read every PGP encrypted message.

The smarter groups — the ones who were all action and no talk — used what is called the Soviet One Time Pad system. This system was actually invented by an American — Gilbert Vernam, at the offices of American Telephone and Telegraph — in 1918. The system simply requires the use of a code that will be used only once — a code that will never be repeated for any other message.

This was the system used by most Soviet spies during the Cold War and also by the Washington-Moscow hotline. In the old days that system was based on paper tape driven teletype machines. The system was well known to the Germans in WWII but they considered the logistics of shipping identical rolls of paper tape to their commands just too difficult — to their eventual regret.

One tape contained the clear text message and the other tape was nothing but random noise. The contents of the two tapes were simply added together and the resultant pattern transmitted. At the other end of the system there were again two teletypes. One would read the message from the wire and subtract the data from a noise tape identical to the one at the originating station. This decrypted character would then be printed on the second teletype machine while at the same time punching a paper tape copy of the message.

The big problem was keeping the noise tapes in sync. If they were off by even one sprocket hole then the message was forever unreadable.

Today’s patriots often use CD-ROMS that contain 550 million bytes of radio astronomy noise. Each message sent has a pointer to a starting point in the 550 million bytes of CD-ROM data. The data at that part of the CD ROM is used only for that one message. Some groups used music CD-ROMS as their encryption tool. Two people with the same “Elvis” recording can use the digital data representing the sounds as the mask instead of using noise recordings.

Some groups used writeable DVDs with even twenty times more storage capacity, but older CD-ROM technology was cheaper.

Members of similar trustworthiness all use copies of the same CD-ROM and can read each other’s messages. Since these people never meet they can only surmise dark thoughts when a kindred spirit drops out of their CD-ROM level of communications.

The highest security CD-ROMs come only in pairs and there are no other copies. Some people encrypt their messages with patterns from a private set of CD ROMs and then push their messages out with the lower level of encryption on top. This allows people to send parts of a message to a large group and then direct other parts — now made very private — to other people.

No matter how many times any of these messages are repeated or relayed using different CD-ROM pairs they can never be decoded.

It drives the feds nuts.

Still, data sent between two parties using CD-ROM pairs can be broken — through violent interrogation of the user.

Most patriots kept their CD-ROMs in special cases that dropped the CD-ROM into acid if opened improperly. The acid was simply battery acid purchased at an auto parts store and then frozen. The ice cubes were water. The liquid that did not freeze was acid. The container was made from glass. Dry ice (purchased to get ice cream home from a local Baskin Robbins) was the best way to freeze the acid. Glass freezer trays were used. It was all very dangerous stuff.

Operating alone was always best.

To keep the feds from using traffic analysis on these groups they sent messages of carefully calculated lengths at pseudo random intervals. No message was ever far longer or far shorter than any other message and they appeared on the Internet not like clockwork. Most of these people maintained a computer log of all normal accesses they made to the Web and simply slipped these messages in during statistically appropriate windows and at statistically appropriate rates. This could be likened to taking just enough tax deductions in each category of your tax return to not to flag something in the IRS’s computer and warrant an audit. In this case the important messages did not stand out. At the same time the site did not stand out because none of its messages stand out — and yet they weren’t perfectly average in length or perfectly random either.

Home PC’s — absolutely marvelous machines!

Jim Bates maintained three separate computer systems.

The first was a plain vanilla unit that could be monitored by anyone — even from 200 feet away. This system had a standard old fashioned CRT monitor display. Jim Bates was playing computer Solitaire and listening to a music CD that had come with a book called “Hitler’s Airwaves.”

“Let’s go bombing, let’s go bombing. Let’s bomb women and children too!”

The song described how Churchill had been the first to order his bombers to bomb civilian population centers during World War Two. Jim was into truth. One of the most valuable tape recordings he had was of President Harry Truman announcing his nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Truman call it the bombing of a military base and never told America that what he had really done was “nuke” 100,000 civilians, of whom 60,000 died instantly.

The fact that America had really lost World War Two was also difficult for Americans to accept. Especially the veterans. But it was true. We went after Germany even though the Soviet Union had invaded and captured — at the same time — more of Poland than had Hitler. And the Soviet Union then invaded and captured half of the democratic and free country of Finland. When the war was finally over the Soviet Union held more territory in Europe than Germany had ever held. This included all of the Baltic States and Rumania, and Poland (all of it by now), and Hungary, and Yugoslavia and all of Czecho-Sloviakia (over which Neville Chamberlain said Peace In Our Time” when German had tried to recover the German parts) and even Bulgaria. And of course, half of Germany too.

Jim’s question to anyone who would listen was: “Did we win against Japan? We fought that war over Japan’s actions in China. We fought that war to save China from the evils of Japan’s invasion of 15% of their land. After the war 100% of China was Communist, almost completely enslaved and almost an integral part of the Soviet Union. Half of Korea was lost as well. Very quickly after our “victory” over Japan, Tibet and Vietnam and Cambodia also fell to the Communists. So what did we really win?”

Suddenly Jim saw a single dot flicker at the top right corner of the screen — a very subtle message from his communications monitor program — an encrypted message packet had just been received. He knew that the feds had planted a “Trojan Horse” on his machine. The feds were watching everything going on in this machine but they didn’t know what it all meant.

He swiveled his chair around to his second — and secure — computer system and entered some keystrokes. Now, a clear-text version of the message was displayed on his 15-inch hi-resolution and surveilance proof LCD display.


“BATF and HRT convoy en-route to Campo, California.”

“Reports indicate patriot group to be attacked in a preemptive strike”

“Georgia EARS report activation of Delta Team in support of Campo attack”

Jim’s second computer was shielded with Mu metal and all cables were ensconced in thick layers of copper-braid shielding. The computer system’s power came from a motor-home’s DC to AC converter system — which took its power from standard 12 volt car batteries. These batteries were housed in a grounded steel box and were kept charged using an electrically noisy $49.95 Montgomery Ward auto-battery charger. The purpose of these safeguards was to isolate what Jim was really doing from what various authorities thought he was doing. This secure computer system used an LCD display — not a CRT. LCD displays are nearly impossible to monitor remotely. To increase his security he had mounted the display inside a copper mesh cage. Even the face of the screen was covered with copper screening. This cage was grounded to a copper stake pounded through his home’s concrete slab and deep into the earth. All of this protection was there to keep secret any information or programs he had stored on his computer. This protection would not save him from federal monitoring of his Internet accesses.

The “modern” way to access the Internet was through a “cable” modem. This device attached to the same thick cable normally used to receive home television programming. Jim had discovered that all the cable modems in his neighborhood were actually attached to the same cable. This meant that he could easily pretend to be any neighbor’s computer. The cable system would never figure it out. With more than two hundred computers on this one “loop” his communications could be lost in the myriad of bits and bytes. His best trick was to plant his own “Trojan Horse” on several of his neighbor’s computers and then have them unknowingly accept and then re-transmit his messages as if they were their own.

San Diego County’s Emergency Management System computer was an old Digital Equipment Corporation mini-mainframe. It was a dinosaur. The great thing about it was that even a 14 year old could get past its security and delve into the operational plans of the various city and county emergency support agencies.

Jim quickly broke into the system just as he had done ten or twenty times before. He then scanned the internal systems supervisor access log for any curious requests. He found only one. It seemed that the East County Sheriff’s Substation in the city of El Cajon had entered a system-wide request at 9:33 PM. The data entry actually gave the location of the activity in Thomas Brothers Map Company page number and map coordinates. What fools.

Jim then scooted over to his third computer. This system — again — was fully isolated from the power grid and was completely shielded. The system’s display was also an LCD device mounted inside a copper cage.

Jim accessed his personal version of the Thomas Brother’s map book. It had taken him a week to scan in all of the pages and get them right but he now had the whole thing available for instant access. He then pulled up the specified page onto his display. He had gone to great lengths to add all sorts of interesting data — including crime statistics that were marked as red, blue or green dots with the actual hard numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen. He even listed the radio frequencies used by the Sheriff’s cruisers and the fire and rescue teams. His scanners were interfaced to this computer and he could tune to any frequency and listen in with a simple mouse click.

The map’s grid squares at the bottom (south) edge of the screen seemed to have lots of illegal alien activity along the remote mountain trails this year — including border crossers captured (76,656 at El Cajon Station plus 78,762 at Campo Station for a total of 155, 418 in this eastern part of the county alone), burglaries (1876), murders by and of illegal aliens (215), murders of Americans by illegal aliens (61).

Jim had names for his computers. This computer was named “Anatole” because of its secret link to nearly all the communications systems in San Diego — both public and private.

Few “B” movies are an equal to “Sorry, Wrong Number” — a turgid thriller from Warner Brothers Studios and directed by Anatole Litvak. Litvak knew — even in 1948 — how repressive regimes used the telephone as a weapon. He had begun his career at Leningrad Nordkino Studios in Stalin’s Russia. In this movie the narrator says:

“In the tangled networks of a great city the telephone is the unseen link between a million lives. It is the servant of our common needs. The confidant of our in-most secrets. Life and happiness wait upon its ring … and death.”

Jim Bates was not a newcomer to telephone technology. He’d spend many years working with the best the world had to offer and he had created an “El Dorado” of telecom secrets — as well as having a black book of “buddies” working throughout the industry who he could call for information when necessary. San Diego had become the telephone research center of the entire world with LG InfoCom, Nokia, Qualcomm, Sony and Uniden, all based there — hell, more than 19,075 San Diegans worked full time in telecommunications systems research, design and manufacturing. Events came full circle when one of these 19,075 workers was arrested by Russia’s new version of the KGB while working in Russia installing American cell phone equipment.

Jim rolled back to computer number two and pulled up the list of cellular telephone subscribers that his computer had monitored, carefully analyzed and then recorded.

All of the analog cell systems used 869 — 894 MHz for transmission and 824-849 MHz for reception. The IS-54 systems used TDMA with 832 channels — three users per channel and 30 khz spacing. The IS-95 systems used CDMA with 20 channels, 798 users per channel and 1,250 khz spacing between channels.

Even the “digital” or “PCS” systems were easy to crack. Various Internet sites had published technical data on the details of these “digital” systems in 1996. About a million PCS phones are sold in the U.S. every year because they are deemed to be safe from eavesdropping. Few of these users were aware that it was the actions of the National Security Agency itself that made the security of these PCS phones so easy to crack. The NSA didn’t want a system so secure that “criminals” and “drug dealers” could conspire without NSA hearing their every word. Now, of course, not only could NSA and even the FBI tap every conversation but thousands of criminals caused millions of dollars in damages every day by tapping these PCS phones and stealing ID numbers and cloning phones to be used for international phone calls. Lastly, these PCS phones use thousands of fixed transceivers that are installed throughout the country. Thus, when a PCS phone is used the caller’s physical location is known to within a hundred yards.

How can this be?

Each phone wakes up periodically and asks the radio world if there are any cell sites nearby. Cell sites talk to the cell phone and say “I’m here, I hear you.” The cell site measures the time it takes for a message to get from the cell site to the phone and back. Yes, phones have secret message traffic — secret conversations — with cell sites. One cell site can track a phone to as close as a city block and out to about ten miles. Two cell sites can locate a phone to either of two exact locations (it’s called right / left ambiguity). Three cell sites locate a phone to a few yards within a ten mile radius.

The safest way to communicate was to buy low dollar value calling cards. They were purchased singly and randomly from various vending machines in high traffic areas — and with cash. Private calls were only made from one pay phone to another. People randomly and casually created their own private city maps with lists of pay phones and their numbers. People also did not use Thomas Brothers Map Company map coordinates to reference the locations of these pay phones. Besides, the FBI already had these lists so why shouldn’t everybody! These pay phones were only used once. A conversation could end with a reference number to the phone to be used for the next conversation.

Since this was still the United States of America there were a few entrepreneurs who made big bucks designing and building very sophisticated scanner add-on equipment to do the analysis and even the decrypting of cell phone voice and data transmissions. Thanks to a loophole in the Communications Act of 1934 it was legal to make and sell these special decrypting devices, it was only illegal to actually use them. Jim made a fortune selling inexpensive kits as well as complete “cryptoscanners.” He was very careful in what he sold. He never sold equipment that could only be used for an illegal purpose when used as designed. As long as there were other — more valid — uses for this equipment then he remained legal.

Jim’s cell telephone number list was very special — it contained more than just the telephone numbers. His list also included the ID codes of the cell phones used from people’s cars as they drove up or down the freeway near his friend’s house — ten miles and sixteen cellular telephone cells away. He even had them all sorted by activity time window and by day of the week and hour of the day.

He looked at the clock and then picked one that had a history of being active at this time of night. He then loaded that cellular telephone account number into his own special — and suitcase-sized cellular telephone. He then selected IS-54 as the mode of operation. Jim’s suitcase sized cell phone took care of the rest.

Jim’s cell phone was definitely special. It not only accepted any internal cell phone account ID but it also could mimic the signature of the phone. All cell phones had slight differences in their actual bandwidth and signal envelope, dialing delays, carrier on and carrier off envelopes and more. More importantly, the phone could mimic the time delay for “where are you?” messages from cell sites. To make it even better, the phone could actually extend or shorten these delays in real time so that it looked like the phone was constantly changing its location as it was moving down the freeway when in fact it was just in his car parked at the side of the road. Jim had spent two years building his electronic marvel.

Some people spent a thousand hours building an ornate sailing ship model as a hobby. Jim did electronics.

Jim was taking a great risk. If the real owner of the cellular account became active anywhere in San Diego while he was using the same account number there would be some real chance that his message could be identified as counterfeit. The only downside of this exposure would be the remote chance that the feds would have recorded the data too and be able to track the transmission from the fake phone all the way up the line to the Internet site he had called. They would then discover how someone was able to avoid their traps — and the feds would design and build new ones and tighten their noose around America’s throat just a little bit tighter.

Jim brought out his laptop computer and placed it inside a copper screen cage on the table. He created an alert message. He then created a special file which contained the user ID and the Internet password he was going to use. This special file also had a set of times — in thousandths of a second — that he would use as the time delays between each packet he would send to the Internet provider when he signed on. Some intelligence agencies had started creating signatures of Internet users by measuring the time between packets as they signed on.

He would screw up their little game real good.

Jim got into his car and drove ten miles and two freeways away and into the cell area he had monitored. This was California. The cell phone antenna which would receive his transmission had been built into a sixty foot tall fiberglass palm tree — with Disney-like plastic palm fronds. The neighborhood had gone nuts when they learned that some grey steel antenna tower was soon to appear in their midst. The alternative to a million dollar environmentalist lawsuit was pure Hollywood.

He then pulled out his laptop and — using the forged cellular account and with his suitcase sized cell phone — he accessed the local cellular telephone system and logged in through a telephone number that he recognized as belonging to CTSNET — one of San Diego’s larger Internet providers. Then — using one of the few ID’s and passwords he had been able to intercept — he logged onto the Internet using the real user’s time delays.

He was so proud of himself.

He then sent the encrypted alert message. His Internet message would first go to the Internet server in the Physics Department at Moscow University in Russia. From there it would be forwarded in eleven minutes to a site in Helsinki, Finland. From there it would go to a known patriot-front Internet web site in Atlanta, Georgia. That site was monitored by most “New World Order” and government “terrorist” monitoring agencies. What these “human rights” monitoring groups didn’t know was that one of the frequent site users was nothing more than an old PC motherboard with modem, memory and disk drive all hot glued together and then plastered into the wall behind the telephone junction boxes in the building’s basement. That clunker PC would access the site, decrypt the message and then re-broadcast the text (using PGP) to more than a hundred sites nationwide.

To add a little spice, this PC would do all of this using an Atlanta-based FBI agent’s Internet website account number and password. Let the feds sort that one out!

Any one of Jim’s PC’s had as much computational power as any government system trying to monitor him. And the government people had been hired against some racial quota and without regard to their capabilities. So just like the Unabomber, he could easily outsmart them and could probably go on forever unless he actually turned himself in — or told his wife — who would statistically divorce him in less than ten years and then she would turn him in.

Jim’s access to the World Wide Web lasted less than two minutes and he was back home in fifteen minutes and ready to see his alert message appear — even at a site known worldwide to be a homosexual dating service! And all of the messages would seem to have been put on the World Wide Web by the Special Agent In Charge for the FBI’s Atlanta office. See, J. Edgar Hoover wasn’t the only FBI agent in a dress! Although this story actually was not true and was a KGB fiction.

“Have a Nice Day!” Jim thought.