Chapter Six

Miles to the east a 60-year-old Mexican laid a steel pipe against his pickup truck and then dropped in a home-made mini-rocket. There was a loud SHHH and the rocket sailed high into the sky to the north, to land against the side of a mountain half a mile inside America. This act would be repeated thirty times in fifteen minutes. The Mexican would then head east to the next legal border crossing point — a place called Calexico on the north side of the border and Mexicali on the south side of the border — and cross the border legally. Hours later the driver would pick up the campesinos at the side of the freeway and take them to Los Angeles.

The Mexican had learned how to make real Vietnam-era Napalm B. The real stuff was made of 25% gasoline, 25% benzene and 50% polystyrene. There is no magic to polystyrene — that’s just packing peanuts or old Styrofoam cups. The Mexican couldn’t get benzene so he made do by just adding more polystyrene.

What the Mexican did was fill a big bucket half-full of gasoline. He then just dumped in fists-full of broken foam cups and foam peanuts. The plastic would then dissolve. He poured this thickened stuff into a cardboard tube.

He had found that Este’s model rockets were the safest — if not the cheapest — way to burn down America. The standard “E” size rocket engines provided enough energy to send a handy sized missile almost half a mile. What he did was put a load of Napalm jelly inside a cardboard tube (with an epoxy coated interior) as the payload — with an M80 inside. The first stage “E” rocket engine had — as standard — a propagation charge that sent a flame to the next stage on first stage burn-out. In this case the second stage was the jelly and the M80. To make certain that the M80 fuse would ignite he would pack a bit of road flare powder (mixed with a little wax) up against the fuse.

As Bill’s Hummer followed the main interstate highway east out of San Diego, the air became warmer and drier. Soon they would be at the house and could get the pool pump going for the water slide and then start the coals in the barbecue.

“Bill, Look.”

Far behind them Bill could see a parade of blinking red lights moving up the freeway. As the procession of vehicles came up behind him, Bill moved to the right and slowed. As the parade passed they counted 18 federal and state fire trucks including pumpers and tankers. The last vehicle in the line was a San Diego County Sheriff’s cruiser — which pulled behind their Hummer and signaled them to stop.

“What do you think you’re doin! Didn’t you see them lights on them fire suppression vehicles? You’re sappozta pull over and stop before emergency vehicles pass. You’re also sappozta use your signal when you change lanes. You didn’t signal. Gimme your license. You right-wing bastards who think you’re something because you can put out $65,000 for a toy like this here Hummer. You got too much money to spend. Here’s your ticket. Have a nice day.”

Bill took the ticket and his driver’s license back from the Deputy.

“Quick and easy” muttered Bill. “That’s another $208 tax the state has squeezed from my pores.”

“There’s no point in getting mad — they have quotas to meet” Sally replied.

“Quotas? Oh my — the quotas they have to meet! I am so fed up with quotas. Every place we go today there are quotas.

This country is being destroyed by quotas. Now look at that cop. What was he? Mexican? Chinese? Negro? Shit, I couldn’t tell what he was.

You know, I remember a time when these fools were ramming it down our throats that men and women were identical — that it was only the toys they played with in childhood that warped them into acting like a man or a woman.

Well, that whacko idea lasted about ten years — and caused untold amounts of damage to little boys and girls all across this land.

Now we got this “blend-to-oblivion” master plan. This country’s gonna be beige in twenty years and God help the poor people who try to fight it!

Every time some researcher proves that a human trait is genetic the liberals go bonkers. The one that really set them off was the “aggressive / violence gene.” As soon as researchers found that it existed Clinton had the government funding cut off and all of the research animals destroyed. These idiots just don’t understand. They’ve also found that happiness is genetic! That the front left part of the brain is responsible for how we look at life — whether the glass is half empty or half full. The government funds that research — no problem. What they don’t seem to realize is that all but idiots would see the trend! Most traits are genetic!

What these people refuse to admit is that violence is a genetic trait — a trait that man has known how to remove from a gene pool for thousands of years. It’s called domestication. That’s how we got dogs as pets — we just kill off the violent ones — or the ones with traits we don’t like. That’s also how we got domesticated cattle, goats, chickens — every single one of our “domestic” animals. The dog was our first domesticated animal — we calmed him down 12,000 years ago. The cat is the most recent. In Finland, the Laplanders even did this very same thing to reindeer — every winter they just killed off the leader of each herd. After doing this for four hundred years they now have reindeer herds that are about as aggressive as white rabbits.

So what are we doing in America? We are taking various forms of humanity that have little or no ability to function in our society and pay them to breed. And when their spawn comes of age — at the government research proven age eight for half of the Negro females and ten for most of their males — we let ‘em breed another generation and start the entire process over again. And when the males are about 18 we have to put them in prison to stop their robberies, rapes and murders. Since about 65% of all violent crime is thanks to Negro males between 15 and 25 we do seem to have a slight problem. To this we must add the embarrassing fact that Negro males are responsible for more than a third of all rapes of white women. White men are probably struck by lightening more often than they pork a Negress.

We even let the Negro males out of prison once in a while — for a few months — and then they go violent again and we have to stuff them back in for a few more years — kinda like checking the oven to see if the bread is done. It’s kinda like asking “Are you still violent? Oops, better put you back in for a while!”

Are these people ever gonna be productive in this country? I doubt it. Look at that U.S. Government handbook we sent to Negroes living in government subsidized housing: “Rezedents Rights and Rispansabilities” It was signed by “Sekatary Andrew Cuomo fella.” And what did it say? “Yuh as a rezedent ave di rights ahn di rispansabilites to elp mek yuh HUD assisted owzing ah behta owme fi yuh ahn yuh fambly.” Fambly. Fambly. Fambly. Our tax dollars paid for that crap.

Oh, you bet! These people are gonna be real rocket scientists. Just spend another couple of trillion on ‘em. Ooops, not enough? Spend another trillion!

All sorts of combinations of genes have been created in societies all over the world. These mixtures exist because they have been successful — you need those traits to survive — there — not here.

So all over the world we have humans who have bred themselves into a mix of traits that function successfully — where they have lived for thousands of years. And we let these people swim over here — and fail — and then we pay them to breed more of their own kind — most of whom will also fail.

Hey, the Hmong are a prime example. We fly maybe 100,000 of them over here — we owed it to ‘em because of the Vietnam war — and they’ve tried really hard to integrate into American society. But they don’t. They can’t. After nearly thirty years they are still living in their own little villages — now reconstructed in Fresno, California — and they still don’t even speak English!

What’s worse is that we let these people interbreed with the rest of America — so that we create strange accidents of nature — freaks. And I’m not talking about physical defects that you can see. I’m talking about mental defects — or inappropriate mental behaviors.

Look. Do Cocker Spaniels make good attack dogs? I can’t imagine how. And it’s genetic. How do sheep dogs become sheep dogs — it ain’t training — it’s genetic. Do you ever see Doberman Pincers as police dogs? Never. They don’t have the stable personality. Under stress they just go absolutely nuts.

You take a Cocker Spaniel and breed it with a Doberman Pincer and you’ll have one psycho dog! I can see it now — a bouncing little ball of yapping golden four legged fluff scurries over to some three year old baby girl. It looks at her for a moment, its expression changes and then it takes her arm off!

Sure, it’s quite possible to train a dog to act a certain way. The problem is that under stress they revert to their genetic program. It’s absolutely the same with humans.

We once had a country of like-minded people. Their overall genetic make-up was very similar. Most of these people came from Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden — even Finland. Whatever their language or eye color or hair color they all thought and acted about the same.

If you want to say that these people were all of the same “race” I guess you could. But we’d have to define race as a mixture of traits — a blending — that creates a general culture or even a “personality” of a people.

This creation of a “race” took a thousand years or more. The undesirable traits were slowly removed from the gene pool. The “inappropriate” ones — for that environment —died off.

It just so happens that people of a northern European genetic background had the mix of capabilities needed to make America great.

There are certain races that haven’t figured out how to be a welcomed addition anywhere they moved. The Gypsies — the Romani — they came out of India 4,000 years ago and have been the scourge of every country they’ve hit.

Today we are faced with a complete destruction of our country’s focus or will.

If we just look at peoples around the world it should be obvious to any but the starkly communist that peoples really have adapted themselves to their own local environment over thousands of years. Those not genetically suitable to their given environment — die.

In places like Denmark, Sweden and Norway, maintaining racial purity was written into law. From 1935 to 1976 if you were some beige mongrel with retarded kids they sterilized you — if anything just to cut down on the welfare payments to your ever-increasing family of degenerates. This stuff came out in the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter in 1997.

But here in America we’ve got the gold credit card — no a plutonium credit card — to support every genetic failure at a standard of living he could never have on his own — and then let them breed like hell.

So what if these things can’t function in any society but one limited to plucking fruit from trees — we’re gonna let ‘em breed some more! And the gotcha is that we can never change them through education. Education is not passed on through genes. What we are experiencing is truly a Genetic Weapon of Mass Destruction. And it’s destroying America. And it’s being done on purpose.

I was talking to a guy who works in the movie industry. This guy was saying that in fifty years we are all gonna be one mixed race. That President Clinton has set this path for the country and that we are on the way.

But almost in the same breath he talked about how competitive the Germans were and the quality of their products — how we gotta be careful of the Germans because they do things so well. What?

It’s obvious to me that there is master plan — to destroy the European races completely.

Are the Chinese being genetically destroyed? No.

Are the people of the Indian subcontinent being destroyed? No.

Are the Japanese breeding with every Negro they can find? No.

This all is going on only in “First World” White countries.

“The New World Order” knows exactly what they are doing. They are creating a population of violent, stupid, unimaginative slaves who will spend their time and effort fighting each other instead of their new masters.

They tried to make it all happen with Karl Marx and his whacko communist ideas of how to spread the wealth. That plan didn’t work. Now these same people are trying a new tactic. Do it genetically!

They first tried one “weapon of mass destruction” — an idea. It failed. Now they are trying a much more subtle and dangerous — and permanent “weapon of mass destruction” — genetics. Unless we do something pretty quick they will succeed.

There is no way to let them go ahead and do this even for fifty years — even if their efforts failed. If they had fifty years to screw up the genetics of the European race they will have destroyed something that could take two thousand years to repair. And what’s worse, the only way to “cure” such a problem is — at a minimum — sterilization. Think about it.

These people know full well that the only threat they have is from European genes. If they can destroy the world’s “success” genes then they can finally take control — and they actually will be superior to what’s left on earth.

Europeans have been sucked into being pawns for these schemers twice in this century alone — World War One and Two.

Maybe a hundred million people died in those two wars. And who were killed? The good ones. The brave ones. And just as we see with reindeer and every other animal — you can change the energies and direction of a species by killing off a segment of the population that exhibits traits you don’t want or by letting them breed with some segment of the population that has traits you do want.

Do we ever hear about the Europeans who died in these two world wars? No. We only hear about the “Holocaust” and the “Six Million.” Shit, they used that same “Six Million Jews died” propaganda in World War One — along with stories about how Germans were eating Belgian children!

Hey, there was a “Holocaust”? Show me the ashes! In Leningrad there were a 100,000 people cremated in a brick factory kiln. Their ashes were dumped in a lake. The lake was filled to the top with ashes. A dwarf cooks down to about two pounds of ashes. Many people are reduced to eight pounds of ashes.

Ashes don’t go up the chimney. You have a million dead and that’s a thousand tons of ashes. Oh, and the bones don’t turn to ash. They convert to a material kinda like ceramic. Somebody has to crush those bones.

So where are the ashes?

And then there’s the evil Zyklon B. If you whacked six million you would have needed 60,000 cans of this stuff. Those cans were made of tinned steel. They would have lasted a thousand years. Where are the mountains of empties?

Lastly, once Poland went democratic after the wall went down one of the first things they did was chisle the words off about a hundred feet of marble tablets at Aushwitz. The Poles admitted that the “millions who died” was nothing more than communist propaganda.”

It was all bullshit!

But the propaganda continues. Just rent any movie about World War Two that shows military cemeteries — even the movie Patton will work — and then notice how many Stars of David are in each cemetery scene. Watching such a movie it would seem that between a third and a fifth of the American soldiers who died in battle were Jewish. In fact, Jews made up less than one tenth of one percent of the casualties — two hundred or three hundred times less than is portrayed.

As long as they can remain “World History’s All Time Victims” and use our genetic instincts about guilt and morality and pity as a weapon against us then they can continue to destroy the only threat to their domination of the world — us.

Can you imagine what we’re gonna have as a country when short, brown, violent, stupid Mexican Indians breed with tall blond, blue eyed, intelligent Whites?

Sports Illustrated did a feature article about the most beautiful women in the world. After months of research they picked the women of Iceland as being the most beautiful. When asked on nationwide TV why Icelandic women were so beautiful they said it was due to good nutrition! Not three months later the Wall Street Journal reported that Iceland was the perfect place to do genetic research because its people have remained insulated from more than a thousand years of immigration and genetic destruction. I think they said Icelandic genes haven’t changed since the Vikings settled the place — in 874!

Now, what do you think is the truth — that we can take an ugly kid and feed it vitamins and make it beautiful — or that beautiful people come from beautiful people!

The tragedy is that as they dumb down our schools and breed out the intelligence of Europeans — the “New America” will actually start believing more and more of this crap.

You want to see what we’re becoming?

There was some White woman in the midwest who had her children taken from her by social workers. The reason? Her IQ was 76! Her lawyer had her re-tested and her IQ was “confirmed” at 80. She still lost her kids. She was too stupid to be responsible for small children.

Do you know what the average IQ of a Negro female is? 80.

We’ve gotta understand that there are thousands of researchers out there building a new genetic world for us. Right now we know that we can select for the sex of the child we want and even be certain that our child-to-be doesn’t have one of the really bad genetic disorders.

What these researchers are now doing is discovering which genes control intelligence, happy dispositions, violence and more.

The “New World Order” has always gone bananas over Eugenics. They probably should — since there was one guy who — when he had the chance — scraped all of the rapists, murderers, homosexuals, pedophiles, gypsies, communists and traitors off the streets and into camps. But Eugenics is really defined by outcome not process. If you want a better country then you better have good people and that means getting rid of the bad ones. You can either get rid of the bad ones — or never let them be born — or never let them immigrate in the first place. And anybody who thinks that not having a child because it has serious birth defects is different from not having a child because he will in all likelihood grow up to be a rapist, murderer, homosexual, pedophile, gypsy, communist — or as has been proved time and time again over the last four thousand years — a betrayer of every land and people he visits … is a fool.

There are lots of researchers who say that crime is going down in America because we are paying for Negro females to have abortions. Fewer Negroes means lower crime.

When it comes to intelligence — what’s better — spending maybe $300,000 training some stupid kid to be doctor who will never be very good — or making sure you have a kid that will take that $300,000 investment and really contribute to society?

With all of the “make America beige” crap in this country what do people in other lands want for children? They want White — and blond hair and blue eyes — and they are putting their money where their mouth is and paying an average of $5,000 for an egg. Yep, people from as far away as Japan are fighting to get white eggs. Even Guatemalans want white, blue eyed, blond haired children.

This egg fight is getting more serious by the day — science is taking care of that.

We are soon gonna have only two classes of people. We are gonna have “gene-enriched” people — who have been screened, filtered and even genetically tweaked a bit so that they are the best people possible, and then we are gonna have the “naturals” — who will be at a serious disadvantage in such a new world.

The people with money will have their kids tweaked into the 99th percentile for intelligence, talent and more. The rest of us won’t have a chance.

The mongrelization of the European Peoples is essential to insure that the children of “The New World Order” remain in power during this critical phase — where genetic enrichment can be had by anybody with money. In fifty years the European Peoples will be so stupid, violent and mongrelized that they will have little chance to save themselves. It’s all a matter of statistics — sheer numbers of good guys and bad guys.

America’s gonna wind up being some kinda beige clump of stupid slaves who can then be easily controlled and squeezed for ever higher taxes. Hell, we already pay higher taxes than the serfs did under the Russian Tzars!”

Bill had really whipped himself up and just grumbled to himself quietly for the next ten minutes.

Long shadows were being thrown off the eastern sides of the peaks as he pulled their Hummer off the freeway — just past the 4,025 ft high Mountain Summit rest stop. To the west he could see all the way to the Pacific ocean. To the east he could just start to see the twinkle of porch lights coming on at remote country homes scattered all through San Diego’s back country.

“Bill, do you smell a brush fire? Look! Isn’t that Binson Peak burning?”

“Yep. Sure looks like Binson. Another mountainside burned to ash to help a handful of Mexicans reach the Promised Land. I’ll tell ya — I sure wouldn’t want to work for the California Division of Forestry. Those guys take their lives in their hands every time they try to put a fire out at night. Dangerous stuff.”

Bill drove south and east for three miles and then took a dirt road due south — toward their waiting barbecue and pool. The Hummer made the dirt road seem like a city street. Its wide footprint and huge tires let the car float at the outer edges of the ruts.

It took about fifteen minutes to reach his property line. The green “pump house” at the side of the road told the whole family that they had arrived.

Bill slowed the Hummer to five miles an hour, put his hand under the seat, and pressed the button on the garage door opener velcro’d to the seat’s frame. Fifty feet south of the “pump house” the massive steel gate swung open.

He drove through the gate and then over the elevated “cattle crossing.” As the Hummer passed over the grate the gate swung closed and locked.

Bill picked up the car’s ICOM radio and punched in what seemed to be a regular telephone number, he then paused and punched in an access code.

Their Spanish style ranch house — hidden around the hill and a mile beyond the Hummer’s headlights — came alive. Patio lights and the home’s side lights came on in a blaze of cold blue-white light. The lighting system used quartz car headlamps for the first three minutes it was switched on and then transitioned sodium vapor lamps as these slow-to-start but cheaper-to-run bulbs came alive.

Even the dirt road — from the turn twenty feet ahead of them and all the way to the ranch house — lit up with what looked like subtle low voltage curb lighting hidden in the chaparral. It turned the property into a beautifully decorated stage set.

Of course, what this also did was light up all the areas where anyone might be hiding to ambush them. Bill did not want to become a statistic like the former owner of this place. This little flash of paranoia he kept a secret from Sally.

When they reached the parking area at the front of the house — with nobody leaping out of the bushes — Bill punched in another code and window shutters popped loose and started opening and the front door’s shield slowly crawled into the roof. This was the part of the “arrival ceremony” that the kids liked best. Bill liked it too.

To the south, the coyote, and Simon, and his 16 new friends had finally acclimated their eyes to the combination of starlight and the subtle reflections off the shadowy terrain at their feet. The sudden blue-white blaze of light to the north made them all jump and three of them lost their footing and fell. Those three collided with eight more and they all slid through the tangled brush and into a heap at the bottom of a narrow arroyo.

“La Migra’!”

“La Migra’!”

“No, No!” “If it was La Migra’ it would be light from the air not from a building!”

“These rich Norte Americanos — they try to blind us!”

“Be calm! We will soon teach them a lesson!”


“Our Fathers showed the Whites how they should be treated!”

“Our Fathers would take them and cut out their still-beating hearts!”

“Those were the days of Glory!”


If Jose Vasconcelos — the creator of the term “La Raza” could only see these examples of his heroic brothers of the “Cosmic Race.”

The miserable, half-starved, stinking heap of campesinos pulled themselves apart and stood up. The light from the house was blinding at this angle and the men had to shield their eyes so that they could even look for a way up the hill.

Blinking lights of American fire trucks could be seen crawling all over the distant mountainside. It took a few moments for the campesinos to understand what they were looking at. Their first impression was that the red dots in front of their eyes were a result of the blinding halogen lights shining in their faces.

Ready or not, this had to be the moment for their assault — before the Norte Americanos discovered their presence and called the Policia.

The coyote quickly arranged the men into four groups. The first group would try to take any car that might be parked at the house. The second group would check the outbuildings for weapons, food and clothes. The third group would block the American’s escape route and kill them. The last group — with the coyote at the lead — would take the house itself.

The groups spread out and slowly climb through the brush.

About half way up the hill the brush turned to low cut grasses and “pickleweed” — also called “ice plant.” While the American’s use of these ground covers kept possible brush fires a hundred feet from their fence line they also made climbing the slippery slope extremely difficult.

The pool pump was running full blast, the gas jets on the barbecue were heating the steel grill for hamburgers and Samantha’s favorite — roasted corn-on-the-cob. Bill and Sally were inside the house.

Bill was looking through his CD collection for something good to listen to and Bobby was bugging him to put the DVD version of the movie “Top Gun” on the player. Sally was trying to figure out if the carton of milk in the refrigerator smelled okay or if somebody would have to go to Campo and get more.

Bill plugged “Top Gun’s” sound track into the home’s speaker system. He then skipped the movie forward to the carrier launch scenes. The roar of F-14 jets would soon blast out of the patio’s speakers. Bill knew that Sally hated this movie and that playing this part of “Top Gun” out the patio speakers would rattle the kitchen windows and make her come in and yell at her “two men” and tell them to kill their “guy” movie.

Three groups of Mexicans started scaling the low chain link fence at the south side of the house. The fourth group moved around the hill to the north — to block any possible Gringo-escape up the road.

There would be no witnesses.

To watch the scene unfold it was as if these were not humans — but domesticated dogs turned feral. A switch had been thrown. They had returned to their genetic roots. Savage, wild, barbarous — Aztec.

One of the campesinos became hung up on the coils of flat stainless steel razor-ribbon woven into the low fence half-way up the hill. Rather than try to extricate him, the other members of the group simply used his body as a bridge — stomping on his back and pushing his flesh deeper and deeper into the scalpel-sharp steel coils. A knee pushed his face into the coils of razor ribbon. Three inches of surgical steel sliced into his neck and severed his carotid artery. Blood spurted over the ground and onto the trousers of his brothers of the Cosmic Race. It wasn’t an especially painful wound but it took him only two minutes to bleed to death.
The coyote made it over this “human bridge” first. By the time he was half way to the top of the hill he was already exhausted. When he reached the top he only had enough strength remaining to hang onto the vertical poles at the edge of the patio and look back at his “flock” struggling far below him.

One by one the Mexicans climbed the hill and clung to the bottoms of the poles at the edge of the patio. Only their bloody, brown hands were above the patio pavement, their bodies were hidden in shadow.

The coyote clambered along the line of panting campesinos and whispered: “Amigos, this is the richest house in the valley. It is here that you will gather the wealth of a lifetime. Remember these next few moments forever. Remember too that it was I who brought you here!”

He scanned the patio. He saw no one. He raised his arm and gently tossed pebbles at the line of men — signaling the moment to climb the fence. Campesinos began crawling up the last four feet of hillside and then stood erect on the very edge of the concrete patio slab. They peered between the steel poles and toward the patio and pool. Kicking their legs and grunting they clawed at the tops of the poles — cutting themselves on the barbed wire as they climbed over the top. The coyote adjusted his Levi’s jacket on the tops of the poles near him and then climbed over. He’d done these things many times before.

The coyote’s point of entry to the yard was in the shadows on the south side of the house — behind the stone barbecue. It was easy for him to use the iron fittings at the back of the barbecue as steps and quietly descend to the patio floor. He looked around the barbecue to the right and saw nothing. He looked around to the left and saw nothing. His goal was the kitchen door — it was open and he could see a woman with her head down working on something. He knew that if he didn’t kill her soon she would look up and see his men climbing over the fence and she would scream. It was best for all concerned to kill her now.

Samantha — the Johnson’s 10 year old girl — was out by the pool playing with her Barbie Doll — looking at some cave bats flitting in and out of the shadows as they caught insects near one of the back yard’s lights. The blinding glare of the patio lights had made her invisible to the thin brown line of Mexicans assaulting the fence.

The coyote peered around the edge of the barbecue — his path to the kitchen was clear. His attention was focused on the woman in the kitchen window — as he ran around the left side of the barbecue he slammed right into Samantha and knocked her to the ground.

The little girl lay there stunned for less than three seconds — and then turned her head and looked up at the Mexican. The sight before her was pure evil. A stinking, sweating hulk stood over her.

“Come here little girl! Come here now little White bitch!”

Terror siezed her. Samantha stopped breathing. It was if she was in a terribly scary dream and she was trying to run and she was paralyzed and all she could do was look at this monster as it came closer and closer.

Brown hands — stinking of urine, sweat, sage brush, and beer — grabbed at her clothes. All the little girl could do was kick backwards and then finally, let out a whimpering, gasping, paralyzed, cry.


She heard her dress ripping.

“Don’t fight me little bitch! I don’t want to hurt you. I can sell you! You’re worth real money!”

The Mexican grabbed her by the leg and dragged her toward him as if she was a chicken for slaughter. Her hands and arms dragged along the ground and left long blood trails in the rough pavement. He lifted her feet first and held her in the air.

As she came off the ground her dress fell down over her face. All she could do now was grab onto the Mexicans legs and hold on for dear life. She wrapped her arms around his legs as tight as she could. As long as she held onto his legs the Mexican was immobilized. Maybe her father would save her before she was carried away. She wet her pants.

She’d been given lessons in how to protect herself from bad people. She knew that she had to fight and fight and fight. In today’s America even blond haired ten year old little girls lived in fear.

The Mexican stuck his head between her legs. “Oh, little bitch, pink panties, and wet eh. Maybe you have something for me in there!”

Samantha unwrapped her arms, made a fist with both her hands and punched upwards — right into the Mexican’s balls.



He dropped her head first onto the pavement. Samantha crumpled onto the concrete with a loud crack and tried to scurry away.

The Mexican flailed his arms and clawed at her — grabbing her by the collar of her dress and then pulling her toward him. He tried to cover her mouth and nose but his hands were so sweaty that they slipped off her face. He dug in. His fingernails clawed deeply into her lips — and then into her cheeks — then slipped off of her face. Dark red lines swelled up on her face and blood began streaming down her chin and cheeks.

The Mexican clamped his hands around her throat and started to crush her airway. All she could do was kick the Mexican in the crotch. He loosened his grip.

She realized that this was it — the end. Either she called for help now or she would be carried off and sold. She stopped fighting, took a deep breath and really screamed!


“Bitch!” The coyote clamped down on her throat but she kicked him on the shins and tried to poke out his eyes. He was losing this battle. She screamed again.


He flicked open his knife.